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Example sentences for "doomed"

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doolie; doolies; dooly; doom; doome; dooming; dooms; doomsday; doomsman; doomster
  1. As he is doomed to be slaughtered at Charleston it is good policy to fatten him meantime.

  2. He always contended that he was doomed to a sad fate, and he repeatedly said to me when we were alone in our office: "I am sure I shall meet with some terrible end.

  3. Doomed men rise and go about their daily duties as unoppressed, often, as those whose paths know no shadow.

  4. I'm not at all afraid of being doomed to ennui through any lack of ingenuity in you.

  5. What refrains of ancient themes subtly sound between the lines,--from the Serpent doomed to crawl on its belly in the dust, to the Serpent that is lifted up!

  6. The dogma of Hell was doomed from the moment that the damned were supposed to be really human.

  7. It is generally the case that Second Sight, which once attained the dignity of being called 'Deuteroscopia,' sees a doomed man or woman shrink to the size of a dwarf.

  8. Mr. Lansdell was doomed to be disappointed that morning, for the Doctor's Wife was not at Hurstonleigh church.

  9. And this he accomplished, by taking hold of the doomed hair, and then giving you a knock on the head that brought tears to your eyes.

  10. Man is by nature and sinfulness in a spiritual sense dead; dead now, and doomed to a worse death hereafter.

  11. Am I, alone, of all my race doomed to drag on a long and weary life, a solitary, friendless creature?

  12. But poor Charles was doomed to be hurled from the height of his felicity to the lowest depths of despair.

  13. Unhappy Theseus, doomed forever there, Is fixed by fate on his eternal chair.

  14. His are Madrid's and Lisbon's horrid fires, The yearly portion of unhappy Jews, By priestly judges doomed to temporal flames For thinking their forefathers' faith the best.

  15. The hopes which he entertained were doomed to be disappointed; the controversy bore no fruits save a few pamphlets and an enormous amount of correspondence, and finally the two antagonists had to agree to differ.

  16. He knew the inner history of that particular bargain sale, and there were reasons why he should understand with peculiar acuteness the humiliation she had been doomed to endure.

  17. Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came is a fable of life triumphant in a world tombstoned with every abominable and hostile thing--a world, too, in which the hero is doomed to perish at devilish hands.

  18. Hence, Keats was almost doomed to fall in love with provocation rather than with what the Victorians called "soul.

  19. There was at least a hint of heroism in the last madness of the doomed men.

  20. Probably he was doomed to be a figure just as Dr.

  21. I beheld, and I heard my mother doomed to receive the doleful congratulations of her friends--the prompt expression of their sympathy for her calamities.

  22. But woman, weak woman, is doomed to be the sport o' men, as weel as o' her ain heart.

  23. But her hopes were doomed to disappointment.

  24. In a last hope, she went through the wastepaper basket, but she was doomed to disappointment and turned to Helen, her voice shaking with emotion.

  25. So a fresh order from the Government doomed him to a still more dreary solitude, on the utmost confines of the Roman Empire, on the coast of the Euxine, even the desert of Pityus.

  26. I would not assert that there were not noble exceptions to the frivolities and slaveries to which women were generally doomed in Pagan Greece and Rome.

  27. Again, consequently, he marched against the doomed capital; again invested it; again cut off supplies.

  28. It was already doomed when he ascended the throne.

  29. Long and dreary has been her progress from the obscurity to which even the Middle Ages doomed her, with all the boasted admiration of chivalry, to her present free and exalted state.

  30. Drusus saw them all, and knew that the Cæsarian cause had been doomed without a hearing.

  31. Antonius saw the face of his friend--saw and understood; and the other seemingly doomed men understood likewise.

  32. Along the line of the Anio, a few miles north, had marched Hannibal on his mad dash against Rome to save the doomed Capua.

  33. What Pompeius had said, he had said; and Cæsar, the great foe of the Senate party, was a doomed man.

  34. His crime had been too notorious to be passed over, even if committed against a doomed Cæsarian like Drusus; besides, he was utterly without any political influence that would stand him in good stead.

  35. And I am doomed to lasting solitude upon my way, strewn with the bones of men and marked by ruins.

  36. Nay, but I quiver under fierce and unrelaxing heats of molten lava, which burn the doomed and which e'en I cannot escape.

  37. If a tyrant was to fall, he was attainted and doomed by the Mazze.

  38. Charles is doomed to fall; for pitilessly Louis crushes his unruly vassals, and feudatory France is by his power welded into a mighty and absolute monarchy.

  39. Often afterward did we think of that bright hour of expectation, during the dreary lapse of succeeding months, which we were still doomed to pass in the South.

  40. For it is beginning to be difficult to maintain that earth, or nature, or brute force, is always right, and that those who do not blindly follow its mandates are doomed to perish.

  41. Perhaps all doomed universes cast off seeds like this Place.

  42. We had no idea at the time that their men folk were already dead, or that they were almost all doomed to death or domestic slavery.

  43. They do not want the feminist, the creature doomed to the sterile affection of a little lamp-post-loving dog dragging at a lead.

  44. Here was he doomed to death, as surely as the condemned man in the condemned cell is doomed to death.

  45. I was made in a place of doom, and doomed men made my fibres, working without hope.

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