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Example sentences for "disturbs"

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disturbed; disturber; disturbers; disturbing; disturbingly; disulphide; disunion; disunionist; disunionists; disunite
  1. If thou art pained by any external thing, it is not this thing that disturbs thee, but thy own judgment about it.

  2. Thank you, but this one disturbs me sufficiently.

  3. Besides, she will be glad, because she don't like the canary--she says its singing disturbs her.

  4. No breath of wind disturbs the leaves of evergreen, which hang mute and motionless around me.

  5. It unsettles all security; it disturbs all values; and it puts the life of the nation in peril for all time to come.

  6. Having a greater force and beauty than other language, and a religious association, it disturbs the even flow of the style.

  7. No word, however expressive and exact, should be employed, which makes the reader stop to think, or unduly attracts attention by difficulty and peculiarity, or disturbs the effect of the surrounding language.

  8. In manners he is dignified--nay, perhaps apathetic; nothing disturbs the placid serenity of that calm exterior.

  9. Undoubtedly he disturbs the ants in their praiseworthy industry, much as his attentions may flatter them.

  10. But to him whom the ocean chills and crushes with its sullen indifference, and the river disturbs with its never-pausing and never-ending story, the silent LAKE shall be a refuge and a place of rest for his soul.

  11. But it no more disturbs the fundamental truth of the Principle of Sincerity, than the perturbations in the orbit of Mars disturb the truth of Kepler's law.

  12. But what disturbs me most--I have been privy To matters which I should not have conceal'd From our good friend her father.

  13. This new exportation disturbs the balance, turns the exchanges, money flows into the country (which we shall suppose to be the United States), and continues to flow until prices rise.

  14. On the contrary, any circumstance which disturbs the equation of international demand with respect to a particular country not only may, but must, affect the value of money in that country—its value at the mines remaining the same.

  15. What disturbs this God's-peace of the child?

  16. The curious do say that the ringing of bells exceedingly disturbs spirits.

  17. Another was the club mixture, called for about May, when the village clubs are held and extra beer disturbs the economy.

  18. Then the long, tremulous hoot of the owl disturbs the night, mingled with the harsh cries of flights of waterfowl, which doubtless the elephants have disturbed while bathing.

  19. So then I aspire to the infinite, and yet a very little contents me; everything disturbs me and the least thing calms me.

  20. No vulgar intrusive noise disturbs the religious quiet of the scene.

  21. This Athenian of the Roman time is a true disciple of Epicurus in all matters of sight, hearing, and intelligence--a crumpled rose-leaf disturbs him.

  22. A storm not only disturbs the lower winds, but its influences reach even to the upper movements.

  23. Beginning with the stomach, we find that when alcohol is taken in excess it not only disturbs the processes of digestion that are then going on, if it is taken in greater amount than five per cent.

  24. But none of you," exclaimed Philina, "will be happier than I, little as my part disturbs me.

  25. The gypsy's song had disturbed Gringoire's revery as the swan disturbs the water.

  26. Here then it might with truth be said was discovered The goldless age, where gold disturbs no dreams.

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