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Example sentences for "amens"

Lexicographically close words:
amener; amenities; amenity; amenorrhea; amenorrhoea; ament; aments; amerced; amercement; amercements
  1. Sobbed in agony of tears,-- That alone thy heart can clear Those far-off Amens to hear, That alone can tune thy heart In those songs to take her part.

  2. The sob of submission came back, as it so often does, in a song of praise, from the land where the Amens are transfigured into the Hallelujahs.

  3. The blowing of noses, low sobbings, and fervent amens from the old men thickened encouragingly, and he entered upon more impassioned flights.

  4. The times of refreshing, cries for mercy, the songs of praise, the amens and the glorious Hallelujahs that I heard half a century ago, come welling up in my soul as though it were yesterday.

  5. The real bread of life was broken with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven, while shouts of victory and the divinely inspired amens were richly interspersed during these gatherings.

  6. A great many amens were never born of the Spirit; they are counterfeits.

  7. How encouraging the unctious amens to the saints.

  8. A chorus of Amens from the platform greeted this.

  9. You will wifhold yuh Amens till I git froo.

  10. The elders did not know Will's voice; so they would get warmed up by degree as the amens came thicker and faster.

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