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  1. Benstead whispered to the barrister for some minutes, and then handed him a letter which the learned gentleman perused rapidly.

  2. To-morrow I will let you know whom I shall decide upon employing to conduct the poor girl's defence; and you can then communicate direct with the solicitor and barrister retained.

  3. Bob dropped the wig; the barrister took it up; and having re-pocketed it he deliberately gave unlucky Bob in charge to the watch.

  4. Small as it was, however, the barrister felt it depart.

  5. If I were a barrister I should never dream of buying papers which make their appeal to the other sex; but perhaps he finds it necessary to the study of human nature.

  6. A barrister has often to wait a long time before any plums fall to his share, but this was a big one, for the other side had engaged two of the most eminent counsel in the land; and I had a big figure marked on my brief.

  7. At the end of it Canon Dornal and a barrister friend, a devout Churchman, walked back toward the Temple along the Embankment.

  8. The barrister read this letter with even greater surprise than seemed natural, and, when he had done, looked at his companion with wondering eyes.

  9. I do not think he will," the barrister replied, with a shrewd gleam in his eyes.

  10. The rector started, and, uncertain whether the barrister had heard of the blow which had fallen on him or no, stepped forward awkwardly, and held out his hand in a constrained fashion.

  11. The barrister rose quietly in the gloom, the stranger at sight of him leaning back against the book-case as if his legs refused to support him.

  12. Well, you might say Jack Smith called," the barrister answered, "if you will be so kind.

  13. The barrister untied the string and glancing quickly at the dates of the letters, arranged them in order and flattened them out on his knee.

  14. Only this," the barrister said quietly, addressing himself to the archdeacon.

  15. No, not necessarily," the barrister answered, skilfully adapting his tone to the irritability of his patient.

  16. They found enough to amuse them at the lower end of the room--the more as to the barrister the great and little with whom he rubbed shoulders were all one.

  17. He said no more, and Jack waited for further light, but none came, and the barrister reapplied his thoughts to the problem before him.

  18. Shower was made Recorder, and showed his gratitude for his promotion by sending to Tyburn men who, as every barrister in the Inns of Court knew, were guilty of no offence at all.

  19. In a few weeks he may be dismissed from office, and may find that he has lost a lucrative profession, that he has got nothing but a costly dignity, that he has been transformed from a prosperous barrister into a mendicant lord.

  20. His younger brother Spencer, a man of parts and learning, was fast rising into practice as a barrister on the Home Circuit.

  21. For his Court work this anti-Nationalist barrister had what he called his "jury-eye.

  22. And this merry thought has also been attributed to one eminent barrister who became Lord Chancellor, and to more than one Scottish advocate who ultimately attained to a seat on the Bench.

  23. Mr. Bethell, a barrister at the time of the Union of Ireland and Great Britain, like many of his brethren, published a pamphlet on that much-vexed subject.

  24. On the Northern Circuit a century ago, there was a famous barrister who was familiarly known among his brother advocates as Jack Lee.

  25. One nervous old barrister named Lamb, who usually prefaced his pleadings with an apology, said to Erskine one day that he felt more timid as he grew older.

  26. I merely wish to address your lordship on the form of the indictment, if your lordship pleases," said a young barrister to the Chief Baron.

  27. A young barrister feeling in a hobble, wished to get out of it by saying, "I throw myself on your lordship's hands.

  28. A barrister once pressed him to non-suit the plaintiff in a case; but his lordship decided to let it go to a jury trial.

  29. To which the defendant, who conducted his own case, replied, "But I take it a barrister does try.

  30. A well-known barrister at the criminal Bar, who prided himself upon his skill in cross-examining a witness, had an odd-looking witness upon whom to operate.

  31. The barrister followed, and soon found himself tracking her along a curved street of dingy houses.

  32. You surprise me," said the barrister sternly.

  33. The barrister leaned forward, his hands clasped and arms resting on his knees.

  34. He repeated this remark to the barrister when he reached Brett's chambers.

  35. The barrister looked his questioner straight in the eyes.

  36. No," said Margaret The barrister knew that she was profoundly distressed.

  37. The barrister came nearer, and said, in a low tone: "Winter, you have never been more mistaken in your life.

  38. A bower of orchards and green lanes," murmured the barrister as their dog-cart sped rapidly over the smooth highway.

  39. The barrister well remembered the view of the case taken by the Bar mess.

  40. Now listen to me, Ooma," said the barrister sternly.

  41. Whilst Winter was searching his wits for a suitable argument, the barrister continued: "Where is Fergusson now?

  42. The tactful barrister drew Hume and Helen outside to discuss immediate arrangements.

  43. Hume stirred uneasily in his chair, and the barrister paused, expecting him to say something.

  44. The barrister could not help being milder in tone as he said: "I believe you are both telling the truth.

  45. He then closed his character of the deceased statesman by observing that his having been a barrister "narrowed the extent and freedom of his political views.

  46. Rupert Carleton was still in the twenties, but he had been a briefless barrister for some years.

  47. Reed, appeared in his own right with a comic scribble representing a barrister afflicted with a bad cold energetically addressing the court.

  48. If the barrister speaks, and is understood to speak, as from his client, and not from his own conviction, the indiscriminate advocacy of causes which the administration of justice requires, is reconcilable with the manifest claims of morality.

