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Example sentences for "grater"

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  1. Generally twice across the grater and back between each turn will remove all the essential oil, but, while guarding against grating too deeply, care must be taken to remove the whole of the yellow surface.

  2. A lemon should be grated evenly, beginning at the end and working round it, using as small a surface of the grater as possible, to prevent waste.

  3. This spoils its appearance; instead use a grater and remove the scorched part.

  4. To extend so as to cover something; to extend to a great or grater extent in every direction; to cause to fill or cover a wide or wider space.

  5. Remove the yellow pulp from the grater with a fork.

  6. Generally, twice across the grater and back will be sufficient for removing all the yellow skin from one portion of a lemon.

  7. Grate evenly, turning and working around the lemon, using as small a surface of the grater as possible, in order to prevent waste.

  8. Thare iz no grater proff ov the power of love than that the crimes committed in its interests are in a measure hallowed.

  9. Thare iz no grater coward in the world than the cross man, nor none eazyer tew kure.

  10. It iz better that we be grater than our condishun in life, than tew hav our condishun appear too grate for us.

  11. Thare iz no grater fun for me than tew prick a bladder--windy folks will please make a note ov this.

  12. Who kan imagin a grater lump ov earthly bliss, reduced tew a finer thing, than kissing the only woman on earth, in the garden of Eden.

  13. Diogoneze waz a grater man than Alexander, not bekauze he lived in a tub, but bekauze a tub waz all he wanted tew liv in; wealth could not flatter him, nor could poverty make him afrade.

  14. He said for me to put the tin horn and the grater in the satchel and not come through our village looking like a traveling tinker.

  15. The grater and tin trumpet were also appreciated by the recipients and the next morning Fritz was awakened from a sound sleep by a blast from the trumpet in the hands of his little brother.

  16. Peel and wash a pound of full grown potatoes, grate them on a bread grater into a deep dish, containing a quart of clear water.

  17. This scene, and the examination of our burdens, caused great merriment: the tobacco-grater and iron plates evidently puzzling everybody.

  18. Sometime a cheaper grater is obtained by using the aerial root of the pashiuba palm (Iriartea exhorhiza), which, being thickly covered over with hard spinous protuberances, serves admirably for the purpose.

  19. And then Lockley stood with his back to the rocket's lower parts, and he waved the cheese grater derisively and shouted.

  20. What I need, I think, is a cheese grater and the pocket radio.

  21. And there should be a cheese grater in the house.

  22. He had not only a cheese grater but also a nutmeg grater.

  23. And she proceeded serenely on her way to the accompaniment of iron shovel clink-clanging against zinc pail, with the nutmeg-grater tintinnabulating cheerfully in a higher key—and evidently pleased at the public interest she was arousing.

  24. The root is then grated over this flint grater and the fine particles fall down into a woven frame.

  25. A grater is made by driving sharp bits of flint into a board.

  26. If almond paste is not handy a small cup of almonds grated on a nutmeg grater may be used.

  27. Though the host of the Nutmeg Grater had a lively regard for his good-wife, it was of the old patronising kind; and she amused him mightily.

  28. Though the host of the Nutmeg-Grater had a lively regard for his good-wife, it was of the old patronising kind, and she amused him mightily.

  29. This scene, and the examination of our burdens, caused great merriment; the tobacco grater and iron plates evidently puzzled everybody.

  30. Stand the pieces upright in a deep dish, and, with a large coarse grater grate down all the flesh of the fruit, as it is called.

  31. Grate, with a large grater plenty of cold tongue, and spread it thickly over the toast.

  32. The grater or rasping machine was of copper, to avoid injuring the color of some of the starches, which an iron grater is liable to do:-- TABLE NO.

  33. I have once before run Grater through and pinned him to the floor.

  34. That Malay kris of which I told you, that hangs in the parlor, was thrust through the grater and buried so deep in the kitchen floor that Fergus and I could hardly get it out.

  35. The trouble was that Aunt Esmerelda was trying to make cole slaw and she couldn't find her grater to shred the cabbage.

  36. Grater was upon them, and Malay Kris, with a glad cry, hurled himself at his foe.

  37. Now that Grater is out of the way maybe I can get a taste of that cat.

  38. By luck when the grater dulled his edges, he made them exactly fit the notches in the keyhole.

  39. Then the cat and the grater marched their captives through the tunnel to their house.

  40. Just then they heard a soft pad-padding and creaky sounds as the cat and the grater suddenly appeared.

  41. Andy and Hortense, being now but ten or twelve inches tall, had even less wish to see Grater than formerly.

  42. This time it looks like our turn," and quick as a flash Jeremiah caught Hortense with one paw and Andy with the other, while Grater jumped on Malay Kris and they tied all three of them with the cords which had been holding Grater.

  43. Malay Kris bore Grater to the floor, locked fast in a deadly embrace.

  44. Hortense and Andy, using their shoe laces for the purpose, bound Grater fast.

  45. The Cat is dancing with Grater," said Hortense, "and Grater is a terrible person.

  46. Do hurry," Hortense begged, for she could hear Grater above her, already beginning to descend.

  47. So the retreat was effected in good order and without serious hurt to any one, while from the rear came the clash of arms and the shouts of Kris and Grater in fierce conflict.

  48. Sjugun jrthfet is hju hach, jeta grater then hjra licheme is hjra wished and hjra mod is lik bede to semine.

  49. Thi knap is grater and owers as tha-r bern were.

  50. By Egmvda hwer to fara tha burch Forana stan hede, leton hja ene cherka bvwa jeta grater and rikar as Askar to Staveren den hede.

  51. By vs sind beibama als jow lindabama, hwerfon tha beja fuel sweter and threwara grater as stakbeja sind.

  52. When Cake is Scorched--If a cake is scorched on the top or bottom, grate over it lightly with a nutmeg-grater instead of scraping it with a knife.

  53. Quick Way to Peel Carrots--Use a coarse grater to peel carrots.

  54. A few passes over the grater will rid the carrots of their skins quicker than any other method.

  55. She took a coarse grater and grated the rough ball into coarse crumbs that looked like yellow tapioca; these could be dried carefully in a very cool oven, and used whenever wanted.

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