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Example sentences for "hundred leagues"

  • In these eleven years they have killed more than two million souls, and in more than a hundred leagues square, they have not left two thousand persons, whom they are now daily exterminating by the said servitude.

  • By other massacres and murders, besides the above, they have destroyed and devastated a kingdom more than a hundred leagues square, one of the happiest in the way of fertility and population in the world.

  • We ran along the coast of this island nearly a hundred leagues, concluding, that within this range we should find the spot where the Admiral had left some of his men, and which we supposed to be about the middle of the coast.

  • According to the accounts of the natives, and of the most intelligent missionaries, these symbolic signs resemble perfectly the characters we saw a hundred leagues more to the north, near Caycara, opposite the mouth of the Rio Apure.

  • These last, situated between five and six degrees of north latitude, and a hundred leagues west of the Cordilleras of New Grenada, in the meridian of Porto Cabello, are only twelve leagues distant from each other.

  • He pushed his hostile incursions from the Rio Jupura, or Caqueta, one of the great tributary streams of the Amazon, by the rivers Uaupe and Xie, as far as the black waters of the Temi and the Tuamini, a distance of more than a hundred leagues.

  • They number four thousand warriors, and dwell westward of the lake of the Entouhonorons, which is from eighty to a hundred leagues in extent.

  • This strait is a hundred leagues in length to the outlet; that outlet and the entrance are in 52° latitude.

  • At this village I received permission from the Governor to go to a mosque of which we had intelligence, which was a hundred leagues away on the sea-coast, in a town called Pachacamac.

  • Although it was only a short distance from thence to Hispaniola, Talavera durst not go there, and prevailed on Hojeda to venture a voyage of an hundred leagues in a canoe to Jamaica, which they performed in safety.

  • But Francis Cazana refusing, Diaz returned to Tercera, where he procured a ship, with the assistance of Luke de Cazana, and went out two or three times above an hundred leagues to the west, but found nothing.

  • During this terrible pursuit, which continued for more than two hundred leagues over a savage country, Centeno found himself abandoned by most of his followers.

  • He had penetrated to the distance of a hundred leagues, to the limits, probably, of the conquests of the Incas on the river Maule.

  • Deep in his flesh the weapon lay Winged by the mystic spell, And, hurled a hundred leagues away, In ocean’s flood he fell.

  • A hundred leagues away he sped, Then on his monstrous booty fed, And with the bough he smote the lands Where dwell the wild Nisháda bands.

  • This isle a hundred leagues in length, Encompassed by the ocean’s strength, Would all the Gods and fiends defy Though led by Him who rules the sky.

  • Beyond, with burning gold aglow, The eastern steep his peaks will show, Which in unrivalled glory rise A hundred leagues to pierce the skies, And all the neighbouring air is bright With golden trees that clothe the height.

  • January in running an hundred leagues more.

  • After they had gone a hundred leagues or more, it was found necessary to beach and repair the vessels.

  • Almagro, with the title of marshal, was empowered to discover and occupy territory for two hundred leagues, beginning from the southern boundary of Pizarro’s government.

  • From Buenos-Ayres, its distance is reputed to be an hundred leagues.

  • The tide of the sea spreads full a hundred leagues up the Parana, especially when the south wind blows violently; but its waters are fresh about six leagues from the mouth of the sea.

  • The antas choose plains full one hundred leagues distant, where they can never meet with either of those animals.

  • When he would promulgate his decrees, his herald proclaimed them from Tzatzitepec, the hill of shouting, with such a mighty voice that it could be heard a hundred leagues around.

  • From this point we marched through more than a hundred leagues of country, and continually found settled domicils, with plenty of maize and beans.

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