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acquirer; acquires; acquireth; acquiring; acquis; acquisitions; acquisitive; acquisitiveness; acquit; acquite
  1. Thus, the first lesson that children learn from the schoolmaster, is the most valuable acquisition they can make.

  2. It must certainly be deemed an essential acquisition by every lover of the great dramatist.

  3. They seem to have been even careless as to the acquisition of property, and its transmission to their heirs.

  4. The conversion of the natives, or territorial acquisition for the mother-country, were to them objects of barely secondary importance.

  5. Patient labor and application are as necessary here as in the acquisition of knowledge or the pursuit of science.

  6. The acquisition of knowledge may, it is true, protect a man against the meaner felonies of life; but not in any degree against its selfish vices, unless fortified by sound principles and habits.

  7. Beyond the selfish joy of possession, his wealth is worthless, and its acquisition has unfitted him for the struggle.

  8. I desire him to answer whether he is opposed to the acquisition of any new territory unless slavery is first prohibited therein?

  9. The concentrated attention which a man devotes to the acquisition of Sanscrit does not arise directly out of the symbols over which he pores; it is of intellectual origin.

  10. The next point to notice about these emotions is that they are to a large extent instinctive, and are evidenced in the infant at so early a period that individual acquisition is out of the question.

  11. Now, the acquisition of an instinctive dread of man, and the loss of this instinctive timidity under domestication, seem to be of this kind.

  12. At first, the acquisition of this mastery over the innate powers, even in the performance of comparatively simple muscular adjustments, may require a good deal of attention and practice.

  13. O child of Tapati, men should therefore, ever employ learned priests possessing self-command for the acquisition of every good luck they desire.

  14. It is by the acquisition of these three that one can rescue his relatives and sons.

  15. The welfare of my relatives dependeth on the acquisition of offspring from thee.

  16. For it hath been said that in the acquisition of wealth even the garb of holiness might be employed as a hooked staff to bend down a branch in order to pluck the fruits that are ripe.

  17. By this act, O Yudhishthira, two objects will be accomplished; one is a requital of the services rendered by the Brahmana and the other is the acquisition of high religious merit.

  18. But as regards the acquisition of these three, the course of my actions hath been the reverse.

  19. The present work is meant to serve as the first aid and guide in the acquisition of these comprehensive notions of the external world and the inner life.

  20. In organisms these two necessities combined are called nutrition, and thus we recognize in the capacity for self-acquisition of nutrition another essential property of organisms.

  21. Probably enough what we here read represents the change in Plato's own mind: the acquisition of a new point of view, which was not present to him when he composed his Republic and his Politikus.

  22. It is the Idea of Good--the Form of Good: to the acquisition of which our philosophers must be trained to ascend, however laborious and difficult the process may be.

  23. The lover of wealth will declare the pleasures of acquisition and appetite to be far greater than those of honour or of knowledge: each of the other two will say the same for himself, and for the pleasures of his own department.

  24. Tell me for what want or acquisition justice is useful during peace?

  25. The interchange is determined by the acquisition or loss of reason or irrationality.

  26. Here we see the first genesis of war, with all its consequent evils: springing from the acquisition of wealth, beyond the limit of necessity.

  27. No success in the acquisition of wealth, aggrandisement, or any other undue object, can compensate a man for the internal disorder which he introduces into his own mind by becoming unjust.

  28. The rest that tarried behind to secure their Acquisition in Asia, being attacked by the Barbarians, were all cut to pieces, together with their Queen Marpesia.

  29. David could not then possibly rest content with the acquisition of the kingship over all Israel, and the overthrow of the Philistines.

  30. Middle School for Boys, and to be known as Norman's School, provision being made for the acquisition by purchase of the Girls' Hospital School at Lakenham by the new governors of the Norman School.

  31. He fervently declared that the motherling was more than equal to the wise spinning Queen Bertha of legend and lay; and the first pleasant sense of wealth came in the acquisition of horses, weapons, and braveries.

  32. Benton's hobby was the opening of a road for immigrants to the Pacific coast, as a necessary step to the acquisition of the territory held by Mexico--the California of to-day.

  33. Acquisition of California by settlement was vigorously encouraged.

  34. Curiously enough, the acquisition of the gas supply of the Borough had a consequence, apparently as far removed as Tenterden steeple from the Goodwin Sands, viz.

  35. It has, moreover, launched upon its twofold historic enterprise aiming at the acquisition of its new national administrative Headquarters and the purchase of the site of its future Temple.

  36. I had no view of acquisition but that of honor, by serving faithfully my king and country.

  37. The reduction of Crown Point, on Lake Champlain, which had long been meditated, was laid aside, and the capture of Louisburg substituted, as an acquisition of far greater importance.

  38. But the greatest advantage of this new acquisition to Carthage was the new class of mercenary soldiers which were incorporated with the army.

  39. It fell into his hands, as well as Stageirus, and he was thus enabled to lay plans for the acquisition of Amphipolis, which was founded by Athenian colonists.

  40. Deprived of aid from Athens, the city fell into the hands of Philip, and was an acquisition of great importance.

  41. At table she was more mannerly than her spouse, though laboring under no difficulties whatever in the acquisition of food.

  42. The dramatic and fictional possibilities of such wholesale acquisition are illimitable.

  43. That the Monroe Doctrine ceased to be a real factor with the acquisition of these outlying possessions, that we virtually abrogated it, did not seem to matter much.

  44. The acquisition of speech belongs to those physiological problems which can not be solved by the most important means possessed by physiology, vivisection.

  45. But the leading Democrats of the South, now inflamed with the fever of annexation, determined upon Van Buren's defeat as soon as his letter opposing the acquisition of Texas appeared.

  46. Moreover an exceptional condition of affairs existed in the United States in consequence of our large acquisition of territory from Mexico at the close of the war and the subsequent and almost immediate discovery of gold in California.

  47. Acquisition of Louisiana from France by President Jefferson.

  48. If they concluded to remain, their political power in the National Government would have been greatly increased from the acquisition of new States.

  49. He knew that the two-million bill was urged by the President because he wished to use the money to promote the acquisition of territory, and he determined then and there to make a stand in favor of free soil.

  50. Policy of Mr. Polk in Regard to Acquisition of Territory from Mexico.

  51. His espousal of their cause was considered by them to be as great an acquisition as if a fresh army corps had been mustered into their service.

  52. Fourth, Are you in favor of acquiring additional territory, in disregard of how such acquisition may affect the nation on the slavery question?

  53. Perhaps it would be fairer to say that he expected such acquisition to be one of its results.

  54. It is known to the world that we do not covet the territory of our neighbors, or seek the acquisition of lands on other continents.

  55. But we may fairly regard the conclusion of this particular struggle as the achievement of a notable step in advance and as the acquisition of territory that can not well be recaptured.

  56. I am sure you will be an acquisition to the regiment.

  57. For the acquisition of such wealth as this there was no crime, however treacherous, at which that white savage would have stuck; no bloodshed, however wholesale.

  58. She noticed, however, that the acquisition of such knowledge imposed upon the boys, and gained her a reputation for cleverness which made the young university prigs think it worth their while to talk to her.

  59. Learning things' is but one item of education--if you mean by that the mere acquisition of knowledge.

  60. Beth's education, at this most impressionable period of her life, consisted in the acquisition of a few facts which were not made to interest her, and neither influenced her conduct nor helped to form her character.

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