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Example sentences for "graciousness"

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gracilis; gracing; gracious; graciouse; graciously; grackles; gracyous; grad; gradate; gradated
  1. Mrs. Carrington, who entertained a deep distrust of the manners and excesses of Aureataland, was good enough to consider me eminently respectable, while the signorina was graciousness itself.

  2. It was gone; and with perfect graciousness and trust she admitted him to the personal standing and nearness he had asked for.

  3. Chris learned to love the quiet religious graciousness of the refectory.

  4. But with these two at present there was no occasion for abruptness, and Ralph, at any rate, contemplated with complacency his own graciousness and grandeur, and the skilfully posed tableaux in which he took such a sedate part.

  5. She bade him good night with more graciousness than he could have anticipated, and his bow to her was full of the most profound respect.

  6. In the name of Your Majesty's ever-present graciousness to me, I entreat you to listen to this woman," he said quietly.

  7. Her school companions called her the Princess, she was so tall and straight, and graceful in every movement, with that sweet graciousness of manner which won all hearts to her and made her a general favorite.

  8. Of the graciousness of the sun a special instance has been preserved in my erratic diary.

  9. It was the usual conventional formula in Spain, but there was a certain stately graciousness in her gesture which Mrs. Hatherly had never seen quite equalled before.

  10. Then she's dainty, clever, and refined, with sweetness and graciousness just oozing out of her.

  11. The picture is undoubtedly Titian's own, and fine in quality, but it reveals less than his usual graciousness and charm.

  12. For once, Titian approaches very nearly to the northern ideal in portraiture, underlining the truth with singular accuracy, yet with some sacrifice of graciousness and charm.

  13. But she could not make her speak or compel her to graciousness of manner towards the visitor.

  14. If they attempted to be gracious, they spoiled the graciousness by clumsiness in the act; if they did a generous thing, it carried its shadow of meanness trailing behind it.

  15. There was Honey, with her inscrutable half smile and her veiled eyes, condescending to graciousness and quite plainly assuming a proprietary air toward Bud, whom she put through whatever musical paces pleased her fancy.

  16. It was all very pleasant for Honey--and Bud ultimately won his point--Honey decided to extend her graciousness a little.

  17. This account is very enthusiastic as to Charles' graciousness and dignity.

  18. She extended her hand with an assumption of royal graciousness that did not cloak her gratitude.

  19. Warmly as she admired her, she was ever so slightly afraid of the stately lady of the Manor, who made friends with so few and for all her queenly graciousness kept those she had at so discreet a distance.

  20. Give them to drink, O my Lord, from the hands of Thy graciousness the waters of Thine eternity.

  21. Deliver me from the ills that have encircled me, and wash me thoroughly with the waters of Thy graciousness and mercy, and attire me with the raiment of wholesomeness, through Thy forgiveness and bounty.

  22. I have exhausted myself in graciousness of manner and in making conversation, which is not an easy matter with a man who is undoubtedly intellectual, but emphatically so, and constantly anxious to produce an effect.

  23. If his generosity verged on extravagance, and his affectation of popular manners and graciousness on unreality, Englishmen of the fourteenth century were no severe critics of a crowned king.

  24. His graciousness and affability were universally praised.

  25. On this account we have been humbly petitioned on your behalf to deign through our apostolic graciousness to make in the premises suitable provision for you and your state.

  26. They were much delighted by the graciousness and benevolence of the king, and took up their quarters in the island.

  27. For it is a royal trait to thank with the same graciousness and warmth the donors of the humblest and the greatest offerings.

  28. She had drawn Mrs. Kame for a partner, and the satisfaction and graciousness of that lady visibly grew as the score mounted: even the skill of Trixton Brent could not triumph over the hands which the two ladies held.

  29. In short, the graciousness of a perfectly balanced nature seemed to surround this charming woman.

  30. So we have a gradually heightening revelation of the Master's graciousness to all souls, to them that seek and to them that seek Him not.

  31. The words of His mouth, and the revelations which He has made in the sweetness of His life, and in all the graciousness of His dealings, are the very unveiling to man of absolute and final and certain truth.

  32. The graciousness of His nature was nothing to them.

  33. I fear even the deft graciousness of the highest art could not have softened the rigid angularities of that youthful figure, its self-complacent vulgarity, its cheap finery, its expressionless ill-favor.

  34. But Mrs. Decker forgave him with that graciousness which I have before pointed out in these pages.

  35. Nan said with a sweet graciousness that healed the young man's embarrassment in a moment.

  36. No one but he himself knew the sweetness and graciousness of the dream that had come to him.

  37. But I shall see a good deal of you and your sister before then," she concluded, with the graciousness of one who knows she is conferring an unusual honor.

  38. Not mortally hurt, perhaps; but still the pain and the sense of loss were very bitter to this young man, who had felt for weeks past that his life was permeated by the sweetness and graciousness of Nan's presence.

  39. Leaving Dick to amuse himself, she smiled upon her other guest with winning graciousness and forthwith began the dainty task of initiating him into the ways of English women.

  40. She maintained her pretty graciousness throughout dinner, anxious to set him at his ease.

  41. With Saxon rigidity Raife bowed, but the older man with a warmth and graciousness extended his hand, compelling acceptance.

  42. A superficial graciousness of manner disguised from the casual observer the sinister cast of his countenance.

  43. He turned the tables of graciousness on her.

  44. Lady Clifton-Wyatt sat at Davidge's right and kept invading his quiet communion with Marie Louise by making remarks of the utmost graciousness somehow fermented--like wine turned vinegar.

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