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disciplinam; disciplinarian; disciplinary; discipline; disciplined; disciplining; disciplinis; discipulis; disclaim; disclaimed
  1. As yet they had no settled creeds, and there can be little doubt that there were wide local variations in their beliefs and disciplines during this formless period.

  2. Nowhere was the available directive ability capable of keeping a grip upon affairs in the face of the rupture of habitual bonds and the replacement of the subtle disciplines of peace by the clumsy brutalities of military 'order.

  3. And next he began to train recruits from Persia and the north, Parthians, Bactrians, and the like, in the distinctive disciplines of the phalanx and the cavalry.

  4. They continued for a time his disciplines of the complete subjugation of self; they had their goods in common, they had no bond but love.

  5. This saint recommended the use of disciplines whereby to subdue and punish the flesh, which was adopted as a compensation for long penitential fasts.

  6. The pacifist is fain to babble of the "disciplines of peace.

  7. But how can humanity be compelled to embrace these disciplines of peace?

  8. The same holds true for the disciplines of visualization: drawing, computer graphics, design.

  9. Cross-pollination among disciplines traditionally kept in isolation will definitely enhance creativity by doing away with the obsessive channeling practiced nowadays.

  10. Nobody seriously disputes the relevance of studying language, but very few see language and language-based disciplines as the prerequisite for the less than life-long series of different jobs students of today will have.

  11. In the meanwhile, it became clear that a new physics and a new chemistry, and a new biology, along with many disciplines non-existent within literacy, of a systemic focus with quality and process is what we need.

  12. Even some of the disciplines built around and in extension of literacy (such as history, philosophy, sociology) are not able to integrate a logic different from the one seated in the practical experience of reading and writing.

  13. Not too much has changed since, if we consider how the disciplines of design and engineering are taught and exercised.

  14. The test of the relevance of such disciplines (or subjects) in a curriculum should be based on the same pragmatic criteria that our lives and livelihoods depend on.

  15. All basic disciplines have changed through time.

  16. But it was only after renewed interest in semiotics-the discipline dealing with signs (semeion is the Greek word for sign)-that researchers from various other disciplines started looking at signs and their use by humans.

  17. Besides the theory of knowledge, in the elaboration of which the most eminent naturalists[1] participate with acuteness and success, psychology and the practical disciplines also betray the influence of the scientific spirit.

  18. Now the several disciplines take different courses, but the after-influence of his powerful mind is felt on every hand.

  19. Of paramount importance, and one which biologists tend to neglect, is communication among all disciplines interested in seabirds.

  20. Under the folio and referral systems now operational among resource agencies in British Columbia, we have the opportunity to advise other disciplines against approving practices that would adversely affect wildlife.

  21. One who, or that which, disciplines and directs.

  22. In the 'solitudes' to which he refers I worked with deliberation, endeavouring even to purify my intellect by disciplines similar to those enjoined by his own Church for the sanctification of the soul.

  23. Often unreasonable, if not contemptible, prayer, in its purer forms, hints at disciplines which few of us can neglect without moral loss.

  24. Why should fasting occupy a place in the disciplines of religion?

  25. These elements of scientific enquiry fall in with the disciplines of the poet.

  26. By Cheshu, he will maintain his argument as well as any military man in the world, in the disciplines of the pristine wars of the Romans.

  27. Tell you the Duke it is not so good to come to the mines; for, look you, the mines is not according to the disciplines of the war; the concavities of it is not sufficient.

  28. Captain Macmorris, when there is more better opportunity to be required, look you, I will be so bold as to tell you I know the disciplines of war; and there is an end.

  29. And the process by which this is brought to pass, is probably one of the most beneficial disciplines to which men are subjected.

  30. By pure wisdom we understand that when one, by virtue of the perfuming power of dharma, disciplines himself truthfully (i.

  31. Whether we look at them from the point of view of ethics or metaphysics, the two N√Ęstika schools appear to have arisen out of a reaction against the sacrificial disciplines of the Brahma.nas.

