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  1. Thus measures enforced with this purpose in view during the political tutelage period may not contravene the aims of constitutional government, and the progress from tutelage to constitutionalism may be attained smoothly.

  2. Chiang thus reconciled the beginning of constitutionalism and the continuance of political tutelage, although implying acquiescence, not recommendation.

  3. Consideration of the issue of constitutionalism high-lights the most practical aspects of the issues of full democracy.

  4. It is not easy, at this time of day, to accept as a scientific product the confused theory of constitutionalism which gradually grew up in English politics from William the Third onwards.

  5. The Rise of Constitutionalism in Prussia 246 3.

  6. At Vienna the Reichsrath would probably have been disposed to reject the proposed arrangement but for the fact that Beust held out as an inducement the re-establishment of constitutionalism in Austria.

  7. In point of fact, however, the inauguration of constitutionalism tempered the actual authority of the monarch very slightly.

  8. Footnote 366: On the establishment of constitutionalism in Prussia see (in addition to works mentioned on p.

  9. The dawn of constitutionalism was, however, near.

  10. Footnote 874: On the political history of Portugal since the establishment of constitutionalism see Cambridge Modern History, XI.

  11. Constitutionalism gave place to absolutism, and the liberals, disheartened and disunited, were everywhere driven to cover.

  12. Morrison, who with an Englishman's love of justice and constitutionalism had insisted that there was only one thing for the President to do--to be bound by legality to the last no matter what it might cost him.

  13. Six years of stormy happenings had certainly bred in the nation a desire for constitutionalism and a detestation of military domination.

  14. For although constitutional government is insisted upon as the sole solution, he speedily shows that this constitutionalism will depend more on the benevolence of the dictator than on the action of the people.

  15. But Christina had sense enough to throw herself heartily upon the side of the Liberal government, and rallied round her all the friends of constitutionalism in Spain and elsewhere.

  16. Lord Palmerston saw in this position of affairs an opportunity for carrying out his great object, of supporting constitutionalism and aiming a blow against the absolute powers of the East.

  17. Jefferson's emphasis on the right of the contemporary majority to shape its own institutions prevented Marshall's constitutionalism from developing a privileged aristocracy.

  18. The Hildebrand of American constitutionalism is John Marshall.

  19. If it came to a question of constitutionalism Sinn Fein took up a High Tory attitude compared with the accommodating constitutionalism of the official Nationalist Party.

  20. Why should not the constitutionalism of England suit the United States?

  21. In that case freedom and constitutionalism would fight its own battles and constitutionalism would bid defiance to Czarism.

  22. In that case, his ministers, pledged as they were to constitutionalism by the resolutions of September, 1841, had warned him beforehand, that they would resign in a body.

  23. Elgin gave a rarer example of what fidelity to colonial constitutionalism meant.

  24. But the first great constitutional governor-general of Canada had to interpret constitutionalism as something more than mere obedience to public dictation with regard to his councillors.

  25. He was still responsible to the British Crown and Cabinet, and a weaker man would have forgotten the problems which the new Canadian constitutionalism was bound to create at the centre of authority.

  26. The business of the people at present is to make it impossible for the useless, non-producing class to live; while the business of Constitutionalism is, on the contrary, to make it possible for them to live.

  27. This union," he said, "can only be brought about by respecting the nationalities, and by that bond of Constitutionalism which can produce a kindred feeling.

  28. French constitutionalism was but a form by which the absence of self-government was concealed.

  29. Sir Edward Carson's policy had produced a new mentality among Irish Nationalists, and it made many take Redmond's constitutionalism for timidity.

  30. This change from constitutionalism to direct action, from representation to control at first hand, is too grave to be ignored.

  31. Direct action is a final protest when the ways of constitutionalism are blocked; in Russia, in Ireland, in Egypt and India, the man with a grievance has been driven back on the bomb remedy.

  32. There is in that what may well make Patriot Constitutionalism and an august Assembly shudder.

  33. Lafayette and the Municipality and universal Constitutionalism assert the former, and do what is in them to realise it.

  34. Thither may the wrecks of rehabilitated Loyalty gather; if it will become Constitutional; for Constitutionalism thinks no evil; Sansculottism itself rejoices in the King's countenance.

  35. The widening gulf between monarchy and French constitutionalism was now manifest to almost any thoughtful Prussian, but, like the ostrich, our timid William continued to hide his head under the sand and believed himself safe.

  36. After the edicts of abdication, the issue became one of ultra-idealist constitutionalism versus brutal military realism.

  37. For working purposes they could claim from their subordinates and superiors a vague constitutionalism limited to army circles.

  38. Constitutionalism is further than the republic, because it is the State in incipient dissolution.

  39. Constitutionalism itself proves that nobody is able and willing to be only an instrument.

  40. They carried their constitutionalism to extremes, which nearly made a strong and efficient central government an impossibility.

  41. In Europe, and especially England, constitutionalism is largely a spirit of great objectives and ideals.

  42. I do so, because it has a direct bearing on the decay of the spirit of constitutionalism both in America and elsewhere.

  43. This spirit of constitutionalism in America, which culminated in the Constitution of the United States, had its institutional origin in the spacious days of Queen Elizabeth.

  44. The differences between the colonies and the mother-country with respect to internal taxation slowly developed into an issue of constitutionalism rather than of legislative policy.

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