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  1. See The Capitol: When the throne was vacant by the murder of Caligula, the consuls convoked that assembly in the Capitol.

  2. On that celebrated ground the first consuls deserved triumphs, their successors adorned villas, and their posterity have erected convents.

  3. The speeches made to them by the emperors, were they not at length of the same nature as those formerly pronounced to the people by the consuls and the tribunes?

  4. Footnote 15: Two consuls were created on the Calends of January; but in the course of the year others were substituted in their places, till the annual number seems to have amounted to no less than twelve.

  5. The consuls had succeeded to the kings of Rome, and represented the dignity of the state.

  6. The provincial governors commissioned by the senate, who, whether they had been consuls or not, were called Pronconsuls, had twelve lictors when they had been consuls, and six only when they had but been praetors.

  7. These considerations, and perhaps others of a more private nature, were debated in a previous conference of the consuls and the magistrates.

  8. At last an exciting debate was broken up in the Senate by one of the consuls rising to depart, saying that he would hear the subject discussed no longer.

  9. He was brought to trial at last, but so great was the public excitement, that the consuls for the time surrounded and filled the whole Forum with armed men while the trial was proceeding, to ensure the safety of the court.

  10. The Roman consuls were accustomed to use a certain badge of authority called the fasces.

  11. It was customary among the Romans, in their historical and narrative writings, to designate the successive years, not by a numerical date as with us, but by the names of the consuls who held office in them.

  12. In the autumn of 1810 he sent agents carefully to inspect the strongholds of Egypt and Syria, and his consuls in the Levant were ordered to send a report every six months on the condition of the Turkish Empire.

  13. The two Consuls and their Ministers administered the executive affairs.

  14. And whereas Sieyès condemned his grand functionary to the repose of a roi fainéant, Bonaparte secured to him practically all the powers assigned by Sieyès to the Consuls for Peace and for War.

  15. As a few journals ventured on witticisms at the expense of the new Government, the Consuls ordered the suppression of all the political journals of Paris except thirteen; and three even of these favoured papers were suppressed on April 7th.

  16. The second and third Consuls were nominated by the Senate on the presentation of the First Consul: the Senate might reject two names proposed by him for either office, but they must accept his third nominee.

  17. Three Consuls then seized the reins, and two years later a single charioteer gripped the destinies of France.

  18. The two new Consuls were Cambacérès and Lebrun.

  19. The three Consuls held office for life, and were ex officio members of the Senate.

  20. The first consuls succeeded to this regal prerogative; but the sacred right of appeal soon abolished the jurisdiction of the magistrates, and all public causes were decided by the supreme tribunal of the people.

  21. Belisarius reposed from his toils, in the high station of general of the East and count of the domestics; and the older consuls and patricians respectfully yielded the precedency of rank to the peerless merit of the first of the Romans.

  22. Notwithstanding the equal claims of the East and West, his two sons were created, in their tender youth, the consuls of the same year.

  23. These were the words addressed by Archytas to the Samnite Caius Pontius, father of the man by whom the consuls Spurius Postumius and Titus Veturius were beaten in the battle of Caudium.

  24. History tells us that they were twice consuls together, and colleagues in the censorship.

  25. I was acting as assessor to the consuls Laenas and Rupilius to try the conspirators, and Blossius pleaded for my pardon on the ground that his regard for Tiberius Gracchus had been so high that he looked upon his wishes as law.

  26. Consuls are commercial travelers, advancing the trade-interests of their countries in all quarters of the globe.

  27. The interests of the governors and other officials in British North America and Bermuda, and of the British minister at Washington and consuls in the United States, were the only interests considered in the arrangements for this service.

  28. Etiquette demanded that I should once more present my card to the European and American Consuls at Zanzibar, and the word "farewell" was said to everybody.

  29. The appropriations both for the offices of the Consuls and for the office forces in the consulates should be increased.

  30. It is understood to be customary with other governments to authorize consuls to extend such relief to their citizens or subjects in certain cases.

