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Example sentences for "debars"

Lexicographically close words:
debarkation; debarked; debarking; debarred; debarring; debase; debased; debasement; debases; debasing
  1. You give me cause to call high Heaven unjust; Gape, empty earth, and repossess the dust Of this rebellious body, which debars The swift-winged soul from soaring to the stars!

  2. In diamond tunic garmented, and so Steeled always in the harshness that debars The soul from feeling!

  3. He that would please must rarely aim at such excellence as depresses his hearers in their own opinion, or debars them from the hope of contributing reciprocally to the entertainment of the company.

  4. By choosing to write such a story, or by choosing to write any definite story, a writer debars himself from creating any atmosphere not involved in the story selected for writing.

  5. I hope that there is no consideration as to health which debars you from this very desirable exercise, Mr Riddell," said Mrs Patrick.

  6. She therefore repeated her remark slowly and in precisely the same words and tone-- "I hope that there is no consideration as to health which debars you from this very desirable exercise, Mr Riddell?

  7. Custom of the country debars a respectable woman from receiving ministry to body, soul, or mind, unless it comes from one of her own sex.

  8. The same principle debars his womenfolk from accepting physic in a liquid form from Englishwomen.

  9. Further, nothing but mortal sin debars a man from God's kingdom.

  10. But fornication debars him, as shown by the words of the Apostle (Gal.

  11. It does not have the fault of ripening its berries unevenly, one of the defects which debars Diana from profitable cultivation.

  12. The susceptibility of the Old World grape to these parasites debars it from cultivation in eastern America and so effectually that there is but little hope of any pure-bred variety of it ever being grown in this region.

  13. The Insular Government "Chinese Exclusion Act," at present in operation, permits those Chinese who are already in the Islands to remain conditionally, but rigidly debars fresh immigration.

  14. No vice, so much as avarice, deprives Our life of sweetest comforts, and debars So much the fair society of men.

  15. That cosening vice, although it seem to keep Our wealth, debars us from possessing it, And makes us more than poor.

  16. It is very annoying to be forced to look around ornaments when trying to talk to a person seated opposite at table; such a screen effectually debars general conversation.

  17. Entertainments of this kind may often be practicable, as the question of service sometimes debars one from entertaining many guests at a time.

  18. What the world calls friends are usually relatives, and we have but one who could pretend to any sort of influence; and his treatment of my poor husband debars us from all knowledge of him.

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