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Example sentences for "grates"

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gratefull; gratefully; gratefulness; grater; graters; gratest; gratia; gratiae; gratiam; gratiarum
  1. It is well for one person to hold the egg-beater and work in the apple while an assistant grates it.

  2. Under very favorable conditions, two grates or fireplaces might be connected with the same flue, but it is not a good plan.

  3. This coal explains why they use grates in the hall and the living room," Tim said, as they filled a coal pail that hung close by.

  4. Soon the grates in those rooms were glowing and the lodge had become comfortable.

  5. Hand-fired grates of the shaking pattern have been furnished for thirty-six boilers, and for each of these grates a special lower front has been constructed.

  6. Scarcely had he entered on his post, before some of the keepers placed themselves at a grated window, exactly over his head, and began to make a noise on the grates like the sound of a file.

  7. And all of me rings, kicks and grates like a heap of iron in the face of the wind.

  8. No, it is another slave, who has been ordered to whip a slave: very soon his knout will be in my hand and his back will be covered with blood and he will be chewing the sand, the sand which now grates between my teeth.

  9. In allusion to seeing it from behind the squares formed by the grates of iron before prison windows.

  10. The placing of ash-pits in the cellar may make it unnecessary to carry the ashes, but still grates make work.

  11. Where there are grates on two floors of the house, one above the other, or where it is desirable for any reason to have a flue pass around a grate, it is necessary that the breast should be five feet wide.

  12. Grates on the second floor make work: carrying of fuel and ashes is always disagreeable in the extremest degree.

  13. However, grates are generally used in addition to these for the purpose of comfort and appearance, and for ventilating.

  14. There are three grates with independent flues in the three principal rooms on the first floor, and two grates with their flues on the second floor.

  15. There are also grates in the parlor and sitting-room.

  16. There are two grates more than shown in Plan No.

  17. There were no grates in any of the rooms; in the new house there must be one in each.

  18. Grates are very well in their way in that they take large quantities of air from the room.

  19. From this point of view, grates composed of independent bars would appear to be preferable.

  20. Mechanical cleaners with movable grates or revolving beds have the merit of causing the ashes to drop without interfering with the operation of the apparatus.

  21. Some of the grates put into modern houses by the jerry-builders would move an Elizabethan to tears, so petty and mean are they, and so incapable of radiation.

  22. He seemed inclined to stay under the refreshing ventilator, and I noted the hands of his steam gauge drop back to two hundred and seventy, so I opened the door, cleaned the grates and spread over a fresh bed of coal.

  23. He cleaned and shook his grates without coaching, heaving the coal well back in the fire-box.

  24. From this hall, on the same side down to the grates and course of Walbrook, have ye divers fair houses for merchants and other; from the which grates back again on the other side in Lethbury, so called in record of Edward III.

  25. Pantagruel, by an act of generosity, and as an acknowledgment of the sight of the pope's picture, gave Homenas nine pieces of double friezed cloth of gold to be set before the grates of the window.

  26. The windows were curtained with snow, that increased the general gloom, though some of the layers shone ghostly white and crystalline, in the light of the forge, and of two little grates he had set in a monument.

  27. He then put some coal on the forge, and blew up an amazing fire: he also gave the hand-bellows to Mr. Coventry, and set him to blow at the small grates in the mausoleum.

  28. Dílì makabukug ang ginamus, The small grates of salted fish can’t choke you.

  29. Himukugi ang isdà únà kan-a, Remove the fish grates before you eat it.

  30. Grates for bituminous coal should have a flue nearly as deep as the grate; and the bars should be round and not close together.

  31. Grates are put in this gutter, so that the coals which are too small, and the dust, fall through, and merely the larger pieces fall into the vessel.

  32. Our last visit was to an iron foundry, where, during our stay, different articles, grates and smoothing irons were cast.

  33. Used to blacken and polish grates and ironwork.

  34. The brothers Adam designed many exceedingly elegant grates in the shape of movable baskets ornamented with the paterae and acanthus leaves, the swags and festoons characteristic of their manner.

  35. See that the grates in the firebox are in place and all right; then fill the boiler with clean water until it shows an inch to an inch and a half in the water gauge.

  36. If the water gets a little low he is liable to have an explosion; if it gets a little too high he may knock out a cylinder head in his engine; the fire must be fed every few minutes; the grates cleaned.

  37. It still grates a bit, perhaps, but /aren't/ grates even more.

  38. The doors are in half heights, so as to serve two purposes, and grates so supplied sell for about two guineas extra.

  39. At Sheffield are actually cast and finished, most, if not all, the parts of grates sold as their own make by the London furnishing ironmongers.

  40. Picklay's rooms superior castings for backs of grates, little inferior in delicacy to plaster of Paris; and for grates connected with one of these patterns, I was told 100 guineas each was lately paid by a northern squire.

  41. Grates with folding doors are made here as well as at Chesterfield.

  42. It cost nearly £300, but such grates for small families may be had at ten guineas.

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