  31. The consuls of Hawaii here and in foreign countries continue to fulfill their commercial agencies, while the United States consulate at Honolulu is maintained for all appropriate services pertaining to trade and the revenue.

  32. Our commerce spreads over every sea and visits every clime, and our ministers and consuls are appointed to protect the interests of that commerce as well as to guard the peace of the country and maintain the honor of its flag.

  33. In addition to its consular representation in the United States, the Spanish Government has appointed consuls for Cuba, who have been provisionally recognized during the military administration of the affairs of that island.

  34. The patronage of our commerce, of our merchants and sea men, has called for the appointment of consuls in foreign countries.

  35. The consular convention, too, with His Most Christian Majesty has stipulated in certain cases the aid of the national authority to his consuls established here.

  36. To their kindly disposition is largely due the success of the consuls in removing many of the missionaries from the interior to places of safety.

  37. It seldom happens that the consuls can detect this deception, because they have no authority to demand an inspection of the registers and sea letters.

  38. In this relation the action of the consuls should be highly commended.

  39. Mancinus was elected one of the consuls for the year 145 B.

  40. Scipio had furnished Polybius with a letter addressed to Mummius, who, as one of the consuls of the year, was likely, sooner or later, to take command of the forces that were to operate against Corinth.

  41. It was now close upon the end of the year, and with the New Year would come the election of consuls at Rome.

  42. The conjecture as to the object of the exhibition by the consuls is that of Bücheler, in Rhein.

  43. Footnote 149: The Republic was not to last long; but among the consuls of the last years of its existence were several members of the old families.

  44. The Consuls of Austria, France, and Sardinia tried to persuade the insurgents even now to yield, on condition of obtaining a pardon.

  45. Thou wottest of the Auchenian[40] race nor are the powerful Anniadae unknown to thee, for thou oft hast started thy yearly journey with them as consuls and hast given their name to thy revolution.

  46. Thou who hast thyself been four times consul spare succeeding consuls this infamy.

  47. Happy thou that art the mother of consuls twain, blessed thy womb whose offspring have given the year their name for its own.

  48. The consuls for the year 399 were both, in different ways, considered worthy of the poet’s pen.

  49. In those days the lictors kept watch at a cottage door, the fasces were hung upon a gateway of wood; consuls helped to gather in the harvest, and for long years the fields were ploughed by husbandmen who wore the consular robe.

  50. When any affair of importance came before the senate, he used to sit between the two consuls upon the seats of the tribunes.

  51. After the general, followed the consuls and senators on foot, at least according to the appointment of Augustus; for they formerly used to go before him.

  52. Footnote 524: This island in the Tiber, opposite the Campus Martius, is said to have been formed by the corn sown by Tarquin the Proud on that consecrated field, and cut down and thrown by order of the consuls into the river.

  53. Footnote 905: Hirtius and Pansa were consuls A.

  54. This man, because he put the consuls down, Has been rewarded with a royal crown.

  55. He further moved, that Caesar being absent, his claims to be a candidate at the next election of consuls should not be admitted, as Pompey himself had afterwards abrogated that privilege by a decree of the people.

  56. The office of consul having become vacant, by the sudden death of one of the consuls the day before the calends of January [the 1st Jan.

  57. Our Consuls may well rejoice that said Letter XXII.

  58. At the gate of the Carrousel the consuls alighted from their carriages, and were received by the Consular Guard.

  59. On their arrival the consuls read the following inscription posted at the entrance: "On August 10th monarchy in France was forever abolished; it will never be restored.

  60. At Barjols "they use consuls and judges as their town servants, announcing that they are masters and that they will themselves administer justice.

  61. They also wish to nominate consuls who have sprung up out of their body.

  62. Moreover, if consuls and law officers are wrongdoers, the title deeds, rent-rolls, and other documents by which they do their business are still worse.

