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Example sentences for "barter"

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  1. We had carried our own food, and a small portion of grain for the horses; but they would have fared very badly had we not met some natives in the pass with a bundle of hay, and done a little barter with them for rice.

  2. Some of these, again, she will barter for a pumpkin, a chicken, and some dried herbs; and so the commerce is carried on.

  3. Brother of the above, noted for giving in barter a good horse for a gross of worthless green spectacles with copper rims.

  4. Indians obtained lead for barter with French fur-traders, who, like the soldiers of the Cross, were by this time wandering all over the Northwest.

  5. A vast number of men give themselves up to the exciting but most uncertain occupation of searching for precious stones, and barter what they have found, chiefly to Mahometan merchants, for clothes and salt.

  6. But he found That the proud gipsy maid, though young, would not Barter her honour.

  7. Was it for this then that you call'dst me home, To barter soul and body for mere gold?

  8. Inez would rather die a thousand deaths Than barter her virtue for all his gold.

  9. So long as original barter prevailed, supply and demand met face to face.

  10. And where natural-economy (Naturalwirthschaft) or barter prevails, a book-keeping of this kind of any accuracy is scarcely practicable.

  11. But Mr. Bandelier has shown that the word barter properly designates the transactions where such articles passed.

  12. We must not, however, form an exalted idea of their trade--it was simply barter in a rude state of society.

  13. This is shown by several facts: such, for instance, as the evidence of trade or barter between localities considerable distances apart.

  14. They had properly no such a thing as money, so their commerce must have consisted of barter or trade and exchange.

  15. A system of barter or trade would also arise, for the workmen at the mines and factories would have to depend on others for food and clothing, and in payment for the same would furnish them implements.

  16. For this purpose they applied to their near and powerful neighbors, the Tecpanics, for the use of one of the springs on their territory, and for the privilege of trade and barter in their market.

  17. Bentley shook his head, and Barter laughed a little.

  18. In his brain was the hazy idea that he might after all make a break for it, and carry Ellen away to a place of safety, taking a chance on finding his way back here to force Barter to operate again and restore him to his proper place.

  19. Barter did not notice, apparently, for he was watching Manape as Ellen approached.

  20. How did Barter manage to complete his operation and cause his two patients to feel no-ill effects, to be to all intents and purposes well in mind and body--all within less than twelve hours?

  21. His one desire was to clutch the scientist and tear him limb from limb, and he knew that his mighty arms were capable of ripping the scientist apart as though Barter had been a fly.

  22. Barter studied the almost trembling Bentley for all of a minute.

  23. But the powerful fingers which now were Bentley's were too blunt and inflexible to master the knot Barter had left.

  24. Bentley scarcely doubted that Barter believed himself specially ordained to do this thing, in the name of science; probably, unquestionably, felt himself entirely justified.

  25. When Bentley paused for breath, Barter exclaimed impatiently, and urged him to greater speed.

  26. Barter turned back to them and all at once became the genial host.

  27. Bentley whirled to pursue, but Barter had beaten him to the door and now blocked it, whiplash writhing, twisting, curling to strike.

  28. Ellen retired in Bentley's room, closing the door which led to the adjoining room, and Bentley walked back and forth in the reception room, waiting for Barter to return.

  29. The mistress' loss for once was thus repaid; The barter mutual:--wife against the maid.

  30. Fishing Tackle, Beads, and other articles of barter with wild tribes in great variety.

  31. Many obtain credit from one trader, and barter their peltries with another, to the great injury of the first.

  32. These, with the skins of animals, and the odoriferous resin collected from the dammer tree, are about the only articles which they barter or sell to the inhabitants of the plains, or to the Mannadis.

  33. The skins, if valuable, are preserved to barter for the little commodities they may stand in need of, or to give as a tribute to their chief.

  34. It was entirely a barter trade, money being almost unknown.

  35. An immigrant often brought his cow and sow, and if not he either did without, which in the latter case was small privation in a region almost crowded with game, or secured the desired animals by barter or by working for a few days.

  36. If the price (or wages) offered for the sale of her laboring power are unsatisfactory, she may always supplement them through the barter or sale of her sex.

  37. You are rich, and it may be that even she will condescend to barter her hand; but I doubt it; I altogether doubt it.

  38. She could not barter herself about from one to the other either as a make-weight or a counterpoise.

  39. Most of our visitors had articles to barter and they wanted bread in return more than anything else, but accepted colored handkerchiefs and other trifles.

  40. It happened that these two old natives owned all the barter on the other sledges, and as we kept them on board, everything had to be turned over to the Aurora by the other ship, greatly to their disgust.

  41. Diego and Juan had been furnished by Martin Alonzo with some bells and beads, and they went about looking for objects for which to barter them.

  42. Not barter for gold,” repeated the admiral, with all the dignity of his authority.

  43. And shall I issue bells and beads to the men, and let them barter for the yellow stuff?

  44. Into the quarter where the Foreign Devils and the native population came together to barter and to trade, he strayed one day.

  45. Isadore Kantor, aged eleven and hunched with a younger Kantor over an oilcloth-covered table, hunched himself still deeper in barter for a large crystal marble with a candy stripe down its center.

  46. I am not going to sacrifice you, or to barter you, dearest.

  47. I cannot barter love and truth for worldly advantage--for pride of race.

  48. They usually keep shops, in which they retail the goods purchased in larger quantities from our vessels, and also send a good deal into the interior, taking hides in pay, which they again barter with our ships.

  49. By the bye, I shall marry, if I can find any thing inclined to barter money for rank within six months; after which I shall return to my friends the Turks.

  50. I have now lived on the spot, I have fixed my heart upon it, and no pressure, present or future, shall induce me to barter the last vestige of our inheritance.

  51. Can you shamefully barter your birthright for gold, Or basely take counsel of fear?

  52. Sing of the noble nation Fierce struggling to be free; Sing of the brave who barter Their lives for liberty!

  53. I will not see the weak and the faint-hearted driven, by terror, to condemn their own souls and barter eternity for an hour of doubtful peace.

  54. Do you not know that till I was foolish enough at Poitiers to barter all the freedom of my heart, for love with but little confidence it would seem, I have always been a tyrant instead of a slave?

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