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Example sentences for "amidst"

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  1. We may be hurled amidst the elements of woe to expiate the guilt, for he who holdeth men in slavery liveth in sin.

  2. There burst he forth: All ye whose hopes rely On God, with me amidst these deserts mourn, Repent, repent, and from old errors turn!

  3. Then a crow dared them, and fled amidst a shower of missiles and uproarious shouts, each fellow claiming that it must have been his shot that had struck the limb just where the cawing bird had been sitting.

  4. Fred thought of those thousands of eager spectators, and how bitterly many of them were sure to be disappointed if there was no hot finish to the grand Marathon, with the winner just nosing in as it were, amidst the most intense suspense.

  5. Here we are left completely in the dark; nor amidst all the reasoning of the advocates of the popular doctrine, can we find a single clue to direct us to an answer.

  6. He was evidently fond of good living, and traces of Asiatic sensuousness seem out of place amidst Spartan simplicity.

  7. Amidst much that is valueless there are some useful notices concerning the state of agriculture at the time in different parts of England.

  8. Hood, at a loss to divine Sherman's purpose, hastened on into Tennessee amidst weather which would have stopped most troops.

  9. He had for many years yearned after the establishment of a permanent school where zoological science could be pursued amidst the haunts of the living subjects of study.

  10. Amidst hostile demonstrations he was carried to Zeitz, seven miles from Chemnitz, and there buried.

  11. In the winter of 1701, amidst the stoppages and discomforts of a journey across Mt.

  12. One cause of beauty is to be found not in a simple sensation such as colour or tone, but in a certain order among the parts, or ``uniformity amidst variety.

  13. The scenery in the neighbourhood is magnificent, the snowy cones rising from amidst woods of araucaria, and being surrounded by blue lakes.

  14. Amidst the general obscurity in which the early history of anatomy is involved, only two leading facts may be admitted with certainty.

  15. A second later he was creeping away amidst the scattered trees, casting more than one glance over his shoulder.

  16. But though Hurley peered from amidst the tangle of boughs and leaves, he could see no sign of our hero.

  17. Aladdin returned home in the order he had come, amidst the acclamations of the people, who wished him all happiness and prosperity.

  18. Small slimy spots began to appear, which glittered steadily amidst the changeful shine of the water.

  19. So confident was I of my destiny," he remarks, "that I went on deck at midnight, and amidst the raging elements felt as calm as though I was sitting in a parlor at home.

  20. See crystal fountains play Amidst the burning sands; The river's winding way Shines through the thirsty lands; New grass is seen, Its carpet spreads And o'er the meads Of living green.

  21. Amidst the various scenes of ills, Each blow some kind design fulfils; And can I murmur at my God, While love supreme directs the rod?

  22. Swift as an eagle cuts the air, We'll mount aloft to thine abode; On wings of love our souls shall fly, Nor tire amidst the heavenly road.

  23. And yet the Sun of Righteousness Shall rise amidst the gloom, And scatter from thy trembling gaze The shadows of the tomb.

  24. Amidst the darkness wild, And bid him soothe our souls to-night, And heal our gentle child!

  25. Amidst this night so wild, And bid him come where now we watch, And breathe upon our child!

  26. My God, permit me not to be A stranger to myself and thee: Amidst a thousand thoughts I rove, Forgetful of my highest love.

  27. It is at a time when, in France, the fine arts are in a state of decline; in an age of paradox, and amidst the degradation and persecution of literature and philosophy, that an attempt is made to tarnish the name of Cicero.

  28. Amidst all these sects and worships, the school of Plato had established itself, not in Greece alone, but also in Rome, and especially in Egypt.

  29. Then the toppling precipice began to reel and stagger beneath his feet--a fierce bright flame burst from amidst the night below, more brilliant than the sun's intensest ray.

  30. More than once had he stood amidst a field of the ghastly dead and shrieking wounded, when the tide of a great battle raged fiercest and strongest, his foothold bathed in the life-blood of his comrades.

  31. On a little table by the fire-place, amidst a number of glasses and vials, burned a solitary candle over a long and lengthening wick, shedding a dim radiance throughout the room.

  32. But amidst all this gloominess and desolation, one star beamed with a constant and steady radiance, and that star was yourself.

  33. But we pines must live carelessly amidst the wrath of clouds.

  34. Education amidst country possessing architectural remains of some noble kind, I believe to be wholly essential to the progress of a landscape artist.

  35. Salvator, amidst the pride of lascivious wealth, and the outlawed distress of impious poverty.

  36. But the ground on which they stood differed strangely; Durer and Holbein, amidst the formal delights, the tender religions, and practical science, of domestic life and honest commerce.

  37. But the life trampled out in the slime of the street, crushed to dust amidst the roaring of the wheel, tossed countlessly away into howling winter wind along five hundred leagues of rock-fanged shore.

  38. Napoleon was strongly affected by the loss of his little favorite, and was often heard to exclaim, amidst the labors of his cabinet, "To whom shall I leave all this?

