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habitent; habito; habits; habitu; habitual; habituate; habituated; habituates; habituating; habituation
  1. The term "disuse" does not relate merely to the lessened action of muscles, but includes a diminished flow of blood to a part or organ, from being subjected to fewer alternations of pressure, or from becoming in any way less habitually active.

  2. Yet it is obvious that if individuals of a species, from a decrease of their natural enemies, were habitually reared in larger numbers than could be supported, all the members would suffer.

  3. He believes that certain trades, such as that of a shoemaker, by causing the head to be habitually held forward, makes the forehead more rounded and prominent.

  4. Different occupations habitually followed lead to changed proportions in various parts of the body.

  5. Many beetles are coloured so as to resemble the surfaces which they habitually frequent.

  6. One can hardly doubt that Spenser breathed habitually more slowly than Prior, and that Anacreon had a quicker respiration than Homer.

  7. Plausaby, habitually a sham, tried, to recover his ground.

  8. Dave habitually did everything in the noisiest way possible, and he wound up each successive fit of sneezing with a whoop that gave him the semblance of practicing an Indian war-song, by way of fitting himself to wed a half-breed wife.

  9. This may sound paradoxical in an age which habitually talks so much about Education and Culture; but I am persuaded that it is true.

  10. The finest old English china was habitually used, and not seldom smashed, in the housekeeper's room.

  11. If a man habitually sate down to luncheon, and ate it through, he was contemned as unversed in the science of feeding.

  12. Bishop Wilberforce invented a splendid story about a priest and a sliding panel and a concealed confession; and I believe that he habitually used it as a foolometer, to test the mental capacity of new acquaintances.

  13. The simplest, the sanest, the most obliging of men, he habitually indulged in extravagant language.

  14. The latter sign is made in conversation in a variety of ways, but habitually with one hand only.

  15. When that affliction is ascertained to exist, all oral utterances from the deaf-mute are habitually repressed by the parents.

  16. As we said before, the incumbent deriving a rich revenue from his office was often habitually an absentee, who left the whole of his work to be performed, as best it might be done, by the curate, half starving on a miserable pittance.

  17. Perhaps even in the most commonplace ways of life we are often compelled to wonder at the amount of work a man habitually lazy can sometimes contrive to cram into his day's doings.

  18. No writer who thinks habitually of the critics, either to tremble at their censures or set them at defiance, can write well.

  19. Were it not for the recollections habitually associated with them, natural objects could not interest the mind in the manner they do.

  20. When I habitually realize not only that Christ will keep his word in receiving sinners, but that he has greater delight in bearing my weight than I can ever have in casting it on him, I shall trust fully and trust always.

  21. It is thus that snatches of spiritual exercise do not avail to promote the growth, or even to preserve the life of grace in a heart that in the main is habitually overshadowed by a crowd of overgrown imperious worldly cares.

  22. I have also seen a young woman whose forehead seemed almost habitually thus contracted, independently of any emotion being at the time felt.

  23. I have already had occasion to treat of this emotion in the third chapter, when discussing the direct influence of the excited sensorium on the body, in combination with the effects of habitually associated actions.

  24. But a cross expression, due to a frown, may be counteracted, if the mouth appears sweet, from being habitually drawn into a smile, and the eyes are bright and cheerful.

  25. The foundation for the development of a rattle would thus have been laid; and it would have been habitually used, if the species, like so many others, vibrated its tail whenever it was irritated.

  26. When persons who ought to begin the use of convex glasses habitually strain the waning power of accommodation, an undue secretion of tears very often follows, and the retina is liable to become unduly sensitive to light.

  27. This view is likewise supported by the fact that the men of certain races, who habitually go nearly naked, often blush over their arms and chests and even down to their waists.

  28. People cannot escape from the mood of mind they habitually indulge, and from the animus of the words they habitually use; and Antonia felt and understood the antagonistic atmosphere.

  29. In the next place, we come across a much more startling revelation of the injustice habitually practised by the Hebrew monarchs.

  30. It belongs to the stage of thought at which the power of a god is habitually regarded as subject to local limitations, and in which accordingly a particular territory is assigned to every deity as the sphere of his influence.

