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Example sentences for "combinations"

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  1. Combinations of capitals like the following example show distinctly uneven white spaces between the letters of the word.

  2. Gage Use of color: for decoration of black and white, for broad poster effect, in combinations of two, three, or more printings with process engravings.

  3. The instructor should exercise the apprentice in making the combinations shown in the table by asking him how he could get specified spaces.

  4. There are several combinations of word endings which call for spaces thinner or thicker than the average in the line in order to make all the spaces appear equal.

  5. This process had always been followed to make red glass, which was really a sheet of white coated with ruby, but now all sorts of combinations were made.

  6. In many cases in the above combinations colors not exactly opposite have been united.

  7. The following combinations of these colored straws will prove harmonious.

  8. When used in combinations in place of No.

  9. In Romblon buri straw the following combinations will be harmonious: Nos.

  10. If to these verbs are added the particles which indicate honor (see below) other combinations are made.

  11. We can indeed combine the various matters which we know of Him by an act of the intellect, and treat them theologically, but such theological combinations are no objects for the imagination to gaze upon.

  12. Experiences and their images strike and occupy the mind, as abstractions and their combinations do not.

  13. All architectural mouldings might be said to be modifications or combinations of the principles illustrated by these two.

  14. We feel that any of these combinations of lines are harmonious and beautiful, and we know that they are essential to the character and structure.

  15. The first alliance was made; the combinations prospered where the isolated individuals failed.

  16. Every man is a new creation, and combinations are simply endless.

  17. He will go upon the recommendation of two gentlemen of taste and travel whom we met at Baddeck, residents of Maine and familiar with most of the odd and striking combinations of land and water in coast scenery.

  18. I tried thousands of combinations before I succeeded in producing anything that would fix high-potential Life Force.

  19. In this fastness Fitzmaurice continued to maintain himself, until a prospect of new combinations opened to him in the West.

  20. In Munster, a new Parliamentary party had time to form its combinations under the shelter of the cessation.

  21. How much more readily and certainly chemical science can now be acquired, since the adoption of the present mode of symbolizing its doctrines by combinations of letters and figures.

  22. The man who knows how to weave them into combinations which shall gain the popular ear, and sink into the popular heart, has a mighty gift for good or evil.

  23. On this test the Convention adjourned for the day, and during the night combinations already inaugurated were fully completed, by which Hancock's nomination was made certain.

  24. There is so much of the artist in the maternal mind, of the artist who longs to see the work of his hand in fresh combinations and under all points of view.

  25. Certain combinations of these elements are among the most powerful antiseptics and germicides.

  26. Dry sand strewn on the top of a piano on which harmonious tone combinations are produced shows a tendency to arrange itself in symmetrical patterns.

  27. The veins are very numerous, and the combinations are many and interesting, and more or less valuable.

  28. Circumstances were against the girl who had practically been turned out of her own room while the party was having a glorious time eating salad, macaroons, ice cream, and various other indigestible combinations of "sweeties.

  29. All three combinations have been, or are being, tried.

  30. Harriman Engine)] Recent combinations of aeroplane and automobile, and aeroplane with motor boat, have been exhibited.

  31. It has a great variety and nicety of shades in the pronunciation of the vowels, and such combinations of consonants as can only be conquered by a Slavic tongue.

  32. The more complex admits of more combinations than the simpler; hence if a phylogeny reaches a higher stage by automatic evolution it may branch into several lines, of which each appears as the continuation of the parent stock.

  33. Hence in this way arise also new combinations of developmental characteristics.

  34. Macdonald's unsuccessful effort to add another to his list of political combinations by detaching Mr. John Sandfield Macdonald from the Reform party, offering seats in the cabinet to him and another Reformer.

  35. Different combinations of the letters of the alphabet are sufficient to record the sum of human knowledge in many languages.

  36. The terms "superior" and "inferior" are useful in questions of relationship between combinations and subcombinations or elements thereof, and between groups founded on effect or product and those founded on simple function.

  37. That is, combinations of any characteristic with any one or more other characteristics may be placed in the group for that characteristic deemed the most significant and which is highest in the schedule.

  38. Some are combinations of links, some combinations of a ball and link, some of a bar and link, and some of a bar, link, and ball.

  39. Different combinations of links, balls, and bars are, however, observed in the remaining heap.

  40. Robinson), almost always more than one, since most new means are combinations of mechanical elements or acts.

  41. These different combinations may be separated out in the order named and placed in separate piles.

  42. Calculations of the possible combinations and permutations of a small number of objects are familiar.

  43. These differences were very great[A], and led me to hope that by mechanical combinations of various metals important results might be obtained (183.

  44. Voltaic electricity is excited upon combinations of perfect and imperfect conductors, and is only transmitted by perfect conductors or imperfect conductors of the best kind.

  45. When any of the same substances, or phosphate of soda, were made to act on platina and iron, still more powerful voltaic combinations of the same kind were produced.

  46. Hence this class of compound combinations does not seem to be subject to the same simple law as the former class of binary combinations.

  47. With regard to salts and combinations of compound bodies, the same simple relation does not appear to hold good.

  48. He shows us how when you mix acids and alkalis together they form new combinations which go off in gas.

  49. It is barely possible all the States may secede, South and North, that new combinations may result, but this process will be one of time and uncertainty, and I cannot with my opinions await the subsequent development.

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