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Example sentences for "doorbell"

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  1. It is particularly comforting when some stranger rings the doorbell late at night and one does not feel overpleased to be called upon to open the door to an invisible person.

  2. The doorbell rang and two"---- His friend shook a vigorous warning.

  3. Scarcely had the rest left the room when the doorbell sounded, and a servant announced Dr.

  4. Then the doorbell rang again and Ernest went to answer it.

  5. There was a sudden ring at the doorbell and with a little laugh that was half a sob, Elsa hurried to let Uncle Hugo in.

  6. Another hour had nearly elapsed, and I was on the point of going back to the shop, when my doorbell rang.

  7. The doorbell rang violently, and Caroline started up in alarm.

  8. At that moment the doorbell rang; Vauvert opened the door, and little Friquet appeared.

  9. Always, when the doorbell rang, there came that sudden exaltation.

  10. But before she found anything worth while the doorbell rang.

  11. When the doorbell rang suddenly and sharply, Marjory's tune stopped short, high in air, and Mabel ran to the window.

  12. The doorbell sounds as if she didn't like us very well.

  13. They had just laid the precious fragments tenderly away in their treasure boxes when the doorbell rang with such a loud, prolonged, jangling peal that everybody jumped.

  14. This Saturday, then, she had settled down in the library to study her lines all through the long cosey morning, when, to her annoyance, the doorbell rang.

  15. Yes, you look so," said her father, and just then the doorbell rang.

  16. Beany went up an rung his doorbell and we hid behind the fence and Mister Watson, Beany's father, came out holding a light and shading it with his hand.

  17. A pair of lovers who try several times to kiss, and each time are interrupted by the entrance of some one or by the ringing of the doorbell or telephone-bell or something of the sort.

  18. While Rockwell was looking up the number and the rest waiting in painful expectancy, the doorbell for the third time startled them.

  19. A doorbell had rung loudly in the kitchenette.

  20. It appeared that no one had, and Rockwell was looking up the detective agency, when the doorbell rang again.

  21. The doorbell carried a new message these days.

  22. Impulsively she started for the telephone, when the doorbell rang.

  23. The doorbell rings, and Kate yanks open the door, practically bowling over an ancient little messenger leaning sleepily against the side of the door.

  24. Just as I get the TV on and settle down, the doorbell rings.

  25. We’re sitting around the living room one evening, sorting stuff out, when the doorbell rings.

  26. Pewt he said that old Hobbs come down to his house today and told his father he rung his doorbell 2 times and Pewt said he dident and his father said he dident beleeve him and was going to lick time out of him if he had and he did it.

  27. Mr. Purinton Pewts father said what is the matter and Missis Sawyer she said your boy has been ringing my doorbell and Pewts father he said how do you know he did it and Missis Sawyer she said i see him run rite into your yard.

  28. Heads doorbell and then we tiptode round by the side of his house into Gim Ellersons yard and laid down behind the current bushes.

  29. Mister Watson Beanys father licked Beany when we rung his doorbell and he came to the door with a lamp and the wind blowed the lamp out and Mister Watson he bumped his head on the door.

  30. Missis Sawyer went home kind of mad becaus it wasent me and Beany whitch rung her doorbell ennyway she thougt it wasent.

  31. He reflected silently, paying no more attention to Phillis than if she were not present, his eyes fixed, his brow contracted, his lips tightly closed, when the doorbell rang.

  32. He began to consult this list and the pile of letters from subscribers that the magazine had sent him, when the doorbell rang.

  33. The sound of the doorbell made Saniel jump as if he had received an electric shock.

  34. As he started for the kitchen with one butterplate in his hand the doorbell rang, whereupon he returned the butterplate to the dining-room table and hastened down the hall.

  35. Besides she had to answer the doorbell so much she couldn't get her hands into the dough, before they were out again.

  36. The doorbell was rung so incessantly throughout the evening that the cook sat on the hall stairs to be handy.

  37. Mounting her steps, I rang the doorbell hard.

  38. I wanted to ring the doorbell again, but a sense of delicacy forbade me.

  39. Somewhere in that evening before we retired, and after we had eaten, the doorbell rang and two men from Life Magazine appeared.

  40. Anyway, in the afternoon I was the only one there and I felt I had better get some grocery shopping done so as to be prepared for a long stay home just answering the doorbell and telling what I could to the people who wanted to know.

  41. The next instant the doorbell rings, and presently the maid informs me that the very person of whom I have that moment been thinking has entered the house.

  42. I dreamed that the doorbell rang, and that I had the usual rather disagreeable sensation that I must get up and go to some sick person.

  43. About ten minutes later the doorbell rang, and Doctor Golinski was summoned to a patient.

  44. This same evening as she and her three elders were finishing dinner, the doorbell rang.

  45. The vibrating mechanism of the doorbell is used in all other household signals except that of the magneto telephone.

  46. The operating principle and further use of the transformers will be explained later under doorbell transformers.

  47. The mechanism is quite similar to that already described in the doorbell and Fig.

  48. It is usually in the form of a bell or buzzer placed in circuit with a battery, as a doorbell system, in which the contact piece is placed to detect the opening of a door or window.

  49. On the evening of the same day, an alert, self-possessed young man rang the La Salles' doorbell and politely inquired for Mr. La Salle.

  50. I'd hate to have to study all day and then go home and shell peas or scrub floors or answer the doorbell or do whatever had to be done.

  51. A second peal of the doorbell sent her speeding again to the door, her question half-asked.

  52. Hardly had Marjorie recognized the fact of Mignon La Salle's absence, when the loud whir of the electric doorbell proclaimed her arrival.

  53. The doorbell rang, and was immediately followed by the opening and closing of the front door.

  54. At three o'clock the Cardew doorbell rang, and Howard, not asleep, flung on his dressing gown and went out into the hall.

  55. Grant and I had been in bed for about ten minutes when the doorbell rang.

  56. The doorbell and the telephone ring intermittently all day long.

  57. I can't--" The doorbell pealed a strident summons.

  58. As long as our sign proclaimed that we had a vacancy, the doorbell might ring at any hour of the night.

  59. As for me, I don't believe I have ever washed dishes after dinner without having to stop once or twice, dry my hands, answer the doorbell and be a gracious landlady, and then go back and dip my dry hands into the unappetizing dish water again.

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