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Example sentences for "beholden"

Lexicographically close words:
behine; behint; behoind; behold; beholde; beholder; beholders; beholdest; beholdeth; beholding
  1. I was again beholden to him for a supper.

  2. Rand sees some good excuse why he's beholden to go 'long.

  3. When I beholden you last night in all the begalia of sassioty I ruminated to myself that our young misses had done flew the coop, hair turned up and waistes turned down, an' here you is nothin' but gals agin.

  4. I am also much beholden to you, and I ask you to remember me to your illustrious consort, my most honored brother.

  5. There is no way your Majesty could give me greater pleasure than by doing this, for the sake of my own honor and every other consideration, and in no way could I become more beholden to you.

  6. I then reminded her how greatly I was beholden to her Highness by what she had done for me, and that I could not show my gratitude better than by taking Madonna Jeronima (Girolama) home.

  7. You'd have to be beholden to Honor for the clothes on your back!

  8. But I feel beholden to you, Mr. No-ul, because you've been so good to Ettie.

  9. Yes, I do feel beholden to you, Mr. No-ul.

  10. Thou art welcome," said King Arthur, "for thou hast been long a foe to me and mine, and truly I am much beholden to the knight who sent thee.

  11. I am beholden greatly to this lady, and under my safe conduct came she here; thy deed is passing shameful; never shall I forgive thy villainy.

  12. I am beholden to you for telling me, for I ne'er could have thought that Marababa sahem, should signify, Ah how much in love am I.

  13. Do you think it a reasonable thing, dear Laura, that my uncle should keep us so strictly, that we must be beholden to hearsay, to know a young gallant is in the next house to us?

  14. Am I likely to be beholden to you, or any of my relations?

  15. She deemed herself little beholden to Athelwold for a passion which had deprived her of a crown; and knowing the force of her own charms, she did not despair even yet of reaching that dignity, of which her husband’s artifice had bereaved her.

  16. I shouldn't like to feel beholden to any one, and I think it really belongs to his relations; it was HIS.

  17. We don't like the way Mrs. Milray acted to Clementina, in the ship, and we don't want to be beholden to any of her folks.

  18. But the House did, in very open terms, say, they were grown too wise to be fooled again into another army; and said they had found how that man that hath the command of an army is not beholden to any body to make him King.

  19. We are not beholden to, thee for anything, for thy debt is paid to thee to the full; which methinks were very bold words.

  20. You talk as if we was beholden to you for the very bread in our mouths.

  21. He isn't going to take hold of it any way so as to feel beholden to you.

  22. While he sat and fanned himself, and quaffed slowly the cup of sherris I allowed for his refreshment, I made him a neat discourse for which I was beholden not to Master Ambrose Parey, but to my own wit.

  23. Having fought in the army of Navarre, and being beholden to King Henry, I cannot suffer you to quit France; you will not voyage to Spain.

  24. Being beholden to the writer, he must needs comply, though apprehensive of trouble in his quiet life.

  25. But other matters which I need not specify, yet which are well understood by your lordship, have transpired to change the relations betwixt us; and I wish to add that I desire to be beholden to no man.

  26. And then he would go; he would not be beholden to this kinsman, whose shifty face he distrusted heart and soul, though his words were smooth and fair.

  27. I am much beholden to you, and that is more than some kings would say who had been flung headlong to the ground.

  28. I am greatly beholden to you," she murmured.

  29. We are much beholden to her," said Mowbray.

  30. Never was king more beholden to stranger than I to thee and thy friend; canst thou not credit my faith when I say that no recompense you ask shall be too great for me to give?

  31. Sir, I am greatly beholden to you for this token, but if it be not sent with the knowledge and consent of my honoured father and mother I may not accept of it.

  32. We are much beholden to Master Eyre," said Susan, but Cis read refusal in her tone, and began to urge her to consent.

  33. We are much beholden to your Majesty," said Richard, bending his head the lower as he knelt on one knee; for such an appointment gave both training and recommendation to young country gentlemen, and was much sought after.

  34. Madam, we are much beholden to you and my Lord, but sure Mr. Babington is more inclined to the old faith.

  35. I had rather be beholden to no Frenchman," muttered Richard, "but we will see, we will see.

  36. As I have written to my cousin Elizabeth, I am beholden to her for ending my long captivity, and above all for conferring on me the blessings and glories of one who dies for her faith, all unworthy as I am!

  37. He was killed in some brawl with the Huguenots; so that the poor child is altogether an orphan, beholden to our care, for which she thanked me with tears in her eyes, that were more true than mayhap the poor woman could help.

  38. Only if thou canst give me my father's letter, I should be beholden to thee.

  39. I am truly beholden to you, sir,' said Reuben; 'I can scarce find words to express my thanks.

  40. I am beholden to you, sir,' said Reuben, 'but the famous spring water wash by Providence is quite good enough for the purpose.

  41. I am cursedly beholden to him,' said the captain, with a flourish of his three-cornered hat.

  42. If worthy Master Timewell can arrange that the army be victualled after the same fashion, I for one shell be beholden to him.

  43. I am much beholden to you, Saxon,' I said at last, speaking slowly and with some difficulty, for the words were hard to utter.

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