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Example sentences for "heartened"

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hearte; hearted; heartedly; heartedness; hearten; heartening; heartens; heartes; heartfelt; hearth
  1. But the Othmanli Turks, greatly heartened by the conquest of Constantinople in 1453, had been steadily encroaching in Asia, and, after defeating the shah of Persia, their advance upon Syria and Egypt was only a matter of time.

  2. It all seemed very businesslike, and heartened her so much that she was willing to be nice to Lance Lorrigan.

  3. During certain intervals when Burt seemed lucid enough to realize his desperate condition, Lance heartened him with assurance that they were almost there.

  4. However, we were quite equal to the preliminary task, and heartened by the news of the ammunition convoy which had been turned into a very pretty firework display by 'Soixante-dix Pau.

  5. This kindness heartened Joseph, who dared to ask Jesus how he might disburden himself of the wealth that would come to him at his father's death.

  6. His unshaken and unconquerable defiance heartened his followers greatly, and the thought of thirty thousand dollars was as a buttress against many terrors.

  7. And now the enemy had been heartened by a great victory.

  8. The judge brightened, without knowing what it was that suddenly heartened him, and David came out of his corner under the stairs, as he never did, unless she was in the room.

  9. The courage and calmness which he had found in himself under this test, heartened him and made him the more determined to control his wandering fancy.

  10. He was heartened by the thought of what was now to do, by the conviction that he held the false Demetrius in the hollow of his hand.

  11. It was the note of fear that heartened Affonso Henriques.

  12. The psalmist was heartened to pray his prayer, because "the nations are perished out of His land.

  13. And yet he was heartened by letters from his lawyer, who was up and at the foe once more.

  14. He saw no very clear horizon for his own love, but his comrade's smile heartened him, and the flutter of her handkerchief carried its message of good courage when the stage pitched down the slope that hid Castonia settlement.

  15. So each of them snatched up whatso of war-gear suited him and one equipped other and they heartened their hearts and all waxed eager for the fray.

  16. They thanked him and Al-Rashid's breast was broadened and his heart was heartened and there fell from him all that whilom irked him.

  17. But Krishna heartened himself to firmly say: "Howbeit there is tradition that we trust.

  18. Then when Gamaliel woke, they gave him wine, Pure from the grape, so much as heartened him, And bread that strengthened him, from fasting faint.

  19. His words heartened the host more than a hundred trumpets braying in their ears.

  20. Food and drink had been found in the camp, and a flagon of wine heartened Brian greatly.

  21. Brian was the less heartened when he saw two of Nuala O'Malley's ships in the bay, and knew that she must be at the castle.

  22. This heartened them all greatly, the more so since the gale drove them straight onward toward the beacon.

  23. As he afterward found, it was done by Turlough's cunning word; but up over the din of battle rose the great shout that struck dismay to the pirates and heartened Brian himself to new efforts.

  24. Phyllys's love had heartened him as it always heartened him.

  25. His coming heartened us all up; all of us; even to the dredges themselves.

  26. Soft and warm and windless, lit by a vainglorious moon and every star that ever shone, the beauty of this world caressed and heartened its beholder like a gallant music.

  27. This heartened him, as a rounded phrase will do the best of us.

  28. His father's letter had heartened him almost as much as the review in the Times.

  29. The passage from Kingstown had been smooth, and Henry, heartened by the sea air and sunshine, pressed eagerly through the throng of passengers so that he might be near the gangway and so be among the first to descend from the steamer.

  30. I was not heartened by this evidence of fear, as may well be imagined, and hurried away to feed my horse in order that I might hide the evidences of my own emotion.

  31. The idea that we should remain as the Regulation, subject at any time to a call from our leaders, heartened us wonderfully, and with one accord our people agreed that Master Hamilton's plan should be adopted.

  32. When she unsheathed her sword to fight against the allies of the state that declared a treaty to be but a scrap of paper, she was heartened by a solemn promise given in writing by her comrades in arms.

  33. It had just occurred to him that he held a card which should trump any trick of Sir Rowland's vindictiveness, and the prospect heartened and comforted him.

  34. She rose suddenly, heartened by the thought.

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