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  1. You concede to a mutinous State the power to arrest, it may be, the organization of Congress, or, it may be, amendments to the Constitution important to the general welfare.

  2. I shall vote against all amendments that look like dictation on the part of Congress to any State, whether they will let the right of suffrage be enjoyed by a whole or a part of the people.

  3. So we see that the founders withdrew from the possibilities of amendment the subjects regarding which they were unwilling amendments should be made.

  4. Constitutional Convention 1787 provided that amendments be ratified by three-fourths State Legislatures, State Constitutions may not violate United States Constitution for this is supreme Law.

  5. In several states there is little doubt that suffrage amendments have been lost through fraud.

  6. The Legislatures of Nebraska and Alabama have occasionally succeeded in passing amendments favored by politicians, by resorting to clever tricks to circumvent the constitutional handicaps.

  7. The constitutions of many states have provided for amendments by such difficult processes that they either have never been amended or have not been amended when the subject is in the least controversial.

  8. A Constitutional Convention can also pass amendments without reference to the people.

  9. It is, however, not at all clear that the amendments were defeated in any one of the three states by the honest "will of the majority.

  10. Nor is Arkansas alone in limiting the number of amendments to be submitted to the people at one time; Kentucky goes farther and makes the limit two and Illinois allows but one at a time.

  11. All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other bills.

  12. From the haste with which the transcription is often made and the amendments are embodied, errors naturally occur.

  13. In the fifth article of the Amendments it is provided that “no person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.

  14. So to establish a principle that none of the rebel States shall be counted in any of the amendments of the Constitution until they are duly admitted into the family of States by the law-making power of their conqueror.

  15. I approach the discussion of this bill and the kindred bills and amendments pending in the two Houses with unaffected diffidence.

  16. If it ever is to come, it must be by constitutional amendments or congressional action in the Territories, and in enabling acts.

  17. The first of those amendments is to change the basis of representation among the States from Federal members to actual voters.

  18. When these amendments seemed to us right, we voted for them, but they were almost always defeated by the union of the Tories with the steady Ministerialists.

  19. You resist the demand of the Irish members to legislate for Ireland; you have just been demanding, and obtaining, the support of English members against those amendments of the Land Bill which Irish members declare to be necessary.

  20. In the discussions on the Bill we found the Ministry generally resisting all amendments which came from Irish members.

  21. But, even so, the Lords' amendments threatened a constitutional crisis, only averted by the compromise arrived at by Granville and Cairns in July, 1869.

  22. These amendments the Assembly considered as inconsistent with the spirit of liberty.

  23. In 1763 the Assembly passed a militia bill, to which the governor refused to give his assent, unless the Assembly would agree to certain amendments which he proposed.

  24. Congress is empowered to enforce the 14th and 15th amendments by appropriate legislation.

  25. The South has everywhere nullified in practice the 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution.

  26. Insolently, sneeringly, the violators of the plain intent of the law rise from their seats in Congress and demand how far they are going to be obliged to walk around these Amendments instead of kicking them aside.

  27. This then is the deplorable economic situation with regard to whites and blacks alike in the Southern states, as a direct consequence of the undoing of the 14th and the 15th amendments to the Constitution by those States.

  28. It is the plain purpose likewise of the 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution.

  29. The black vote of that commonwealth is as completely nullified as the last two amendments had never been appended to our national constitution.

  30. But, now, it is held that it must be shown that the amendments are being violated, and this cannot be done until the Supreme Court fully interprets them.

  31. Amendments were proposed to the Constitution, and a committee was selected to confer with the government at Washington and to propose that the revenues of New England should be applied to her own defense.

  32. To remove this not wholly unreasonable objection, the first ten amendments were adopted and ratified in 1791.

  33. On the 15th of March the amendments made by the House came before the Senate for adoption in that body.

  34. The Civil Rights Bill having finally passed through Congress, on the 15th of March, by the concurrence of the Senate in the amendments of the House, was submitted to the President for his approval.

  35. They simply report amendments to the Constitution.

  36. On the following day Mr. Trumbull, chairman of this committee, reported certain amendments to the amendments made by the House of Representatives.

