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Example sentences for "devotees"

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  1. He himself adopted the policy of extending the utmost consideration to religion, whether Shinto or Buddhism, and to its devotees and their possessions.

  2. They partook of the nature of toys rather than of practical residences, being, in fact, nothing more than little chambers, entirely undecorated, where a few devotees of the tea ceremonial could meet and forget the world.

  3. His advent made an instant sensation; a universal stare was levelled upon him by these sleek devotees of fashion, among whom he had the air of pushing his way with a presumptuous geniality.

  4. The three devotees stepped briskly through the grinning crowd that cried to Graden, 'Come to buy brimstone, Scotch Sandy?

  5. Madam, do you not find in the country you inhabit a great many devotees who are sunk in debt, whose fortune is squandered away on priests, and who are incapable of retrieving it?

  6. The society of these devotees is calculated solely to render their lives mutually more unsupportable.

  7. It is commonly sufficient for the devotees to be on good terms with God, whether they be consistent in their actions with man, or in the practice of those duties they owe to their fellow beings.

  8. Have I not often seen you uncertain yourself whether you ought to sigh or smile at the self-depreciation of devotees ridiculously inflamed by that religious vanity which grows out of sectarian conventionalities?

  9. This morality would not form men who would hate each other for speculative opinions, nor dangerous enthusiasts, nor devotees blindly submissive to the priests.

  10. Some parts of this celestial system were always denied by devotees who admitted other parts.

  11. What are called conversions, what devotees regard as special acts of divine grace, are very often only lamentable revolutions by which real vices and odious qualities are substituted for amiable and useful characteristics.

  12. Henceforth she opposed philosophy, and demanded from her devotees only stimulus and amusement.

  13. If one expedition fails, or falls into the hands of robbers, another is sent, and there is no instance of these devotees faltering in their faith.

  14. The deities of the Orient, Isis, Osiris, the Great Mother, have their devotees everywhere.

  15. The Romans tolerated all the religions of the East because the devotees of Osiris, of Mithra, and of the Good Goddess recognized at the same time the Roman gods.

  16. In many of the rooms daily Masses are said; the four stories have been inlaid with mosaic, carved wood, and gold leaf, the gifts of devotees of the Basque patron.

  17. Penitents, carrying holy images, processions, and throngs of religious devotees fill the streets.

  18. There is a brass band of purple-robed devotees playing weird music followed by an image of the Saviour in an upright position mounted on a metal platform.

  19. Nothing could kindle a National feeling, and the conquest was marked by only a desultory struggle, in which the fervor of a few Christian devotees dared oppose the Muslim spirit of proselytism.

  20. But then, in those old days they were open-handed devotees of their gods, and the whole city had a glorious spree on such a gala occasion as the Eleutherian Feasts.

  21. Meanwhile the friends of Clay and the devotees of the tariff had prepared an internal improvements measure which was drawn so that the appropriation would apply to purposes wholly within the State of Kentucky.

  22. Over his devotees and his own lance I lose little slumber.

  23. Understand, Cid Godfrey, that Iftikhar has sent away from El Halebah the greater part of his Ismaelian devotees to join the force of Kerbogha.

  24. My men are devotees of our order--would kill themselves at my bidding.

  25. The emir this day boasted to me he was become grand prior of the Ismaelians, the devotees of the dagger, and that not even so good a lance as you might cross his road when he minded otherwise.

  26. In sharp competition with the aspiring souls who sought to fly with wings--the forerunners of the airplane devotees of to-day--were those who tried to find some direct lifting device for a car which should contain the aviators.

  27. Its battles must be fought in the sky, and its devotees must be willing to offer their lives to the cause.

  28. They were once great devotees of Sri Krishna, the lord of Tiruvaranmulai in the Tiruvella taluk.

  29. One of their men becomes possessed on any of these days, and, holding a burning torch-light in his hand, touches the foreheads of the assembled devotees therewith.

  30. Food from the heap and earth are received as sacred articles by devotees who visit the sacred shrine.

  31. Yet we must not suppose that the devotees of this music were conscious of its real superficiality.

  32. Every form of worship, from the frantic orgies of the drunken devotees of Dionysus to the pure and tranquil adoration offered to Phoebus Apollo, consisted to a large extent of dancing.

