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  1. But a union with Eleanor Eden would have supplied to him the amenities of life.

  2. The amenities of the rule of the squires are now paid back, and that, too, at a time when England needs one mind, one heart, one soul.

  3. The reward must, of course, be interpreted not in terms of money only but of "real wages," with allowance for the varying amenities of different tasks.

  4. Naturally the bedrooms of the new age will have many amenities lacking to our own.

  5. The greatest danger attending our attempt to preconceive the amenities of the next century is that we may limit our expectations too narrowly.

  6. But, habituated to the amenities and conveniencies of an old community, he speedily discovered either that an entirely new society was not suited to him or that he himself did not dovetail well into it.

  7. Beyond, a little further northward, lived the Gappers, another family initiating here the amenities and ways of good old west-of-England households.

  8. If at Glenlonely the circular turrets and pointed roofs of the old French chateau are not to be seen,--what is of greater importance, the amenities and gentle life of the old French chateau are to be found.

  9. By refinement I mean all the luxuries and amenities of life, the regulations of social intercourse, delicacy of habits and tastes.

  10. For the great perfection to which the Chinese have carried the luxuries and amenities of life, see particularly M.

  11. For it was of the amenities of the Synagogue for rich people to present these Benedictions to one another.

  12. President, losing all regard for those grave amenities of the ancient Council Chamber which Manasseh did his best to maintain.

  13. A few moments later they were introduced and a solemn exchange of amenities took place.

  14. They had even introduced, as may be imagined, a certain awkwardness into his relations with the house of Canterville, of which indeed it may be said that these amenities were for the moment virtually suspended.

  15. The horses' backs have been their cradles, and here they possess a decided advantage over their Spanish foes, who know as little of the equestrian art as they seem to understand of other's rights, or the amenities of war.

  16. Admiral Dewey, not to be outdone in the amenities of war, sent his compliments to the Spanish admiral and praised the Spaniards very highly for their courage and resistance.

  17. Whatever knowledge he had of the amenities of life had almost been forgotten.

  18. Towards the close of the tenth century we begin to get glimpses of those amenities between Cymry and Saxon, which a now common religion, a common foe in the Danes, and considerable private intercourse, had rendered inevitable.

  19. But these occasional amenities among the higher aristocracy but little affected the mass of the Welsh people, who stood aloof with lowering and uncompromising sullenness.

  20. There is a patriarchalism which is almost Teutonic in his suggestion for preserving the amenities of the Parks and public places:-- Parks and Streets.

  21. But these amenities and trivialities were soon forgotten.

  22. In Spain, the king stands shrouded in etiquette like a mummy in its wrappings, while a too rigid pride, incapable of yielding to the amenities of the worldly order of things, ends in a sentiment of morbidity and in insane display.

  23. The thing is to amuse oneself and nothing more; high spirits and the amenities of the hour cover all.

  24. The amenities of living which come from towns were wanting, with perhaps some of the vices, for an ordinary or a public house generally stood even yet for all that constituted a settlement of neighbors.

  25. Among other amenities he received from North Carolina an anonymous letter threatening him with assassination, having also an engraved portrait of him with the (p.

  26. What would those poor nations come to, plagued and hunted down as they are, if deprived of the comforting amenities of a kindly sociability?

  27. He dared not face the lively amenities of his principal club.

  28. It was in these amenities that George Flack found them engaged; but there was none the less a certain eagerness in his greeting of the other guest, as if he had it in mind to ask him how soon he could give him half an hour.

  29. All of the amenities of the long winter months are now forgotten, and war to the death is confronting every combatant, whether in blue or gray.

  30. The absence of practical amenities in the Rosmer family might be set down to eccentricity, if all the other personages were not equally ill-provided.

  31. He was plunged in stupefaction at the beauties of nature, the amenities of mankind, the interpenetration of such a life with such an art as he had never dreamed of and could yet but dimly comprehend.

  32. Tedious Sojourn in the Country -- Social Amenities in Paris -- Mlle.

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