  39. Hoping, amidst the excitements which attend the commencement of a war, to be overlooked, she ventured, after the rupture of the peace of Amiens, to establish herself at the distance of thirty miles from her beloved capital.

  40. These habits of order and industry gave her much time for intellectual pursuits, even amidst the dissipations of the city.

  41. But, amidst the gloom which gathered around her, she looked, with the eye of faith, to the brighter prospects which unfolded of the future.

  42. Amidst the exciting, and, one would think, all-absorbing events of that wonderful campaign, Josephine was always in the thoughts of the youthful conqueror.

  43. Both pined amidst their royal state, a prey to incurable despondency, rather than any marked bodily distemper.

  44. Amidst all their falsehoods, they have never insinuated a lisp against the private character of the American minister, nor in his public line charged him with either want of abilities, honor, or integrity.

  45. Born in an humble condition, but of respectable parents, I passed my youth in the bosom of the arts, and amidst the delights of study; knowing no superiority but that of merit, no grandeur but that of virtue.

  46. Amidst all my engagements, I continued my private studies with ardor, and soon published my 'Veilless du Chateau.

  47. He sometimes found himself amidst a group of people who were freely discussing some person unknown to him.

  48. Amidst all the gossip and small talk no one, however, was found who possessed enough imagination to foretell what in reality was very imminent, namely, that the Marchese might turn out to be the prince.

  49. His arms went round her and amidst his blinding tears he showered hot kisses on her death-like face.

  50. It does you credit that amidst the misfortunes of your early life you should have so improved yourself as to possess the education necessary to the high rank you are about to assume.

  51. The nature of the soul is still disputed amidst all our opportunities of clearer knowledge; some yet say that it may be material, who, nevertheless, believe it to be immortal.

  52. Amidst this willingness to be pleased and labour to please, I had quickly reason to imagine that some painful sentiment pressed upon his mind.

  53. Amidst wrongs and frauds, competitions and anxieties, you will wish a thousand times for these seats of quiet, and willingly quit hope to be free from fear.

  54. He busied himself so intensely in visionary bustle that he forgot his real solitude; and amidst hourly preparations for the various incidents of human affairs, neglected to consider by what means he should mingle with mankind.

  55. As for a tender mate two rival elephants Engage in frantic fury, so the youths Encountered, and amidst the rapid sphere Of fire their whirling weapons clashing wove Their persons vanished from the anxious eye.

  56. From amidst them forth he passed, Long way through hostile scorn, which he sustained Superior, nor of violence feared aught; And with retorted scorn his back he turned On those proud towers to swift destruction doomed.

  57. Still more and more incensed their combat grew, And life hung doubtful on the desperate conflict; With awe the crowd beheld the fierce encounter And amidst hope and fear suspended tossed, Like ocean shaken by conflicting winds.

  58. For fate who fear'd amidst a feastful band?

  59. Amidst the congratulations of his friends, Tom now led his bride to the door, and safely depositing her in her saddle, waved the last adieu as they cantered off.

  60. Amidst a vast conflict of such thoughts as these he rolled along over the Spl├╝gen Alps, down the Via Mala, and arrived at last at Baden.

  61. The distance is still great, but the white summit of Mount Kazbek shines out amidst the blue.

  62. But amidst all these difficulties and hardships he never omitted to observe the natural objects around him and to work at his map of the route.

  63. The hardest rocks resist longest, and therefore they stand up like strange walls and towers amidst the great desolation.

  64. Here lilacs blossomed, and here I could dream the whole day away amidst the perfume of roses.

  65. Kioto is much handsomer than Tokio, for it has been less affected by the influence of Western lands, and lies amidst hills and gardens.

  66. Not a building attracts the eye of the stranger amidst a confusion of greyish-yellow mud houses with flat roofs and without windows, and neglect and decay stare out from heaps of ruins.

  67. And amidst a thousand dangers and lurking treachery he effected his return through the disturbed country.

  68. The North Pole naturally exercised the greater attraction, for it lies nearer to Europe, amidst the Arctic Ocean, which is enclosed between the coasts of Asia, Europe, and North America.

  69. In the Korean quarters the lanes are narrow and dismal, but the principal streets are wider, with tramcars rattling amidst the varied Asiatic scenes.

  70. After a hot fight the Genoese gained the victory, and with 7000 prisoners sailed home to Genoa, where they made a grand procession through the city amidst the jubilation of the people.

  71. Brock, in attempting to rally them amidst a galling fire from the Americans, was mortally wounded.

  72. The brave Pike survived but a few hours; and, like Wolfe at Quebec, drew his last breath amidst the cheering shouts of victory.

  73. This they did on the federative plan, and on the 2d of February, it was sworn to in the capital, amidst the rejoicings and acclamations of the people.

  74. None, of all who were in the village, awaked, except to be put immediately into the sleep of death; to be doomed to a a horrible captivity, or to effect a difficult and hazardous escape into the adjacent woods amidst the snows of winter.

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