  31. Nobody but myself could tell what a drain it was on him always to impart, always to simplify, to descend, to walk on the ground with wings folded flat to his back, and the angel in him habitually kept out of view.

  32. The good conduct of the public-house depends not so much on those who manage it as on those who habitually use it, and on the growth of a healthy national appreciation of its value.

  33. But used in the sense in which Green habitually uses it self-realization implies, as he puts it, the fulfilment by the good man of his rational capacity or the idea of a best that is in time, i.

  34. He who is habitually temperate possesses the virtue of temperance, he who is habitually just the virtue of justice.

  35. We do not call it a virtue if a man habitually abstains from killing or robbing, or pays his debts, or performs a great number of other duties.

  36. We may further take for granted that he has habitually eaten the flesh of whatever animals he could get for which he had a taste and from the eating of which no superstitious or sentimental motive held him back.

  37. We may expect to find industry especially insisted upon by uncivilised peoples who are habitually addicted to it, partly because it is a necessity among them, partly owing to the influence of habit.

  38. Sometimes, when the revered animal is habitually spared, it is nevertheless killed on rare and solemn occasions.

  39. On the other hand, nations or armies that voluntarily submitted to Rome were habitually treated with great leniency.

  40. The sinner whom Christ habitually denounces is he who has done nothing.

  41. A mythical ancestor or headman may of his own accord approve of virtue and disapprove of vice; and, besides, justice readily becomes the attribute of a god who is habitually appealed to in curses or oaths.

  42. In other cases, when the revered animal is habitually killed, there is a special annual atonement, at which a select individual of the species is slain with extraordinary marks of respect and devotion.

  43. Clothes are nominally much cheaper here than with us; but neither the French nor the English use habitually as good clothes as we; nor are the clothes generally as well made.

  44. That dignified seriousness which pervades all his later writings, and gave to Goethe the impression of a man dwelling habitually above the plane of vulgar things, was beginning even now to characterize him as a social being.

  45. Standing above all other men, occupied habitually with weighty matters of state, surrounded by self-seeking flatterers and schemers, how was a ruler ever to hear the truth or to know the blessedness of disinterested friendship?

  46. He dwelt habitually in the idealisms of the past, and his controlling purpose was to make these idealisms live again in stirring poetic pictures.

  47. But then he was habitually so silent, that his not doing so argued nothing.

  48. A person quite unacquainted with my father's habitually abrupt and odd way of talking, would have fancied that he was possibly a little disordered in his mind.

  49. Does she not habitually speak disparagingly of me, in your presence, and to you?

  50. He drank not, abstained from fleshly intercourse, and habitually spoke the truth.

  51. His sensations habitually shaped themselves in accordance with those two permanent requirements of his nature, liking for adventure, and hatred of tyranny.

  52. Here Bianca found him presently motionless, without a hat, in the full sun, craning his white head in the direction from which he knew the little model habitually came.

  53. Habitually both curious and wary, he waited till they came within the radius of a lamp; then, seeing them to be those of Miltoun and a footman, supporting between them a lame man, he at once hastened forward.

  54. It was one day in April that Mr. Stone, heralded by the scent of Harris tweed and baked potatoes which habitually encircled him, appeared at five o'clock in Hilary's study doorway.

  55. His long, lined face, with very heavy moustaches, wore habitually a peevish look.

  56. She recalled with a shudder the cold cynicism of the smile that habitually curled the lips of the Texan.

  57. All during supper and afterward while the half-breed was washing the dishes, the Texan eyed him sharply, and several times caught the flash of a furtive smile upon the habitually sombre face.

  58. To strangers, indeed, he presented habitually a calm and impassive exterior; but this was natural to him, and was but the outward sign of his even and judicial habit of mind.

  59. Any person is regarded as practising medicine who professes publicly to be a physician, or habitually prescribes for the sick, or appends to his name “M.

  60. Those who habitually use opium, tobacco, cannabis indica, or even tea or coffee to excess are said to be subject to it.

  61. Any person is regarded as practising medicine who professes publicly to be a physician or habitually prescribes for the sick, or appends to his name “M.

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