  32. The smallness of my own acquaintance with the disciplines of natural science is ever before my mind, and I am fearful of doing these disciplines an injustice.

  33. They may be invaluable as instruments to something beyond, for those who have the gift thus to employ them; and they may be disciplines in themselves wherein it is useful for every one to have some schooling.

  34. Other disciplines must be studied and examples from the daily life must be sought.

  35. Other disciplines are justified to assert such additional propositions, but is ours?

  36. Even assumptions, when they become hypotheses, have in various disciplines a various value, and the greatest lucidity and the best work occur mainly in the quarrel about an acutely constructed hypothesis.

  37. To be scientifically legitimate, we need first of all the installation of the disciplines of research which shall have direct relationships with our proper task.

  38. The science of physiognomy belongs to those disciplines which show a decided variability in their value.

  39. These disciplines may be universal history and the history of culture, but certainly not memoirs, which always represent subjective experience and one-sided views.

  40. OF all disciplines necessary to the criminal justice in addition to the knowledge of law, the most important are those derived from psychology.

  41. The place of the epistomologists, who are professionals and beyond the pale of individual disciplines, is now taken by the representatives of those disciplines and each works expressly on his own epistomological problem.

  42. It disciplines man and makes him efficient on the naturalistic level, but leaves him ethically undisciplined.

  43. Teaching in nursing was an offering of multitudinous theories developed in and for other disciplines using nursing examples.

  44. The term has grown less precise with the extension of its use in different disciplines and with variations in methodology.

  45. This would carry the nursing message, as jargon borrowed from other disciplines in which the nurse always speaks as an alien, never will.

  46. The only reason for such an Order is the economy and development of force, and under existing conditions disciplines would consume more force than they would engender.

  47. All its disciplines would tend to give its members a sense of distinctness, would tend to syndicate power and rob it of any intimacy and sympathy with those outside the Order.

  48. One aspect of life I had very much in mind when I planned those Samurai disciplines of mine.

  49. The reference relating to the pictures of her disciplines and the effect which they produced on the crowd I have unfortunately lost.

  50. Liberal education, education that enlarges and disciplines the mind and makes it master of its own powers, irrespective of the particular business or profession one may follow.

  51. The curriculum and the disciplines of knowledge.

  52. Conceptions and methods of knowledge development often came then from disciplines in the biological and social sciences and were brought into ways of thinking about and doing nursing scholarship.

  53. An examination of a list of nursing diagnoses reveals that specific knowledge from disciplines such as medicine, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and epidemiology is what is required to solve the problems to which the diagnoses refer.

  54. The nursing administrator interfaces with persons of many disciplines as well as with the nursed.

  55. Further, Orlando's Process has resulted in nursing's knowledge base being ever more deeply grounded in disciplines other than nursing.

  56. In the Scandinavian countries, for instance, all the helping disciplines are called caring sciences.

  57. The progression of nursing theory development often has been led by nurse theorists who stepped into other disciplines for ways to think about and study nursing and for structures and concepts to describe nursing practice.

  58. The manner in which certain disciplines are conceptualized, especially those dealing in normative contexts, calls for a dialectical form of sciencing, comparing, and contrasting.

  59. It helps us explore ways to use nursing knowledge and knowledge of other disciplines in ways appropriate to nursing.

  60. While we are familiar with the formal concept of theory used in disciplines grouped in the physical and natural sciences, we believe that mathematical form is not an appropriate model for theory work in the discipline of nursing.

  61. The answer may lie in those conducting the programs, who have experienced training for practice and education in disciplines other than nursing and without explicit education in the discipline of nursing.

  62. Hence, the disciplines which had a direct relation to government were the only civic disciplines to be held in high consideration.

  63. For one thing, we find in it no indication of the reason why the particular group of disciplines with which the philosopher occupies himself has been left to him, when so many sciences have announced their independence.

  64. Why, it was asked, should this group of disciplines be regarded as the field of the philosopher, when others are excluded?

  65. Finally, it appears to be definitely accepted that even the disciplines that we never think of classing among the philosophical sciences are not wholly cut off from a connection with philosophy.

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