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Example sentences for "bartender"

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  1. Billy found the clerk swapping lies with the bartender and, procuring the desired information, climbed the stairs and hunted for room No.

  2. Frenchy, nodding to the bartender for another round.

  3. On the third deal he objected to the way in which the dealer manipulated the cards, and when the smoke cleared away he was the only occupant of the room, except a dog belonging to the bartender that had intercepted a stray bullet.

  4. The deceased had been the best bartender in the country, and the rage of the suffering citizens can well be imagined.

  5. He found diem a few dollars richer, as they had borrowed ten dollars from the bartender on their reputations as poker players and had used the money to stake Mr. McAllister in a game against the local poker champion.

  6. The bartender hears it and comes out and settles it by inviting everyone in to have "one on the house.

  7. I feel sure you will enjoy yourselves there, for the bartender has the secret of a remarkable gin fizz, sweeter than a maiden's smile, more intoxicating than a kiss.

  8. At one time he was for several days a bartender in a saloon in a town in eastern Ohio.

  9. The proprietor, a round-faced man with one dead eye, who had himself been drinking freely, put a bottle upon the bar and coming up to Sam, began complaining that he had no bartender and had to work long hours.

  10. Some men drinking at the bar ran at break-neck speed; the bartender was wiping a glass and he seemed transfixed to the spot and never moved.

  11. The bartender ran towards me with a yell, wrenched my hatchet out of my hand and shot off his pistol toward the ceiling; he then ran out of the back door, and I got another hatchet from a lady with us.

  12. The bartender came running up to me with his hands up, "Don't come near my hatchet, it might fall on you and I will not be responsible for the results.

  13. Obeying instructions, the bartender took the bills from the cash drawers and laid them before the bandit on the bar.

  14. The big money's usually in the safe, an' the bartender can be induced to open the safe just as easy as he can be persuaded into opening the cash drawers.

  15. Rathburn thought of this as he looked through the window at the lonely bartender who evidently could not decide whether to close up and see what it all was about or not.

  16. He covered the bartender with one gun while he kept the other pointed in the direction of the men standing in line.

  17. An' say, Percy, I'd never let a bartender get as close to me as you let that fellow get to you.

  18. Then he turned around and commanded the bartender to stand on his feet, studied his appearance carefully, and then he shook his head.

  19. I'm Phil, the head day bartender downstairs.

  20. The next words, while they did not exactly reassure him, made him think that, after all, the bartender might be carrying out his contract by attempting to set Chick at liberty himself.

  21. When the bartender had taken his departure, Nick found a cigar in one of his pockets, and seated himself to smoke quietly until Phil should return.

  22. They were silent while the bartender slopped a glass full of bluish liquid in front of Shinny and the bottle of Martian fizz and a glass in front of Roger.

  23. The bartender nodded, and Shinny turned back to Roger.

  24. Jim went into Ben Head's saloon and told the bartender how his experiment had come out.

  25. Had Joe ordered him out of the shop he would not have been surprised, and as he said later when he told Ben Head's bartender of the incident, would not have cared very much.

  26. And to my nod the bartender set out a box, from which we selected at twenty-five cents each.

  27. The bartender cracked not a smile, but a universal sigh, broken by a few sniggers, voiced the appraisal of the audience.

  28. With never a word the bartender shoved bottle and glasses to us.

  29. The bartender set out bottle and whiskey glasses, and looked upon me.

  30. In her trail the gambler and bartender followed.

  31. The bartender observed him with suspicion and uneasiness.

  32. I nodded at the bartender and held up two fingers.

  33. The bartender came over and said, "Pal, I'm sorry.

  34. And after a while the bartender stops bringing me the ginger ale because gradually I forget to mix them.

  35. The bartender brought our drinks and looked at me suspiciously.

  36. Even the bartender looked over at me that time.

  37. If he wanted a drink, all he would have to do would be to turn the spigot or tip a bottle; and more than that, he'd have a bartender to do it.

  38. From his table Vroon made a sign which the bartender understood.

  39. The initial movement of the story is furnished by the foot of a bartender in St. Louis.

  40. We've got a count washing dishes in the kitchen; and the third bartender used to be a Pullman conductor.

  41. The bartender rounded the counter, caught the injudicious diner by the ear with a lemon squeezer, led him to the door and kicked him into the street.

  42. Once the bartender waited till his customer ran all his remarks into one long, hoarse word, with a hiccough on the end, and then he took him by the collar and threw him out into the cold and chaotic night.

  43. It was Jimmy, the bartender from Soto's, who stood there with a wonderful array of bottles on a walnut table.

  44. The bartender looked with narrowed eyes from one to the other of the two men.

  45. The bartender paused with the cocktail shaker still in his hand.

  46. His idea of God is a bartender that keeps setting out the drinks and never strikes you for the price.

  47. That evening he swept a saloon, and ate of the cheese and corn-beef sandwiches at the free-lunch counter till the bartender ordered him out.

  48. Higgins," the bartender agreed, "is a square man.

  49. To the bartender he remarked (while he gazed contemptuously into the muzzle of the gun) that should ever the fellow grow into the heavy-weight class he would be glad to "take him on.

  50. It ended in this amicable agreement: that the bartender was privileged to attempt the persuasion of Higgins to Socialism, and that Higgins was permitted to practise upon the bartender without let or hindrance with a view to his conversion.

  51. Are men made by conditions," the bartender propounded, "or do conditions make men?

  52. The bartender came over the bar at a bound.

  53. The bartender presently whisked a few coins from the little heap of gold and silver.

  54. The bartender was ready to marry and to begin trying to earn money for the support of his wife, but so simple was his nature that he found it difficult to explain his intentions.

  55. At twenty-five the bartender had inherited a large farm from an uncle in Indiana.

  56. She was in love with Ed Handby, bartender in Ed Griffith's Saloon, and went about with the young reporter as a kind of relief to her feelings.

  57. The bartender did not want to beat the boy, who he thought had tried to take his woman away.

  58. The bartender had come to woo, not to threaten, and was angry with himself because of his failure.

  59. Then he called the bartender into a corner.

  60. If you take my advice," the bartender observed, "you'll get out of this town.

  61. The bartender called through the slide that the carriage was waiting.

  62. I had the bartender order a carriage, and while waiting I tried to cheer up Drislane.

  63. Only the bartender was in the front room of the Tidewater, and he was so busy peeking through a slide in the wall, the same through which he passed the drink orders from the restaurant, that he did not hear me come in.

  64. The bartender seemed willing enough to surrender me, but was nixing a deal on the weapon.

  65. Why do you suppose that bartender went to the trouble of learning that gosh-awful clacketty language of theirs?

  66. He had a language; I'd heard that bartender talking to him.

  67. So I lay still and spent my time wondering why that bartender should have slipped me a mickey.

  68. His rapid questioning of the few habitu├ęs of the place and the bartender elicited only the information that a man had used the telephone booth within a few minutes.

  69. An illustration of one of these occurred during the prosecution of a bartender for selling "spirituous liquors" without a proper license.

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