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Example sentences for "dissolute"

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dissociation; dissociations; dissoluble; dissolue; dissolued; dissoluteness; dissolution; dissolutions; dissolve; dissolved
  1. His Grace ventures also to call the leading men of the Commune "drunken dissolute villains.

  2. Drunken dissolute villains do not risk their lives for an idea.

  3. But she knew where to stop; no licence or indecorum was ever permitted at the Three Cranes; and that is saying a great deal in favour of the hostess, when the dissolute character of the age is taken into consideration.

  4. The festive splendour of the lovely and dissolute resort was heightened by the universal holiday of the Quinquatrus, or Feast of Minerva.

  5. To pagan conceptions Petronius, despite his dissolute life, was still a gentleman, and Tigellinus, whatever might be his position, was the opposite.

  6. In all ordinary respects he was innocent and virtuous--he was innocence and virtue itself compared with the sanguinary oppressors and dissolute Epicureans by whom he was surrounded on every side.

  7. He was discinctured and clad in a light Coan synthesis, looking the picture of cruel and dissolute effeminacy.

  8. From the time that he awoke in the morning till the latest hour of his nightly revels, he was surrounded by flatterers and favourites, by dissolute young nobles or adoring slaves.

  9. There was really noble stuff in some of these dissolute fine gentlemen!

  10. He knew the company that awaited him there--the wildest and most dissolute gallants of the city and garrison were usually assembled there at this hour.

  11. But is it true that the Intendant is really as dissolute as rumor says?

  12. This self-styled Earl squandered his fortune in a life of debauchery, and then married the daughter of a clergyman, a widow with a large jointure but about as dissolute in character as himself, which is saying much.

  13. On her young shoulders mainly rested the embarrassments of a home constantly threatened by importunate creditors and wild boon companions of her dissolute father.

  14. Some are thrust into the streets by dissolute parents, some are orphans, some are voluntary outcasts, and others drift here from the surrounding country.

  15. They may be dissolute actresses, seeking a spurious appearance of law to end an old alliance and prepare for a new one.

  16. Sir Francis Bryan, the chief companion in the King’s amusements, and the minister of his pleasures, was pointed out by common fame as more dissolute than all the rest.

  17. The abbe Chaulieu, a versifier of sprightly fancy, grace, and natural ease, was the dissolute Anacreon of the people of quality who during the best part of the reign of Lewis XIV.

  18. In the village of Paet our Lord moved the hearts of two women who were a cause of offense and stumbling on account of their dissolute lives.

  19. The Spaniards also receive their ministrations, especially in Manila; the fathers adjust dissensions and family quarrels, and reform several dissolute persons.

  20. This was in 1740, under the reign of the dissolute and cruel Czarina Anne.

  21. According to the point of view whence we contemplate him, we behold the hero or the savage; the wise legislator or the lawless tyrant; the patient pursuer of science or the dissolute and heartless debauchee.

  22. He was surrounded by dissolute men, and some, who ought to have protected him from the assaults of vice, placed him in its way.

  23. So we rose, and, accompanied by Simbri, bowed to her and went, she standing and gazing after us, a royal and pathetic figure in the midst of all that dissolute revelry.

  24. Yet he looked better thus than he had ever done, for now death had touched this insane and dissolute man with something of the dignity which he lacked in life.

  25. As far as possible, he infused his own energetic spirit into his companions; but they were generally too indolent and dissolute to profit much by his example.

  26. A large portion of the new comers were idle and dissolute scions of wealthy families, without energy or good principles.

  27. I became particularly attached to one of my school-fellows, Bernardo, a gay, almost dissolute son of a Roman senator.

  28. The Palace of Subterranean Fire When Princess Carathis heard of the dissolute conduct of her son she sent for Morakanabad.

  29. He was a dissolute ruler, much addicted to drunkenness, and his reign is chiefly notable for the influence enjoyed by his wife Nur Jahan, "the Light of the World.

  30. The stories of his jealousy of Rubens and of his dissolute life are quite unfounded.

  31. The first public notice he received was in 1592, in a letter of Robert Greene, a dissolute writer, who accuses Shakespeare and Marlowe of plagiarism, conceit, and ingratitude.

  32. Dissolute lords and proud bishops he counted less than the humblest and poorest of his disciples at Bedford.

  33. The elder Schiller, at the time his son was born, was a lieutenant in the service of the dissolute and tyrannical Duke of Würtemberg, and was subsequently appointed governor of the palace of Solitude.

  34. Sometimes they come from respectable families, but more often from families where they have been mistreated and where dissolute parents have given them neither affection nor protection.

  35. First, let the law protect the young of both sexes up to the legal age of majority from all attempts to lead them into a dissolute life.

  36. Sometimes I do, but I wonder really how He could have allowed me to grow unsuspectingly from infancy into dissolute manhood, and then send me here?

  37. There was a young Sir George Rowland among the first settlers in South Carolina, and, judging from his will, of which I have a copy, he was as dissolute and extravagant as a royal prince.

  38. There were formerly two smaller theatres, and an amphitheatre for equestrian performances, all three of which have been converted from their dissolute ways, and become pious and holy conventicles for divine worship.

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