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  1. Cannabis should always be used with caution, but ten or even twenty drops must be inert in all but the rarest cases, and I have given an ounce per diem with beneficial effect.

  2. The greatest variety of opinions prevails upon the subject of cannabis and scutellaria.

  3. The principal objection to the cannabis lies in two facts.

  4. Next morning he feels intoxicated, as if he had taken ganja (Cannabis sativa), and remains in that condition all day.

  5. All cultivated hemp belongs to the same species, Cannabis sativa; the special varieties such as Cannabis indica, Cannabis chinensis, &c.

  6. Excessive indulgence in cannabis indica is very rare, but may lead to general ill-health and occasionally to insanity.

  7. The variety of common hemp (Cannabis Indica), from which hasheesh is obtained.

  8. The Bushmen and other wild tribes of Southern Africa threw their Dakhá (cannabis indica) on the fire and sat round it inhaling the intoxicating fumes.

  9. Marijuana is the dried leaves of the cannabis or hemp plant (Cannabis sativa).

  10. Hashish is the resinous exudate of the cannabis or hemp plant (Cannabis sativa).

  11. In the present edition of the National Formulary, the preparation is made by triturating the extract of cannabis indica with pumice stone and then filtering the finished product.

  12. Hyoscyamus and cannabis indica are mentioned in connection with chorea by few authorities, and then merely as probably valueless.

  13. Bromidia probably contains no more cannabis indica than does its National Formulary prototype.

  14. Cannabis indica is a dangerous drug, whose administration to “neurotic individuals” is by no means free from danger--especially when it is given under a proprietary name that carries no warning of its presence.

  15. What a gratification it is to the long exploited profession to know that Antikamnia contains no alcohol, no chloroform, no cannabis indica, no chloral hydrate.

  16. Marijuana is the dried leaf of the cannabis or hemp plant (Cannabis sativa).

  17. In Mexico the term "locoed" embraces a condition due to the action of Cannabis sativa and various members of the nightshade family.

  18. Use of cannabis may impair or reduce short-term memory and comprehension, alter sense of time, and reduce ability to perform tasks requiring concentration and coordination, such as driving a car.

  19. Long-term users of cannabis may develop psychological dependence and require more of the drug to get the same effect.

  20. Several regularly observed physical effects of cannabis are a substantial increase in the heart rate, bloodshot eyes, a dry mouth and throat, and increased appetite.

  21. FN#435] Meaning especially the drink prepared of the young leaves and florets of Cannabis Sativa.

  22. The young leaves of Cannabis sativa sink at night between 30o and 40o beneath the horizon; and Kraus attributes this to epinasty in conjunction with the absorption of water.

  23. Cannabis indica is a treacherous narcotic, as every medical man knows full well; but Fu-Manchu's knowledge of the drug was far in advance of our slow science.

  24. I doubt, though, if it was pure Cannabis indica.

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