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Example sentences for "ascended"

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ascarides; ascend; ascendancy; ascendant; ascendants; ascendency; ascendent; ascendeth; ascending; ascendit
  1. I thought this path ascended all the time," he growled, peering into the thickening gloom.

  2. The dignified footman ascended to his seat, and the coachman started up the horses.

  3. The 31st Punjaub Infantry, who had ascended the spur on the right, soon joined hands with the West Kents, and both regiments became hotly engaged.

  4. The "wicked uncle" then ascended the throne, or its equivalent.

  5. Sir Bindon Blood had with his staff ascended the Castle Rock, to superintend the operations generally.

  6. He gazed wistfully at the spot whence he believed the man had ascended who left death untasted, and then he went on in this mad rush down to the bitterness of death.

  7. It loomed up like a great stone column, a hundred feet above the wooded slope where Nick stood, and its height could only be ascended by dexterous climbing.

  8. Having remounted our horses, and the ladies re-ascended into their coach, we continued our journey through a country continually changing.

  9. On entering it, we ascended a most superb staircase painted by Pellegrine, by which we were led to the library on the first floor.

  10. They were attended, and their baggage carried, by a peculiar kind of cart--a platform erected on wheels, and on which they ascended when fatigued.

  11. One of these, who ascended the Capitol to make denial of Christ, suddenly became dumb after he had spoken the words.

  12. An hour's walk brought us to the end, where we ascended gradually to the upper level again.

  13. Following the footpath, we ascended a long eminence to a chapel where some boys were amusing themselves with a common country game.

  14. As we ascended the hill, the sound of firing was heard in every direction, and from many vineyards arose the smoke of fires where groups of merry children were collecting and burning the rubbish.

  15. After a long walk through the forests, which were beginning to change their summer foliage for a brighter garment, we reached the summit and ascended the stone tower which stands upon it.

  16. Entering the room I could scarcely see at first, on account of the smoke that ascended from a hundred pipes.

  17. Our road now left the valley and ascended through a forest to the Kuhstall, which we came upon at once.

  18. Crossing the Gala we ascended a hill on the road to Selkirk, and behold!

  19. We stopped for the night at the foot of the peak called the Milleschauer, and must have ascended nearly 2,000 feet, for we had a wide view the next morning, although the mists and clouds hid the half of it.

  20. We ascended many steps, and then descending a little towards the other side, saw suddenly below us the Roman Forum!

  21. At one time when they were tolerably well separated, I ascended the tower, fifty feet high, standing near the Brocken House.

  22. In company with three friends, I left Florence by the Porta Romana, and ascended the Poggie Imperiale.

  23. It can be reached by a toilsome, winding path among the vines, called the Snake-way, and when one has ascended to it he is well rewarded by the lovely view.

  24. Then as we ascended higher, we saw pillars of rock separated entirely from the side and rising a hundred feet in height, with trees growing on their summits.

  25. After leaving the beautiful little village where we passed the night before, the road ascended one of those long ranges of hills, which stretch off from the Danube towards the Alps.

  26. A couple of mountain maidens whom we fortunately met, carrying home grass for their goats, told us the mountain could be ascended on that side, by one who could climb well--laying a strong emphasis on the word.

  27. Many times did we stop to inquire the way to Mrs. N's, before we ascended the steep, bleak hill upon which her house stood.

  28. By a flight of steps cut in the banks we ascended to the platform above the river on which Mr. Y's house stood.

  29. Now, is it not manifest from these texts, that Christ became the head of the corner when he ascended to his Father and our Father, to his God and our God?

  30. Is every Thursday the "Lord's day," because he ascended on Thursday?

  31. And ascended into heaven"--this passage shows the belief that He returned to the place from which He came, for the Nicene Creed has stated that he "came down from heaven and was incarnate .

  32. He approached the house with hesitating feet, ascended the few door steps and went into the entry.

  33. Her companion was waiting, holding in her hands a large white linen cloak, which she threw over the swimmer as she ascended the stairs.

  34. He ordered the droschky to wait, and with many pauses, that he might not lose his breath, ascended the stairs.

  35. Our party rode through the dirty bazaars of this so-called capital of Upper Egypt, and ascended to the caves.

  36. Just a century and a half had elapsed since Leo the Great's elevation, when St. Gregory ascended the papal throne amid the people's acclamation.

  37. The young man ascended the mound and seated himself, upon the ground, you understand, for among Indians there are neither chairs nor lounges.

  38. The sun was just setting over the Virginia hills as the little column ascended the broad steps of the eastern portico and entered the rotunda, through which they marched.

  39. As the tall figure of the President-elect came out upon the portico and ascended the platform, uplifted hats and handkerchiefs waved a welcome, and shouts of "Hurrah for Jackson!

  40. Before Mass began the Doge ascended the pulpit and said: 'Sirs, ye are companions of the best nation in the world for the highest emprise that ever man attempted.

  41. Having ascended the palace stairs he stood, gonfalon in hand, while the lauds[25] were sung, and again swore fealty to the people and spake wisely to them.

  42. When the noise was calmed and that great pity assuaged, the good Doge ascended the pulpit and said: 'Sirs!

  43. He ascended the marble pulpit to the left of the choir and showed himself to the people.

  44. Afterwards he ascended the great staircase (after the Giants' Staircase was built he stood between the statues of Mars and Neptune), where the oldest Councillor placed the ducal cap on his head.

