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Example sentences for "educationalists"

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  1. As the matter is to-day viewed by those educationalists who are equally alive to sanitary and sexual considerations, the claims of nakedness, so far as concerns the young, are regarded as part alike of physical and moral hygiene.

  2. This is a question in regard to which different opinions have been held in different ages, and during recent years a remarkable change has begun to come over the minds of practical educationalists in regard to it.

  3. This year the scientists and educationalists rejoiced at the Museum of Geological Survey then opened in the city.

  4. Robins, who became one of the foremost educationalists in Canada.

  5. Educationalists will note the opening of the Jesuits’ College on September 20th in the improvised school at the corner of Alexander and Dorchester streets.

  6. Among the educationalists who took part in it may be mentioned Basedow, Salzmann, Campe, and Niemeyer.

  7. In exceptional instances, indeed, as I have already indicated, the educationalists have taken part in the movement in favour of sexual enlightenment.

  8. Although we may be disinclined to accept everything that Basedow and other early educationalists have said about such matters, none the less, in these old writings the modern educationalist will find much that is suggestive.

  9. But Rousseau's and Tissot's books induced a large number of physicians and educationalists to occupy themselves in this province of study.

  10. This result seems to me one which should attract the attention of all educationalists and assure to education by and for rhythm an important place in general culture.

  11. We ask first the extent to which educationalists employ the services of evangelistic workers in their schools and institutions.

  12. Similarly, if the establishment of a native Church is really the dominant object, educationalists are often wrongly directed and placed.

  13. If then we now add tables to show the help given by the medicals in the schools and the work done by the educationalists in the hospitals we shall be able to gain a fairly complete idea of the co-operation between the three branches.

  14. This relationship has not been carefully thought out in the past, and co-operation between medicals and educationalists is, we fancy, somewhat rare.

  15. For in framing their schemes these wise and experienced educationalists would find themselves compelled to take account of the lowest rather than of the highest level of actual educational achievement.

  16. That being so, our educationalists have taken care that to every examination some external reward or rewards shall be attached.

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