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  1. A very large barrow lies about a mile out of our track to the right hand; as it is somewhat different from the other barrows in the neighbourhood, we will briefly describe it.

  2. Nothing but lime-dust and dirt was found in the chamber; but in the course of thousands of years most of these barrows have probably been opened a good many times by Cotswold natives in search of "golden coffins" and other treasures.

  3. The hills rose like graves of white men and barrows to the long-forgotten dead.

  4. The whole of these large barrows were evidently erected by people who burned and buried their dead on the spot where the memorial mound or monument was afterwards erected.

  5. Barrows traced circles on the plastic table top for long moments after Rick had finished.

  6. Duke Barrows had just finished with the early newscast and, taking advantage of the lull, had gone home for dinner; he would return in about an hour, the photographer said.

  7. Duke Barrows said, "I don't suppose you would accept the coffee we served you as part payment?

  8. At one time I had the misfortune to make myself very unpopular among the proprietors of a row of barrows not far from Southampton Row.

  9. For Archie's birthday was early in March, and already the crocuses were out, and the barrows in the streets were so aflame with daffodils that the flowers almost illuminated the faces of the sellers of them.

  10. Hard behind came loud-voiced hawkers pushing barrows with oranges and the very first purple-stained strawberries.

  11. The butcher-boys largely prevailed; but the greengrocers, with their barrows arranged with fresh vegetables, were also many in number.

  12. To be sure I was stiff, and didn't know how to move in the morning, but that went off fast enough; and I fill as many barrows a day as any one in our gang.

  13. Filling barrows with stones, and wheeling them to the trucks for the breakwater,' answered Leonard, in a tone like satisfaction.

  14. On the return of the barrows at night it was necessary to weigh what was left from the sales and compare it with the returns of cash.

  15. This consisted of sending four wheel-barrows daily to different villages to sell meat at the markets.

  16. Mr. Barrows is not a physician," he corrected her, running his eye over the General Sessions calendar.

  17. But they were exquisitely engraved, quite lovely to look at, and Doc Barrows gloated upon them with scintillating eyes.

  18. Some crook like this Tutt or this Barrows has found out about Amphalula and is bringing a strike suit.

  19. Mr. Barrows made no reply but dusted off his felt hat.

  20. And yet old Doc Barrows was as far from a Bolshevik as anyone could well be.

  21. Don't you remember those great piles of bonds and stocks that Doctor Barrows left here with you to keep for him?

  22. Down below, inside a doorway upon the other side of the street, Sergeant Murtha of the Detective Bureau waited for Doc Barrows to come out and be arrested again.

  23. Tell it to the Barrows of the Dead--run ahead!

  24. They made way for my shadow as though it had been a Priestess walking to the Barrows of the Dead.

  25. I would have spoken, but my Mother's brother made himself my Mouth, as though I had been one of the Old Dead in the Barrows for whom our Priests speak to the people on Midsummer mornings.

  26. A recess to store ambulance barrows should adjoin the entrance, and this recess must be in proportion to the size of the hospital, in order that a hand ambulance may always be available when an accident or urgent case arrives.

  27. It was a beautiful morning; and by nine o'clock, when Tom and Jimmy Barrows arrived, the lawn and sloping knoll at the east of it were bright and dry with sunshine.

  28. Barrows come and asted me if i wood let my boat for the picknic.

  29. Celia---and jest then mother she come in and sed i am afrade mister Barrows that we hadent aught to disturb our pashent too long.

  30. Other men walk about with barrows selling ice-cream; this is sold at a half-penny a time, and the children lick it out of little glasses and have no spoons: one wonders how often the glasses are washed.

  31. On Saturday nights here the streets are quite a sight, because the people have barrows or stalls by the sides of the road instead of shops, and when evening comes they light them up with flaming torches.

  32. All over the street there are barrows and carts, and people are shouting and pushing, and everyone is trying to get in and out of the market at once.

  33. Barrows had overheard what the captain said.

  34. So he strutted about and looked patronizingly down on his old friends Barrows and Wilson, and blew smoke in their faces, telling himself how narrow-minded they were.

  35. The attitude of most of the club toward the class at large was very much what Young's was toward Barrows and Wilson and those fellows.

  36. He missed Barrows and old Jim Wilson, the long, thin fellow who was studying for the ministry, and he felt a little abashed at first before these more noisy, jolly fellows.

  37. I'll talk to Barrows and Wilson and some of those quiet fellows about it.

  38. Barrows gave his version of a prairie-dog's method of progress, laughing as if it were a good joke.

  39. Report says that the yews in Kingly Bottom, or Kingly Vale, mark a victory of Chichester men over a party of marauding Danes in 900, and that the dead were buried beneath the barrows on the hill.

  40. Barrows University of California Reprinted from the Popular Science Monthly, December, 1910.

  41. There are numerous barrows and tumuli around it, where many skeletons and military weapons have been discovered.

  42. Some of these barrows are very elaborate and massive; that of West Kennett is said to be 350 feet long.

  43. Later stone-age people throughout Europe buried in chambered barrows or cairns.

  44. Bronze age people buried in unchambered barrows or in cemeteries of stone cists set in the ground often on a natural eminence, and surrounded by circles of standing stones.

  45. For, after a stay of six weeks, he had never once seen an olive on the table, in the shops, nor even on the street barrows at the market place.

  46. Near the Danish coast where the sea and the low-lying fields grapple hand to hand in every storm, and where the waves at flood tide thunder against the barrows beneath which the old vikings were buried, is the quaint little town of Ribe.

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