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Example sentences for "fountains"

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fountain; fountaine; fountained; fountaines; fountainhead; fountayne; founts; four; foure; fourescore
  1. When the third trumpet sounded, the judgment was on the rivers and fountains of waters, viii.

  2. So the third angel poured out his vial on the rivers and fountains of waters, xvi.

  3. Poplars and fountains and you cypress spires Springing in dark and rusty flame, Seek you aught that hath a name?

  4. The fountains on high are opened, and the rain pours down in torrents.

  5. We must therefore visit all the fountains in turn until we find the right one.

  6. The coachman made no further inquiries, but climbed to the box, and drove off in quest of the fountains of Paris.

  7. Two fountains were visited, but neither of them proved to be the right one.

  8. What objects are the fountains Of thy happy strain?

  9. There were not many fountains in that desert of a life--not many sweet, refreshing resting-places.

  10. I have many such benefactions registered in my heart--precious welcome fountains springing up in desert places, kind, friendly lights cheering our despondency and gloom.

  11. This is divided into quarters by gravel-walks, and adorned with two fountains and eight statues, at the several quarters.

  12. For the Lamb, which is in the midst of the throne, shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters; and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

  13. Ellen's eyes had been dry until now; but when she heard the sweet sound of her mother's voice, it opened all the fountains of tenderness within her.

  14. Wells and fountains here supplied sufficient for all their wants.

  15. As Mimer's and Urd's fountains are found in the lower world (see Nos.

  16. The expression Sonar dreyri shows that the child had tasted liquids from the subterranean fountains which water Yggdrasil and sustain the spiritual and physical life of the universe (cp.

  17. Over Mimer's and Urd's fountains hang the roots of the ash Ygdrasil, which sends its root-knots and root-threads down into their waters.

  18. From its fountains the streams flow in different directions and irrigate the plains.

  19. Urd and her sisters, who guard one of the fountains of Ygdrasil's roots, are giantesses.

  20. The depths of sorrow, both of that which springs from outward calamities and of that more heart-breaking sort which wells up from dark fountains in the soul, have been sounded in many a psalm.

  21. Israel is oppressed by insolent rulers, who have poisoned the fountains of justice, condemning the innocent, enacting unrighteous laws, and making a prey of all the helpless.

  22. Still drinking-fountains were not unknown; at Paris Zinzerling sampled sixteen.

  23. It may be therefore considered, whether the inward use of certain waters or fountains of peculiar operations, might not at first produce the effect in question.

  24. The foundation of what is considered to have been a Galilee exists at the west end of Fountains Abbey.

  25. Ganymede was afterwards regarded as the genius of the fountains of the Nile, the life-giving and fertilizing river, and identified by astronomers with the Aquarius of the zodiac.

  26. It is hard to believe that the present site of the fountains is what one might call the natural, aboriginal one.

  27. And how rare they are, these specks of green, these fountains in the sand--rare as the smiles in a lifetime of woe!

  28. All my fountains cast up perfumes, all my gardens grow Scented woods and foreign spices, with all flowers in blow That are costly, out of season as the seasons go.

  29. The drip of widening waters seemed to weep, All fountains sobbed and gurgled as they sprang, Somewhere a cataract cried out in its leap Sheer down a headlong steep; High over all cloud-thunders gave a clang.

  30. The streams of these fountains were of different colours, and when I drank of one, I found it was pure wine.

  31. And so they wandered on, hand in hand, until they came to a garden full of every delight, where crystal streams flowed between glorious banks of flowers, and fountains played and sparkled in the sunlight.

  32. There was no such loathsome image in that fair kingdom of fountains and flowers.

  33. It was only seven o'clock as yet, and the sun was shining on the fountains as the young men went across Trafalgar Square.

  34. From this started the deep canal by which Hezekiah brought the waters of Gihon within the western part of the city, when he closed up the fountains on the approach of Sennacherib's army.

  35. To avoid repetition, I may mention that all the fountains in Jerusalem, so far as regards their ornamentation, belong to the same epoch.

  36. He took counsel with his princes and his mighty men to stop the waters of the fountains which were without the city: and they did help him.

  37. Those in the bazaars are spacious rooms with vaulted ceilings, divans running around the four walls, and fountains in the centre.

  38. There are several gardens fitted up purposely for these picnics, with kiosks, fountains and pleasant seats under the trees.

  39. It was a lovely country of orchards and gardens, with fountains spouting by the wayside, and country houses perched on the steeps.

  40. I can hear the rush of the fountains of Banias--the holy springs of Hermon, whence Jordan is born.

  41. The interior courts are paved with stone, with fountains in the centre, and many of them are covered with domes resting on massive pillars.

  42. We halted for a short time in the large plaza of the town, where the dash of fountains mingled with the sound of the rain, and the black, jagged outline of a mountain overhanging the place was visible through the storm.

  43. The head of the sea was visible as far as the Ras-el-Feshka on the west; and the hot fountains of Callirhoƫ on the eastern shore.

  44. The elegant colonnades surround gardens rich in roses, myrtles and cypresses, and the fountains that lulled the Moorish Kings in their summer idleness still pour their fertilizing streams.

  45. Even now each desolated room And ruined garden luxury breathes, The fountains play, the roses bloom, The vine unnoticed twines its wreaths, Gold glistens, shrubs exhale perfume.

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