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Example sentences for "believing"

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believer; believers; believes; believest; believeth; believingly; belike; belittle; belittled; belittles
  1. There is reason for believing this to be correct, when one reflects that the beautiful Polynesian race peopled all the archipelago sprinkled throughout the Pacific Ocean.

  2. There are reasons for believing that there was a time when this planet had no human inhabitants but races of this simple type.

  3. It may be unusual to illustrate from science a principle which is to have a political application; but we shall endeavor to do so, believing it to be unexceptionably legitimate.

  4. Every man leapt up, rifle in hand, believing that the Indians were approaching.

  5. She heard the sound of his revolver, however, and, believing him to be only another of the attacking party, took aim at him and fired.

  6. Believing them to be enemies, Hanscom with instant rush struck the first man a heavy blow, caught and wrenched his weapon from his fist, and so, armed and desperate, faced the circle of inflamed and excited men.

  7. Hating her kind and believing that she could lose herself in the immensity of the landscape, she had come to the mountains only to be cruelly disillusioned.

  8. We lost a week by going to Chungu (a worthless terrified headman), and came back to the ford of Lopopussi, which we crossed, only from believing him to be an influential man who would explain the country to us.

  9. A sense of righteousness can not prepare a man for salvation--only a sense of sin--a believing that all our righteousness is filthy rags.

  10. He said something about his wife's not being quite sane, and was going to caution Lurton about believing anything Mrs. Plausaby might say.

  11. Circumstances might be against him, but he was incapable of believing that a cause could be lost which had once enlisted his conviction.

  12. Puritanism, believing itself quick with the seed of religious liberty, laid, without knowing it, the egg of democracy.

  13. Judges believing a law to be constitutional have a right to pass sentences.

  14. But "the Executive believing the law to be unconstitutional were bound to remit the execution of it; because that power has been confided to them by the Constitution.

  15. There was little excuse for a man of his legal training in believing that Burr could be convicted and punished for his "intentions" to commit a crime, and the prosecution failed to bring in sufficient proof of Aaron Burr's guilt.

  16. Yet one would be mistaken in believing that Jefferson felt against England any deep-seated animosity, and his resentment, however justifiable, did not last long after the close of hostilities.

  17. I am principally afraid that commerce will be over loaded by the assumption, believing that it would be better that property should be duly taxed.

  18. I write with freedom, because, while I claim a right to believe in one God, if so my reason tells me, I yield as freely to others that of believing in three.

  19. The Grand Duchess of Tuscany says that she will not see Mademoiselle de Valois nor speak to her, knowing very well what Italy is, and believing that Mademoiselle de Valois will not be able to reconcile herself to it.

  20. The next day he appointed her to visit him; she went directly to the bedroom, believing that his suspicions were entirely lulled.

  21. British economic policy is traditionally opposed to subsidies, believing that enterprise can be healthily built up on private initiative.

  22. We worked at white heat believing that war was coming soon; believing that our efforts would have a real effect on the result; and determined that the new arm should rank second to none among the forces of the Crown.

  23. At 9 in the morning the German 3rd Corps, unaided and far from support, attacked a position within reach of the whole French Army, believing it had to deal with a rearguard only.

  24. Better burn incense to Diana, believing it to be right, than bow down to Christ in hollow-hearted insincerity.

  25. In view of what the prophets have spoken, are we not justified in believing that the house of Israel was chosen in the heavens for the mission it had to perform, and is still performing, upon the earth?

  26. Neither does it prove that the believing blood, even in the veins of the Gentiles, is not Abraham's blood, with which God has "sprinkled many nations.

  27. Fortunately, however, he had not been taken; the people, believing that he had escaped by some back entrance, retired and left him at liberty to retreat.

  28. Aramis made a presence of believing in the reality of her opposition and was unwilling to deprive himself in his own view of the credit of her conversion.

  29. And believing that no one could execute the commission better than himself, Grimaud set off at full speed; whilst, enchanted at being all together again, the friends awaited his return.

  30. He does not put doing and believing in opposition; in actual life they are really indistinguishable parts of a healthy spiritual growth.

  31. Past all human speculations about Christ, men hopelessly divided in creed are yet getting nearer to what He lived believing and died believing.

  32. I have seen love work miracles; and so far from not believing in such miracles within their sphere, I believe in nothing else.

  33. Almost two centuries of the Christian era passed ere the collection so commended itself to believing hearts as to be given definite form.

  34. One of the Gospels gives a word that may safely be applied to the whole trend of the Bible, "These things are written, that ye might believe that Christ is the Son of God, and that believing ye might have life through his name.

  35. She'd just kept on staring, still not quite believing her eyes.

  36. Comrade Karanova studied it a moment, as though not quite believing her eyes.

  37. Christians as soon as it should dawn, believing them and their horses to be weary on account of the toil of the day before and because they saw them to be so few in numbers and because they knew that many of the horses were wounded.

  38. In 1794 Chladni, in the memoir already referred to, gave reasons for believing that a meteoritic fireball and a shooting star are only varieties of one phenomenon.

  39. He did not wait for her to reply, believing her to be speechless as usual, but placed her in a chair and began to feel her pulse.

  40. She looked up perplexed, only half believing what she heard.

  41. For a while there was a reaction, so far as a certain element of my own race was concerned, but later these reactionary ones seemed to have been won over to my way of believing and acting.

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