  33. Her ecstasies and miracles were spread abroad by Juan de Longas, by the Prior of Lerma, by the Provincial of the Order, Juan de la Vega, and by the leading frailes, who found their account in the crowds of devotees seeking her intercession.

  34. His devotees were not confined to the ignorant, for he was received in the houses of the principal ladies of Seville and men of high distinction admitted him to their tables.

  35. She seems to have possessed powers of fascination, collecting around her devotees of the most diverse character.

  36. Madre Luisa had ceased to be of importance, but that her devotees had not lost all veneration for her is shown by the Inquisition, in 1638, forbidding all discussion of the case.

  37. For the most part the devotees seem to have been quiet and pious folk, humbly seeking salvation by the interior way, but there were some who were given to extravagance.

  38. He admitted teaching that male and female devotees could embrace each other naked, for it was not clothes but intention that counted.

  39. It was observed that at mass the mystic devotees did not raise their eyes at the elevation of the Host or gaze on the holy images, but pursued uninterruptedly their mental prayer.

  40. What will our goddess think, what will Atvatabar think of our holy temple when its own priests, the sacred devotees of Harikar, the ministers of the supreme goddess and teachers of the people in their holy religion, are found traitors?

  41. Our devotees when they arrive at the age of twenty years, when youth is fully developed, begin their Nirvana of blessedness and love.

  42. She trembled for her ten thousand devotees in Egyplosis.

  43. They resemble the devotees of certain idols, who pierce themselves with cruel hooks and swing aloft in honor of their god.

  44. In each divan sat a winged twin-soul, priest and priestess, the devotees of hopeless love.

  45. In ample recesses amid the pillars stood the devotees of art, while the centre of the court was filled with the musicians.

  46. As you will have observed, all our devotees are singularly beautiful in form and feature and possess spirit power to a high degree.

  47. I cannot say," I replied, "that the devotees to whom I refer are conspicuous for those qualities, certainly not for a highly active state of such qualities.

  48. They are the unhappy devotees of an idol, and, like the Hindoos, stick into their sides the hooks of a cruel passion and swing aloft in torture to the applause of an admiring crowd.

  49. It is true that she ever manifested a lively interest in celestial phenomena; but it is rather as a mathematician than as an astronomer that she will be remembered by the devotees of science.

  50. Some time ago Mr. Seward gathered around him his devotees in Congress (few in number), and unveiled to them that nobody can imagine what superhuman efforts it cost him to avert foreign intervention.

  51. His devotees alone get in ecstacies when these rockets fly.

  52. The above splendid conception was, and still is, peddled among the army and among the nation by the admirers of, and the devotees of, anaconda strategy.

  53. The pavement of the bazar, worn smooth by the naked feet of thousands of pilgrims and devotees in centuries past, was stained with blood which, as they advanced, was still wet and slippery in many places.

  54. But they were true to his interests, and had prepared a place more secure, because without the walls, and more secluded, than their own Mutt, which was the resort of travellers and devotees from all parts of the country.

  55. It was an interesting sight to watch visitors and devotees as they came from the four quarters of the Shevaroys.

  56. She blesses barren women with children, and favours her devotees with big catches when they go out fishing.

  57. After that, we read of him under the form of a calf or two calves, afterward in the form of the Ram and the Lamb, and the devotees were called lambs: then came the fish or two fishes.

  58. The priests had still more trouble in obtaining partners, but, finally, thirty-three devotees joined their fortunes with these pious suitors.

  59. However, he obliged the judges and even the devotees to listen to reason, which happened only at that time.

  60. It is a fact, not a theory, that he was called a fish, and that the devotees were called Pisciculi or little fishes.

  61. At first, no doubt, my reader will be very much surprised at the idea of the devotees having converted Jesus into the fish Avatar: but why was he called the lamb?

  62. The pursuit of happiness was to be the chief aim of the devotees of this system.

  63. All the devotees of vice and crime met and mingled at the arena, and derived strength and inspiration from its bloody scenes.

  64. Both are ardent advocates and devotees of the military caste system which perpetuates their powers, privileges, and perquisites.

  65. Many of our devotees of commercialized sport would perhaps be able to yell loud enough to scare the enemy off in case of war, but they would not be able to march to the battlefields where this soldierly aid might be required.

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