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disciples; discipleship; disciplina; disciplinam; disciplinarian; discipline; disciplined; disciplines; disciplining; disciplinis
  1. I will not tolerate anything less, and if I'm forced to resort to extreme disciplinary action to get what I demand, then you can expect to receive every demerit in the book!

  2. You are confined until I decide on disciplinary action!

  3. A second incident, a riot with strong racial overtones, occurred at Fort Leavenworth in May 1947 following an altercation between white and black prisoners in the Army Disciplinary Barracks.

  4. It was a major cause of the poor performance and the disciplinary problems that plagued so many black units.

  5. The leaders understood, too, that disciplinary powers peculiar to the services enabled them to make changes that might not be possible for other organizations; the armed forces could command where others could only persuade.

  6. Pacific area which they considered biased in handling disciplinary cases and reporting offenders.

  7. It should be noted that on occasion individual white units registered disciplinary rates spectacularly higher than these averages.

  8. It was among these Negroes, scattered throughout Germany and Japan, that most of the disciplinary problems occurred.

  9. Consequently, while stewards eagerly joined the branch in the Regular Navy, the incidence of disciplinary problems among them was high.

  10. Incidents involving black airmen were treated as individual incidents and dealt with on a personal basis like any ordinary disciplinary case.

  11. Although Negroes were responsible for vehicle accidents and disciplinary infractions in numbers disproportionate to their strength, they also had a proportionately higher court-martial rate.

  12. Finally, the Air Forces wanted Negroes to be neither favored nor discriminated against in disciplinary matters.

  13. Wilson explained to President Eisenhower that soldiers were subject to community law and his department contemplated no investigation or disciplinary action in the case.

  14. We should replace the purely disciplinary problems by problems that are also valuable as special training for important particular situations of life.

  15. The supposed disciplinary value of habits of precision runs the risk of turning negative in such a case.

  16. It is hardly satisfactory to remark that this is a disciplinary injunction, and Christ abrogated the Jewish ceremonial.

  17. Disciplinary applications of the old type have fallen into innocuous desuetude; the penny now tempts, the sugar candy soothes and sugar-coated promises entice when the rod should quell and blister.

  18. And when it finally appeared, the main portion of the English Press cried to heaven against it, and a smaller section clamoured for disciplinary action.

  19. A professional acrobat, 22, Corporal in an African Chasseur regiment, was rather instructively tattooed and had apparently performed some of his service in disciplinary companies.

  20. Re alcoholism and disciplinary cases, we find alcoholism bulking large in Lépine’s account of military delinquency.

  21. He was again placed in a special disciplinary corps.

  22. The share of neurosyphilis in the “crimes” and disciplinary problems of the army= is intimated in three cases (Cases 11 to 13).

  23. Cases 87-97 are cases of disciplinary nature,--the majority from a German writer, Kastan.

  24. He was then sent to Brequet where there was a section reserved for disciplinary cases and very nervous cases not wanting to get well, a service under the charge of Roubinowitch.

  25. A disciplinary case: Epilepsy and other factors.

  26. The disciplinary decrees of the council, on the whole, fell short in completeness of the doctrinal.

  27. Of the disciplinary decrees, the most important and elaborate related to the religious of both sexes.

  28. Rules for disciplinary punishment shall be determined by law.

  29. It became "a system of Japanese eclecticism, fitting the disciplinary and meditative methods of the Chinese sage to the pre-existing foundations of earlier sects.

  30. No judge shall be dismissed from his post except on the ground of sentence having been passed upon him for a criminal act, or by reason of his having been subjected to punishment for disciplinary offence.

  31. And then two men walked toward him--two men wearing blue uniforms of a ship's Disciplinary Corps.

  32. He marched off toward the Disciplinary Room with his head at the proper angle--ready to lift it if he met a lesser crewman, ready to lower it if he met an executive officer.

  33. I don't mean for disciplinary purposes," the captain growled.

  34. He had the satisfaction of seeing most of Perrott's adherents make a public acknowledgment of their error, and immediately afterwards, he initiated a national system of disciplinary meetings, to be held monthly.

  35. Herr von Payer, intervening, said that the question as to whether criminal or disciplinary action might be taken against Prince Lichnowsky was considered by the Imperial Department of Justice.

  36. After the Prince's retirement, there was no longer any question of disciplinary proceedings against him.

  37. But the disciplinary prescriptions of the Benedictina were powerless before the attractions of good living, and the proposals for organization were repugnant to the proud independence of monks and abbots.

  38. Cardinal Borromeo, above referred to, took a lively interest in this mode of spiritual disciplinary exercise.

  39. You still know the seven disciplinary punishments by heart?

  40. The attempt of the Philadelphia elders to deal in a disciplinary way with Elias Hicks on the score of the manner or matter of his preaching was pronounced by his friends a usurpation of authority.

  41. Just what Elias Hicks thought regarding the matter of Society and disciplinary authority in his case, we have documentary evidence.

  42. This committee was manifestly one-sided, but could have no possible disciplinary service from extending brotherly care.

  43. Hereupon the Arhats and Bhikshus observant of the rules, to the number in all of seven hundred monks, examined afresh and collated the collection of disciplinary books [5].

  44. The disciplinary rules are strictly observed by them.

  45. There had been among them a Sramana, of such lofty virtue, and so holy and pure in his observance of the disciplinary rules, that the people all surmised that he was an Arhat.

  46. The disciplinary powers of the archbishop, on the other hand, can scarcely be said to survive.

  47. The right of the archbishop to exercise a certain disciplinary power over the regular orders is possessed by him, not as archbishop, but as the delegate ad hoc of the pope.

  48. This aphorism offers a valuation of the predaceous temperament, and of the disciplinary effects of its overt expression and exercise, as seen from the moralist's point of view.

  49. As regards this point, it is quite impossible to say where the disciplinary effect of the cult ends and where the evidence of a concomitance of variations in inherited traits begins.

  50. I have no doubt whatever that it had real value for me as a disciplinary exercise.

  51. The effort was admirable as a pattern, and for disciplinary purposes.

  52. His predecessor's slackness in pushing military opportunities, due partly to ill health, was mainly constitutional, and therefore could not but show itself by tangible evidences in the more purely administrative and disciplinary work.

  53. The life here is hard, but it is nothing in comparison with that of the disciplinary companies in Russia.

  54. During two years he formed part of the disciplinary companies to which offenders are sent; then he rejoined his battalion, and, showing himself zealous in the service, had been rewarded by promotion to the rank of corporal.

  55. At the same time, civil convicts are kept apart, in order that the military convicts may be organised by themselves into a homogeneous "disciplinary company.

  56. Soon afterwards an invalid from the Disciplinary Company came and told me that he knew a great many nobles who had been exiled; and, to convince me, he repeated to me their christian names and their patronymics.

  57. As to the criminals of the military section, they were not deprived of their civil rights--as is generally the case in Russian disciplinary companies--but were punished for a relatively short period.

  58. They belonged nearly all to the Disciplinary Company.

  59. In this hospital, too, were invalids from the Disciplinary Company, a melancholy institution for bringing together soldiers of bad conduct, with a view to their correction.

  60. By his side was lying a soldier of the Disciplinary Company--an old man with a bad expression on his face, whose general appearance was disgusting.

  61. When he was a soldier he had committed some small theft, he had been arrested and condemned to receive a thousand strokes, and afterwards to pass into a disciplinary company.

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