  63. At Saint-Maximin they themselves elect new consuls and officers of justice.

  64. The consuls in attendance, and the sub-delegate, who come to his assistance, are mauled and repulsed.

  65. Their powers were provisional, and similar to those of the consuls of old Rome.

  66. These introductions might be obtained through the American consuls and legations, or from merchants of social and commercial standing.

  67. Of the first, the two Consuls of Rome may serve as an example; of the last, we shall find examples in the constitutions of several of the States.

  68. But the admission of consuls into the United States, where no previous treaty has stipulated it, seems to have been nowhere provided for.

  69. Though consuls have not in strictness a diplomatic character, yet as they are the public agents of the nations to which they belong, the same observation is in a great measure applicable to them.

  70. There were present beside the Cabinet the various foreign consuls and the dignitaries of the Roman Catholic Church.

  71. The public was admitted to view the scene, the consuls of foreign powers were in attendance as specially invited guests, and a fine military band discoursed patriotic and classical music.

  72. He even appointed two Liberals to his cabinet, while nearly all the foreign ministers and consuls and important officers of the various departments were members of that party, holding over from the Gomez administration.

  73. Italy was for the present to be left to the consuls of the year, and for the ensuing year Lepidus, with Plancus, received promise of this high office.

  74. At the close of the year the first decemvirs laid down their office, just as the consuls and other officers of state had been accustomed to do before.

  75. Octavius and the consuls assembled their forces at Alba.

  76. They talked over the former disasters of the war, and the fall of both the consuls of the last year.

  77. At last Livius ceased to object; and Caius Claudius Nero and Marcus Livius were chosen consuls of Rome.

  78. But how can I sufficiently praise the wisdom of the centuries in the choice of magistrates, when the younger sought advice from the elder as to what consuls should be created?

  79. Genucius, who had already been chosen consuls for this memorable year.

  80. It was even said that the consuls had been killed by his agents.

  81. Total defeat of the Carthaginian fleet near Ecnomus; the victorious Roman consuls land in Africa.

  82. The consuls proceeded to levy troops; but so exhausted was the treasury that now for the first time since the triumph of Æmilius Paullus it was found necessary to levy a property tax on the citizens of Rome.

  83. Monte Toro, where Hanna encamped with the Carthaginian army, before the Roman consuls drew him into an engagement that ruined his defensive plan, is a noble back-ground in this picturesque group of objects.

  84. The wives of the Roman Consuls even offered public sacrifices at certain festivals.

  85. The European consuls are much to blame; they always carry their heads too high, if not insolently.

  86. The consuls who have the most interest to guard in Morocco, are the British, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

  87. Communications between Tangier and Morocco require at least forty days, a system shrewdly laid down by the Sultan, who is anxious to be as remote as possible from the consuls and their influence.

  88. But it would be desirable if Christian merchants could be found to undertake the duty, to have all the vice-consuls of the coast Christians, in preference to Jews.

  89. The residences of the consuls and European merchants are elegant and spacious.

  90. The residence of the foreign consuls was first at Rabat, then at Tangier.

  91. On the contrary, I have stated it to be the opinion of the Europeans and Consuls in Tangier, that slaves are well treated in this country.

  92. The Sultan, in fact, not only aggrandizes himself by the quarrels of his own subjects, but he profits by the disputes between the foreign consuls and his governors.

  93. They then appoint Jewish consuls along the coast, a class of men whom the hereditary prejudices of his Mussulman subjects will not respect.

  94. In undertaking this mission, these gentlemen applied to the government of our Sovereign Queen to furnish me with letters of recommendation to the British Consuls of this country, the representatives of her Majesty the Queen of England.

  95. After which gouernmente two Consuls were appointed, for the order and administration of the Citie.

  96. The Consuls and fathers reposed their whole confidence in battel, which the common people in no wise could abide.

  97. Her Majesty's consuls will, in each place, aid you in every way.

  98. All the Consuls in continental Europe have now been notified of the cessation of your powers, and you will therefore, in no way act in the future in regard to the confidential business once in your hands.

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