  37. If I am correct in this opinion, what necessity exists for these amendments of the Constitution?

  38. Other amendments proposed and adopted were chiefly of a verbal character.

  39. After this none could deny the right, whatever might be the expediency, of requiring their assent to other amendments bearing upon the political structure of the Southern States.

  40. That some errors were fallen into in the present charter, which may be advantageously corrected in the next; and a few slight amendments may be attempted with safety, but no great change or innovation.

  41. That some errors were fallen into in the present Charter, which may be advantageously corrected in the next, and a few slight amendments may be attempted with safety, but no great change or innovation.

  42. This treaty was ratified by the United States with certain amendments to which no just exception could have been taken, but it has not yet received the ratification of the Mexican Government.

  43. These amendments are again recommended to the early and favorable consideration of Congress.

  44. None of the amendments adopted by the Senate can be rejected or modified except by the authority of that body.

  45. These defects and such amendments as are deemed important were set forth in the last annual report of the Secretary of the Treasury.

  46. Upon a reference of the amendments proposed to the Government of Mexico, the same evasions, difficulties, and delays were interposed which have so long marked the policy of that Government toward the United States.

  47. Subsequent amendments to the Land Ordinance made the terms of purchase somewhat easier.

  48. Massachusetts, Maryland, and South Carolina followed hesitatingly, each proposing amendments to the Constitution.

  49. Four of these proposed amendments put limitations upon Congress: a two-thirds vote of both houses was to be required to admit a new State, to interdict commerce, to lay an embargo, and to declare war.

  50. Before Congress adjourned in the fall, it adopted and sent to the States for ratification twelve amendments to the new Constitution.

  51. Finally, seven amendments to the Constitution were proposed, to prevent a recurrence of the grievances from which the New England States suffered.

  52. To all such Madison replied cogently that the amendments which his committee reported did not alter the framework of the instrument, but added only certain safeguards to individual rights.

  53. Without enquiring into the cause, if the fact be as I have stated, which I believe no one will dispute, it is the duty of Parliament to proceed steadily and gradually in making amendments in the representation.

  54. I am sure that those amendments had the effect of inducing others to approve of that bill, who would not have done so if those amendments had not been introduced.

  55. The opposition at once undertook by amendments to instruct the ministers, and generally to go beyond the powers of the House.

  56. He failed to carry conviction, however, and his amendments were all lost.

  57. Nine years later, in discussing proposed tariff amendments in 1867, Mr. Chandler said in the Senate, "I thank God we are able to pay good prices to our laborers.

  58. We are convinced that no such results were intended by the Congress which proposed these amendments nor by the legislatures which ratified them.

  59. This vote, however, was of no significance; the real test was the vote on the several amendments proposed from time to time to the original bill, and on these occasions the Democratic lines were badly broken.

  60. Those champions of the amendments who looked to them to establish Federal judicial supremacy for the defense of corporations and business enterprises everywhere throughout the American empire were sadly disappointed.

  61. Senator La Follette, fresh from a fight with the railways in Wisconsin, proposed several radical amendments in the Senate, and endeavored without avail to secure the open support of President Roosevelt.

  62. Although Mr. Milliken may bring in his Bill, amendments are always proposed, and are either rejected or carried; and then the Bill as amended becomes the subject of the cartoon.

  63. Sir William Harcourt was represented as an artilleryman mowing down the host of amendments put upon the paper against the Irish Evictions Bill with a Gatling gun labelled "Closure.

  64. Of course, in the two Constitutional Amendments already proclaimed,--being ample sources, if none others existed.

  65. There are also new synthetic, long-lasting soil amendments that hold and release even more moisture than humus.

  66. Rotary tilling only blends amendments into the top 6 or 7 inches of soil.

  67. This is the 1976 report of the "committee of conference on the disagreeing votes of the two Houses on the amendments of the House to the bill (S.

  68. Differences in the House Report on certain points reflect certain amendments in section 108(f) and elsewhere in the Copyright Act.

  69. The latter amendments are discussed below in connection with Chapter 5 of the bill.

  70. Imprisonment for debt, and legislation affecting the free exercise of that personal liberty guaranteed to the citizen by the amendments to the Constitution of the United States, are also prohibited.

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