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Example sentences for "disciplining"

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disciplinarian; disciplinary; discipline; disciplined; disciplines; disciplinis; discipulis; disclaim; disclaimed; disclaimer
  1. I built a little kennel for him, and kept him fastened there, away from the other dogs, feeding and disciplining him myself.

  2. In his Thoughts Locke first sets forth at length the necessity for disciplining the body by means of diet, exercise, and the hardening process.

  3. Education to him was a process of disciplining the body, fixing good habits, training the youth in moral situations, and training the mind through work with studies selected because of their disciplinary value.

  4. The formation of good habits and the disciplining of the desires Locke regards as the foundations of virtue.

  5. But the most remarkable feature of the system of teaching is the care bestowed upon the higher objects of education, upon forming and disciplining the mind and encouraging habits of reflection.

  6. In this assembly, Patrick Henry, with his usual ardor and eloquence, advocated measures for embodying, arming and disciplining a militia force, and providing for the defence of the colony.

  7. Under such auspices, the militia went on arming and disciplining itself in every direction.

  8. The country people were arming and disciplining themselves in every direction, and collecting and depositing arms and ammunition in places where they would be at hand in case of emergency.

  9. Lee was full of plans for the organization and disciplining of the militia, and occasionally accompanied Washington in his attendance on provincial reviews.

  10. For some weeks in the months of July and August, General Greene had remained encamped with his main force on the high hills of Santee, refreshing and disciplining his men, and awaiting the arrival of promised reinforcements.

  11. The knowledge of character and of the qualities needed for various positions acquired in disciplining the men should be useful in selecting them for employment.

  12. He-set about organizing and disciplining the troops, and making preparations for an active campaign.

  13. General Williams spent much of the latter portion of his life in organizing and disciplining the militia of New London county; and until his death he was extensively engaged as a shipping and importing merchant.

  14. Strong redoubts were raised upon the different eminences in Boston, and the old South meeting-house was stripped of its pews and converted into a riding-school for the disciplining of the cavalry.

  15. In Holy Week occurs a procession in which "the most pleasing and touching sight was to see all the children disciplining themselves with scourges which they themselves had made for that day.

  16. The practice of disciplining on Fridays was begun, and was taken up by all the children and the adults of the village.

  17. The most pleasing and touching sight was to see all the children disciplining themselves with scourges which they themselves had made for that day.

  18. In a small village where the inhabitants have no chance at diversions like Wagnerian operas and collapsing skyscrapers I felt that I had no right to avert the spectacle of Aunt Augusta's disciplining Henrietta.

  19. It took up all of Saturday afternoon and part of Monday morning, but we built those tables, thereby disciplining masculine Glendale with a severity that I didn't think could have been in us.

  20. Or do you really believe that perfectly uneducated persons possess the power of disciplining themselves?

  21. Much of their knowledge was borrowed from China, where the art of disciplining a large army and maneuvering it in the field had been brought to a high state of perfection many centuries before the time of Genghis.

  22. Faith, right glad was I to be Earl of Douglas and not a son of his master armourer when I saw you disciplining for their souls' good Messires Sholto and Laurence there!

  23. The old inquisitor, who relates the last case, and writers like de Sousa and Alberghini, all speak of stripping penitents and disciplining them as a species of solicitation, to be visited with the same penalties.

  24. The defects of methods of disciplining under Traditional Management are remedied, but here, as always, Scientific Management retains and develops that which is good.

  25. Under Traditional Management, the disciplining is done by the foreman; that is, the punishment is meted out by the man who has charge of all activities of the men under him.

  26. When the answer comes you will see clearly the first steps to take in the disciplining of the will.

  27. Thursday: Disciplining the body braces the will.

  28. The necessity, therefore, for a uniform system of disciplining and arming the militia was a thing well ascertained and understood, at the time of the formation of the Constitution.

  29. What chance was there among them for correcting and disciplining himself?

  30. You have got a fancy for disciplining yourself, and all that sort of thing; and you will find me capital practice for a week or so in a fresh house.

  31. Next, the disciplining and simplifying of the affections and will, the orientation of the heart; which is sometimes called by the formidable name of Purgation.

  32. First, the disciplining and simplifying of the attention, which is the essence of Recollection.

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