  45. Soon after Goethe's arrival in Venice in 1786 he ascended St Mark's tower and under the bright noon-day sun saw a fleet of galleys and frigates lying off Lido.

  46. Before daybreak, my friend heard the back-door open gently; a foot ascended the stair, a key grated in the door of the room close at hand: the father glided through the dark into that chamber behind his unseen son.

  47. He ascended the stairs; he threw open his son's room: the officers of justice poured in, and on the floor lay the robber's corpse.

  48. The despairing question of Jewish wisdom, 'Who hath ascended up into heaven, or descended?

  49. Every one whose heart is lifted up will have it lifted up because it holds on by Him who hath ascended up, and who, being 'lifted up, draws all men to Him.

  50. I ran round the cabin for my life, with the brute at my heels, and quickly ascended the ladder at the back of the cabin to the roof, thinking to throw my pursuer off the track.

  51. His man was nowhere to be seen, but the detective noticed that several men who had been seated at different tables slowly walked to the rear of the place and ascended a stairway leading above.

  52. Two hours later Hope ascended the stairs leading to the little flat, having dismissed an unwilling lover who had been anxious to introduce himself to his future sisters-in-law and fix the date of his wedding without a moment's delay.

  53. Barney's infectious spirits were a godsend to his sisters, who, truth to tell, were beginning to experience a reaction from their first elation, and to realise how many weary rungs of the ladder had to be ascended before success was gained.

  54. What was not so welcome, we came upon the fresh traces of two Indians who had ascended the river very recently.

  55. We did not come here to fight the Spaniards, any more than we ascended the Mississippi to fight Sioux and Chippewas and British fur-traders.

  56. Don Pedro and I ascended the bank behind the others, Chita remaining aboard the boat.

  57. It is enough to have ascended this peak, without our being so mad as to attempt the impossible.

  58. A couple of smokeballs ascended and burst in the center of a cloudrack far to the right of the machine.

  59. Crossing the river, the young aviators ascended to great altitude, hardly visible to any casual ground view, and taking lower levels gradually over the city.

  60. The Austrians elected tea as their special inspiration on the occasion, and the rival fumes soon ascended from the spouts of coffee and teapots.

  61. A gaoler then conducted them along a passage that skirted the refection-hall, after which they ascended a short stone staircase which brought them to a gallery containing several chambers.

  62. Dashing through the secret door he threaded the passage, and ascended the narrow staircase, three steps at a time, followed by the others.

  63. Monck stretched a hand to his companion, and they ascended side by side.

  64. Up the steep goat-path which Dacre had so arrogantly ascended in the wake of his halting guide they made their slow progress in dumb procession.

  65. They ascended the steps together, and the girl who sat by the open window rose with a stately movement and stepped forward to meet them.

  66. We hastily dressed and ascended to the deck.

  67. Walking up a sloping, zigzag pathway, constructed in a passage cut down through the high cliffs, we ascended from the busy docks to the heights above.

  68. The Iman, or priest, then ascended the pulpit, the worshipers formed in lines, and as the priests read the prayers, they went through the same movements that they had previously made while at their personal devotions.

  69. He probably ascended those sixteen steps that you see hewn in the rock.

  70. By a long stone stairway of easy steps we ascended leisurely to the roof, stopping frequently to admire the ceremonial procession of priests pictured on the walls of the staircase.

  71. Within the palace we ascended a magnificent wide marble staircase, the balusters of which were made of clear glass.

  72. It was yet early when we ascended the deck, but the sun was shining brightly.

  73. On the second floor of the Treasury, to which we ascended by a narrow stairway, the most carefully guarded treasure is a throne used by a former Turkish ruler.

  74. Surely the fruits of self-righteousness and legality could never have ascended as a memorial to the throne of God; nor could Peter ever have said concerning a mere legalist that he was one who feared God and worked righteousness.

  75. Alfonso ascended the ducal throne at a time when a strong hand and high intelligence were required to save his State from the dangers which threatened it.

  76. September 22d this cardinal, senile and moribund, ascended the papal throne, assuming the name Pius III.

  77. Sforza was the great condottiere who, after the departure of the Visconti, ascended the throne of Milan as the first duke of his house.

  78. Paul III, brother of Giulia Farnese, had just died, and del Monte as Julius III had ascended the papal throne.

  79. Fortunately for Alfonso, Julius II died in February, 1513, and Leo X ascended the papal throne.

  80. He came to Naples with this genial prince when he ascended its throne, and in the year 1444 he was made a cardinal.

  81. Don C├Žsar, a grandson of Alfonso I, and son of that Alfonso whom Laura Dianti had borne him and of Donna Giulia Rovere of Urbino, ascended the ducal throne of Ferrara on the death of Alfonso II as his heir.

  82. We do not know that he had any personal relations with Lucretia Borgia after he ascended the papal throne, although this certainly would have been probable owing to the position of the house of Este.

  83. Later, after Alfonso ascended the ducal throne, the relations between the Pope and Lucretia must have become more friendly.

  84. One had occurred when Ercole ascended the throne.

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