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constitution; constitutional; constitutionalism; constitutionality; constitutionally; constitutive; constrain; constraine; constrained; constraineth
  1. But when men destroy free constitutions and convert them into oligarchies, I say that you must think of them as the common enemies of all whose hearts are set on freedom.

  2. Maitland, Roman Canon Law in the Church of England (1898); the text of the Constitutions is printed by W.

  3. These being surrounded by strangers will have had to compete with many new forms of life; and it is probable that selected modifications in their structure, habits, and constitutions will have profited them.

  4. On the other hand, I can see no reason to doubt that natural selection will continually tend to preserve those individuals which are born with constitutions best adapted to their native countries.

  5. The rules and constitutions governing the congregation and order were, at the request of His Holiness, drawn up by Dr.

  6. It is, in fact, sufficiently well known that the said constitutions (of Innocent X.

  7. He announced to them that Rome exacted of them nothing more than an adhesion pure and simple to the constitutions of Innocent X.

  8. Need it be added that no law in vigor in 1826 interdicted the acceptance pure and simple of the Apostolical Constitutions of Alexander VII.

  9. The constitutions of fourteen expressly exclude persons of color; and in the balance of the States they are excluded on the grounds that they were never recognized as part of the body politic.

  10. By the Union, constitutions very distantly related to the British constitution were conferred upon the two provinces.

  11. How human constitutions stand this, and stand it daily and nightly, from the beginning to the end of a session, may well puzzle the philosophy of those who rise and breakfast in comfortable leisure.

  12. Thus, to take one instance: the proceeds of ecclesiastical benefices were recognised in the Constitutions of Legates and Archbishops as being in fact as well as in theory the eleemosynæ et spes pauperum--the alms and the hope of the poor.

  13. Hence our more advanced political constitutions check lobby influence and bribery, by prohibiting special legislation in all cases where general laws already exist.

  14. Not so have the constitutions of Paul, not so have the traditions of the Fathers directed; this is another form of procedure, a novel practice.

  15. Hence it is carried out with a consistency and minute application which the history of constitutions cannot exhibit.

  16. As strong frames exult in their agility, and healthy constitutions throw off ailments, so parties or schools that live can afford to be rash, and will sometimes be betrayed into extravagances, yet are brought right by their inherent vigour.

  17. Under the bourgeois constitutions generally existing at the beginning of the present century, a popular majority could adopt necessary constitutional amendments, pass the necessary enabling laws and launch a program of socialist construction.

  18. This dichotomy is perpetuated by agreements, laws and constitutions which guarantee the property rights and social privileges by which the rich and powerful safeguard and increase their wealth and power.

  19. The replacement of personal tyrannies and autocracies by written constitutions and laws passed by elected parliaments.

  20. Different measures of luxury are, however, variously suited to different constitutions of government.

  21. Although free constitutions of government seldom or never take their rise from the scheme of any single projector, yet are they often preserved by the vigilance, activity, and zeal of single men.

  22. His elevation, in a great measure, depends on the form of his society; but he can, without incurring the charge of corruption, accommodate himself to great variations in the constitutions of government.

  23. The best constitutions of government are attended with inconvenience; and the exercise of liberty may, on many occasions, give rise to complaints.

  24. Perfect democracy and despotism appear to be the opposite extremes at which constitutions of government farthest recede from each other.

  25. Jersey and Guernsey have diverged greatly from each other in their legal customs, and it is also curious to find that each of the smaller islands possesses its own particular constitutions and courts.

  26. And from all parts I have the satisfaction to hear, that our constitutions in general are much admired.

  27. Has the American constitutions translated in French, which produce a favorable impression.

  28. The American constitutions translated into French, produce a favorable effect.

  29. I assure you it is more comfortable making constitutions in the dead of winter at Cambridge or Boston, than sailing in a leaky ship, or climbing on foot, or upon mules, over the mountains of Galicia, and the Pyrenees.

  30. The Southerners in general consider the Fifteenth, or suffrage Amendment, to be an affront, which they avoid by shifty clauses in their constitutions and would repeal if they could.

  31. The constitutions of our States have been repeatedly altered, and they are now very different in their details from the old colonial charters, liberal and elastic as these for the most part were.

  32. Indeed, nearly all the shattered constitutions with which too many are cursed, are the result of a disregard to the plainest precepts of health in early life.

  33. But let not our lovely girls abuse their constitutions by drinking vinegar for this purpose, for consumption has often been produced by that habit.

  34. It may be given with impunity in much larger doses, but on those constitutions with which it has any effect at all a table-spoonful is usually efficacious about ten minutes after its exhibition in the form of fluid extract.

  35. With some constitutions I have no doubt that a process even so slow as that of Dr.

  36. Some constitutions may possibly require less time and some probably, more.

  37. Many of the particular effects of opium differ according to the different constitutions of those who use it.

  38. Still, it is easy to conceive how certain constitutions may respond more sympathetically to the complex agent of Nature's compounding than to any one of its constituents.

  39. But the masses at the North were opposed to negro suffrage, and only two or three State constitutions sanctioned it.

  40. Rival constitutions were submitted to Congress, and the debates over these were extremely bitter.

  41. You don't believe in constitutions and laws.

  42. The several constitutions fix the quorum for each house, usually at a majority of the members elected to it.

  43. Written constitutions in this country probably arose from the fact that the charters granted to the colonies and securing to them privileges, were in writing.

  44. Michigan, Kansas and Oregon formed their constitutions without an enabling act.

  45. Some of the charters granted to colonies were so liberal in their terms that they were adopted as constitutions when the colonies became states.

  46. The state constitutions are very much alike in their general characteristics.

  47. As a consequence state constitutions are usually too long; they contain too many miscellaneous provisions.

  48. The United States constitution and most of the State constitutions declare that no person shall be held to answer for a criminal offense, except a minor one, "unless on the presentment or indictment of a grand jury.

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