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Example sentences for "belike"

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believes; believest; believeth; believing; believingly; belittle; belittled; belittles; belittling; belive
  1. For belike the days shall come, that shall all my heart fulfill, And teach me the deeds of a king.

  2. But there stood Regin the Master, and his eyes were on Sigurd's eyes, Though nought belike they beheld him, and his brow was sad and wise; And the greed died out of his visage and he stood like an image of old.

  3. It teacheth the tongue ill speaking, and my word belike was such.

  4. But he cried in the front of the spear-hedge; "Nay this shall be far from me To slay thy children sackless, though my death belike they be.

  5. Strive not with the fools of man-folk: for belike thou shalt overcome; And what then is the gain of thine hunting when thou bearest the quarry home?

  6. Nor yet shalt thou be alone For ever-more in thy waiting; for belike a fearful friend The long days for thee may fashion, to help thee ere the end.

  7. Belike enuf, the skunk tuk him back the same night, and then come agin 'ithout him; or Kipp might a sent a nigger to fetch him?

  8. Belike she thinks that Protheus hath forsook her?

  9. Belike (boy) then you are in loue, for last morning You could not see to wipe my shooes Speed.

  10. Belike his wife, acquainted with his fits, On purpose shut the doors against his way.

  11. Belike you thought our love would last too long, If it were chain'd together, and therefore came not.

  12. A big man and of masterful appearance, yet belike his luck is over,' answered the English King.

  13. Why, then, belike thou dost not know thy lady, if thou seest her.

  14. Why, then, belike it won't stay till I pull off my boots.

  15. Belike they've locked this door forby," he said.

  16. The gentleman is weak, but noways worse; belike he will go straight off and meet you at the station.

  17. Belike he had been slumbering, and with the same jolt awoke himself.

  18. Belike they start from the Mediterranean Sea and reach their full size on our coasts.

  19. But belike they made hue and cry after Garret first.

  20. When this act has been accomplished, belike they may listen to the words of his friends, unless the cruel will of the bishop prevail, and he is sent to a fiery death.

  21. For she belike hath drunken deep Of all the blessedness of sleep!

  22. Lady: Belike the Lady Margaret has some business She would break to us in private.

  23. Juan de Castro: You are merry Sir, 184] You intend a safer war at home belike now.

  24. All men we cannot please, for in pleasing one belike we run counter to another.

  25. Belike they had some notice of the people How I had moued them.

  26. Belike your Lordship takes vs then for fooles, To try if that our owne be ours, or no Talb.

  27. Than you belike suspect these Noblemen, As guilty of Duke Humfries timelesse death Warw.

  28. Belike this shew imports the Argument of the Play?

  29. Belike then, my Appetite was not Princely got: for (in troth) I do now remember the poore Creature, Small Beere.

  30. A scarre nobly got, Or a noble scarre, is a good liu'rie of honor, So belike is that Clo.

  31. Oh then belike you fancie riches more, You wil haue Gremio to keepe you faire Bian.

  32. Come y Recorders: For if the King like not the Comedie, Why then belike he likes it not perdie.

  33. Then belike my Children shall haue no names: Prythee how many Boyes and Wenches must I haue Sooth.

  34. Belike 'tis but a Rumour, good night to you 1 Well sir, good night.

  35. Belike for ioy the Emperour hath a sonne Deme.

  36. Fryer belike And to set on this wretched woman here Against our Substitute: Let this Fryer be found Luc.

  37. Belike you slew great number of his people Ant.

  38. Belike through the night or he concealeth himself from of special devoutness, and me.

  39. Belike ing through the night or he concealeth himself from of special devoutness, and me.

  40. My Faithful, knowing that this man should live, I from the cradle gifts to him did give Unmeet belike for rulers of the earth; As sorrowful yearning in the midst of mirth, Pity midst anger, hope midst scorn and hate.

  41. Then with hands holding praise, yet with fierce heart belike Did I turn to the people that I had delivered-- And the deeds of this year passed shall live peradventure!

  42. Now north belike runs Steingrim's prow, And the rain and the wind from the south do blow.

  43. Belike it were not so well were he to hear thee!

  44. The very thralls belike had the tale of her weakness by heart by this, and could say it pat, as Father Christopher had never been able to teach them to say the catechism.

  45. Belike it was nothing but my own wild fancy," she said.

  46. He is free of hand and kind of heart, and belike he would dower the maid, and find an honest man to wed her.

  47. I leave him to be kicked and pinched by Will, and hanged belike by Mistress Maud?

  48. He left her with his father nigh to Taunton ere the battle, and he was never heard of more, but as he was one of the few men who knew how to fight, belike he was slain.

  49. If there should follow a thousand swords to carry my bones away, Belike the price of a jackal's meal were more than a thief could pay.

  50. To-morrow, then, belike shall be the day, If Warwick be so near as men report.

  51. Belike the elder; Clarence will have the younger.

  52. Belike he would shoot at Nottingham Fair!

  53. Belike I can cook up some scheme for his undoing.

  54. Belike that is greater news than the shire has had in some Sundays.

  55. Belike he is in league with those rascally outlaws.

  56. Belike I could have done better, an he had given me time to pull a young tree up by the roots.

  57. Belike you meant head," laughed Will; "and is this Little John the Great?

  58. Belike he can tell us how the land ties, and if Stutely be really in jeopardy.

  59. Belike you are better than Robin Hood himself.

  60. Belike you think me a sorry dog not to make fight of this.

  61. There, friend Gilbert," called he gaily; "belike you can hit that!

  62. Belike we have found that leader in this young man.

  63. But ask your God for it, an if belike he grant it, then ask it also in behalf of your King.

  64. Belike his silk purse may contain more pennies than the law allows to one man in Sherwood or Barnesdale.

  65. Now belike I see a worthy friar in the back of this church who can say a better service than ever my lord Bishop of Hereford.

  66. For belike your speech is much gentler than your attire.

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