  49. In the like manner, if a barrister is instructed to plead the statute of limitations to a debt, it is no concern of his if the client is not acting in a conscientious manner in taking advantage of the statute.

  50. Besides, it is not the good opinion of an uninformed public which the barrister has to seek or to depend upon.

  51. We do not desire the barrister so to prejudge the cause of the litigant as to decide whether or not he ought, as a moral man, to carry it into a court of justice.

  52. A sucking barrister who means to earn his bread has something to do--as you will soon know.

  53. Bertram looked full at Harcourt as this was said, and observed that there was not the usual easy, gentlemanlike smile on the barrister's face; and yet the barrister was doing his best to look as usual.

  54. You know as well as I do that no barrister would keep a wig on his head who pretended to such a code of morals in his profession.

  55. This visit had been made before the last walk to West Putford; but even then the young barrister had found the young vicar in rather a plaintive mood.

  56. The mind of a barrister who has been for fifty years practising in court will never be biassed by his predilections.

  57. The ladies at Littlebath had many troubles, and during those troubles the famous young barrister was very civil to them.

  58. Mr. Harcourt was a young barrister but lately called to the bar, who had been at Oxford spending his last year when Bertram and Wilkinson were freshmen; and having been at Bertram's college, he had been intimate with both of them.

  59. An author must be nothing if he do not love truth; a barrister must be nothing if he do.

  60. But then, I doubt whether a practising barrister can ever really be an honest man.

  61. The heart of a clergyman is more likely to be softened than that of a barrister or an attorney.

  62. It isn't every day we have a London barrister here.

  63. An unblushing, wordy barrister may be very full of brass and words, and yet be no better than an unseasoned porous deal-board, even though he have a seat in Parliament.

  64. We will not quite trace our Meleager back to his egg, but we will explain that he was the only son of a barrister of moderate means, who put him to the Bar, and who died leaving little or nothing behind him.

  65. But he understood well the barbarous power which some underbred, well-trained barrister would have of asking him questions which it would be so very disagreeable for him to answer!

  66. But the briskness of none of these is equal to the briskness of the barrister who has just got into his hands for cross-examination him whom we may call the centre witness of a great case.

  67. There was a certain sum set apart for Madeline's fortune, but that would by no means suffice for the livelihood of a married barrister in London.

  68. And then the barrister and the attorney started from Bucklersbury for the general meeting of their forces to be held in the Old Square, Lincoln's Inn.

  69. How it came to pass that the young barrister first took upon himself the charge of maintaining and educating this poor child need not now be told.

  70. A barrister intending to succeed at the common law bar cannot have too wide an experience in such matters.

  71. If Madeline's mother married a barrister in opposition to the wishes of her family--a barrister who then possessed nothing but his wits--why should not Madeline do so also?

  72. Mr. Chaffanbrass could not see the effect which such an alliance would have on the character of a barrister holding Mr. Furnival's position.

  73. Sir Peregrine looked as though he were her father as he took her hand, and the barrister immediately comforted himself with the remembrance of the baronet's great age.

  74. Sir Peregrine in answer to this declared that Mr. Furnival certainly would be so justified; that he did regard himself as Lady Mason's special friend, and that he was ready to hear anything that the barrister might have to say to him.

  75. And then the barrister was shown into his room, muffled up to his eyes in his winter clothing.

  76. But then I fear that I am a barrister not intending to succeed.

  77. Mr. Chaffanbrass no doubt is a very clever man, and it may be wise in such a case as this to have the services of a barrister who is perhaps unequalled in his power of cross-examining a witness.

  78. And then, seeing that he had already promised to give his remaining possessions to Albert Fitzallen, with what could he bribe Snow père to abandon that natural ambition to have a barrister for his son-in-law?

  79. But what can a juvenile barrister expect in the presence of two judges?

  80. It is the established law of England, that a counsellor or barrister cannot maintain a suit for his fees.

  81. A barrister must have kept twelve terms, i.

  82. It came out after his conviction, that during the trial he had confessed his guilt to his counsel, of whom the eminent barrister Charles Phillips, Esq.

  83. By the common law no one can be appointed a judge of the superior courts, who has not attained the degree of the coif; which degree can only be conferred on a barrister of one of the four inns of court.

  84. A few minutes before the appearance of the delinquent, I remarked a great bustle in the neighbourhood of the young barrister already spoken of.

  85. The barrister poked his ear close to the mouth of the prosecutor before he answered.

  86. The case for the prosecution being closed, a young barrister arose, and there was a perfect stillness in the court.

  87. Something like three months, my lud," answered the barrister cavalierly as if months were minutes.

  88. The attorney prepares the case, represents his client in the proceedings preliminary to the trial, and assists the barrister whom he may retain at the trial, but cannot examine a witness or argue the cause.

  89. The English barrister in active practice may almost be said to do nothing else.

  90. West--a conservative barrister of no ordinary talents, whose early end caused much regret.

  91. After her departure, assisted by a friend, the barrister made a thorough search of his rooms, and in a cupboard came upon a lot of linen stained with blood, also a silver tankard with blood upon the handle.

  92. The story of Lord Camden when a young barrister having a desire to try the stocks, and his being left in them by an absent-minded friend for the part of the day, is probably well known.

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