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Example sentences for "drawbridge"

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drave; draw; drawback; drawbacks; drawbar; drawbridges; drawe; drawed; drawee; drawen
  1. A barbican or outwork on which the drawbridge rested.

  2. As they passed the drawbridge he turned him about in his saddle, as it were, to see that his men rode all in good order.

  3. The drawbridge clattered down, and sending his spurs home into the flanks of his tired steed, in a moment more Sholto was hard on the track of the first headlong horseman.

  4. So talking together, but with the lady riding more silent and somewhat constrainedly in their midst, the three cousins of Douglas passed the drawbridge and came again to the precincts of the noble towers of Thrieve.

  5. But neither of them uttered another word till they reached the drawbridge which crossed the nether moat and conducted to the noble gateway of Thrieve.

  6. The drawbridge is soon let down, and the gates opened wide to receive the knight.

  7. Be off, or I will have this drawbridge raised and deal with you here and now, in despite of Pope and Emperor and all the other powers you can invoke.

  8. Thereafter we waited for events at Pagliano, the drawbridge raised, and none entering save after due challenge.

  9. The drawbridge was let down, and the company thundered over it to draw up in the courtyard under the eyes of Galeotto.

  10. We crossed the drawbridge unchallenged, passed under the tunnel of the gateway, and so came into the vast, untenanted bailey of the fortress.

  11. First he will see that the drawbridge is raised, so that the assailant has to bridge the moat before he can bring his battering-ram to bear.

  12. In the middle of the picture is a castle with a bridge, protected by an advanced tower, and a postern with a drawbridge drawn up.

  13. By this drawbridge was the tower or storehouse, upon which the heads of traitors were set up.

  14. A tariff of tolls was also issued, and pontage was exacted from all vessels for the passage of which the drawbridge was raised.

  15. In the afternoon, about five o'clock, the insurgents were admitted into the city and passed over London Bridge, Cade cutting the ropes of the drawbridge with his sword.

  16. Arrived here, and the drawbridge duly raised, they were for a certain time to lie moored off the wharf.

  17. There was formerly a drawbridge across the ditch or moat, where now there is a stone bridge 130 feet wide.

  18. Wyat took possession of Southwark, and expected to have been admitted into London, but finding the gate of the Bridge closed against him and the drawbridge cut down he marched to Kingston.

  19. But between them and the object of their journey lay a deep fosse or moat, and the rusty drawbridge was suspended by its chains to the walls of the towers.

  20. When the party arrived they found the drawbridge down, the gates open.

  21. The outer edge of the drawbridge was connected by heavy chains to rollers at the top of the entryway.

  22. A wide wooden drawbridge leading to the entrance spanned a thirty-foot, water-filled moat that followed the outer wall in both directions as far as the eye could see.

  23. Entry could only be gained through a gate on the riverside, or a drawbridge that connected its entrance to the open maidan, the square where traders congregated.

  24. Lining both sides of the drawbridge were uniformed infantrymen armed with pikes.

  25. Hawksworth nodded assent as their guards led them directly across the wide drawbridge and through a passageway.

  26. At the appointed hour Cucurullo crossed the drawbridge of the castle, pushed the small postern, and went in.

  27. A few moments later he followed them across the drawbridge of the castle and in under the great gate where a papal soldier, armed with halberd and broadsword, was pacing up and down on guard.

  28. Now the drawbridge took a sudden drop of a foot.

  29. If it widened too rapidly, if the drawbridge fell too slowly, or ceased to fall at all, hope would die.

  30. Like a spent hare that runs into a hole, he spurred to the house at Blanchelande that lay at the head of All Saints' Bay, and we that followed at a run heard his beast clatter over the drawbridge of the moat.

  31. Now, as I turned from the drawbridge at the moat-house of Blanchelande to go homewards the remembrance came to me of those men that I guessed were pirates digging their storehouse in mother earth in the midst of the wood.

  32. And sometimes the drawbridge was raised, and the inhabitants of Southwark left to defend themselves as they could, while the citizens on the Middlesex side were safe, for between them there yawned an impassable gulf.

  33. He bent his head courteously, set spurs to his steed, and dashed over the drawbridge as the last of his men disappeared through the outer gate.

  34. Concealing his wrath with difficulty, the Earl of Berwick and his attendants dashed forward over the drawbridge into the castle at full speed, closing the gates and lowering the portcullis after them.

  35. The ruins were with some labor cleared away, the remains of the outer wall levelled with the earth, except the tower communicating with the drawbridge and barbacan, which could be easily repaired.

  36. True, my lord, but the drawbridge is gone," said Pearson.

  37. The citizens, however, had found it out, and raised the drawbridge against them.

  38. The whole Danube shore was in flames, and the drawbridge leading to the island carried the conflagration still farther.

  39. Pale cheeks and anxious eyes encountered his glance, as he dashed over the drawbridge the moment it was lowered.

  40. I will have the drawbridge lowered, only I beg you will keep your men well in hand, and do my poor house as little damage as may be.

  41. Before the spring comes you and I will ride over the drawbridge at Coton End, or I am a Dutchwoman!

  42. The drawbridge creaked, the ropes became taut, and the far end lifted an inch at a time.

  43. He could see the great drawbridge swinging down to the white road in the moonlight or the blistering heat of noonday.

  44. Exactly five years ago I galloped over the great drawbridge to study the classics in Peking.

  45. The drawbridge was lowered, and the late enemy was invited to advance as a friend.

  46. VIII Arrived at the castle gates, they crossed the drawbridge to the Torre del Filarete, which looked to the south, and was deeply moated.

  47. The stillness of the night was broken at times by the blare of a trumpet, by the challenge of sentinels, by the clank of the drawbridge chains.

  48. And gathering up the skirts of his brown habit, his bare feet shod with clattering wooden pattens, the nimble monk ran after the 'Whistler to the Woodhens'; while Leonardo crossed the drawbridge and entered the inner court of the castle.

  49. There was a drawbridge on the south part of London Bridge for defense and to let ships through.

  50. The reason of their straight ordinaunce of carrying weapons without points is this.

  51. Gentle readers (looke you be gentle now since I haue cald you so) as freely as my knauerie was mine owne, it shall be yours to vse in the way of honestie.

  52. Who would haue learned to write an excellent passion, might have bin a perfect tragicke poet, had he but attended halfe the extremitie of his lament.

  53. Zadoch, Zadoch said Doctor Zacharie, (cutting him off) thou threatenest the aire, whiles wee perish heere on earth.

  54. A train approaching a switch or drawbridge is automatically arrested the length of a block away from the block containing the switch or draw before a bolt can be withdrawn or a lock released in the latter.

  55. By a slight modification of the plan described an efficient switch and drawbridge signal may be operated, the rails being used as conductors.

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