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Example sentences for "doorkeeper"

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  1. The doorkeeper recognised Nekhludoff, and told him at once that Maslova was no longer there.

  2. On his return the doorkeeper handed him a note, and said, rather scornfully, that some kind of woman had written it in the hall.

  3. The doorkeeper told Nekhludoff in a severe tone that the Baron could not be seen except on his reception days; that he was with His Majesty the Emperor to-day, and the next day he would again have to deliver a report.

  4. And also the man behind, and a doorkeeper with gold cord on his cap, seemed familiar.

  5. Nekhludoff left his uncle's letter with the doorkeeper and went on to see the Senator Wolf.

  6. This was the doorkeeper of a bank; he had come to see his brother, who was arrested for forgery.

  7. Neveroff was a man 'such as the earth bears few of,' as our doorkeeper used to express it.

  8. The doorkeeper went as far as the staircase and rang.

  9. The idea of profit to come by the truce occurred to him in the same breath; and, crying loudly, again he bade the doorkeeper to open.

  10. When the doorkeeper hesitated, trembling and afraid, they stabbed him to the heart and he rolled headlong to the foot of the bridge near by which his life had been lived.

  11. When I presented myself at the stage entrance to the Aquarium next morning as usual, I was told by the doorkeeper there that he had orders not to admit me.

  12. I want each one of you to take the penny my doorkeeper will give you, and go over to the opposition show and see fair play.

  13. At least the doorkeeper told me she always took the same place.

  14. I will tell the doorkeeper to look out for you.

  15. The magnificent doorkeeper saluted him with particular deference.

  16. Before long, Chang arrived, but the doorkeeper would not let him in, and he went back to his inn in great distress, not knowing what to do.

  17. For if so, the present doorkeeper would like to see Mrs. Cromwell Craggs.

  18. At last the doorkeeper had a whole heap of pearls and rubies.

  19. Yes," said the Fakir, "your doorkeeper gave me pearls and rubies.

  20. The next morning the doorkeeper got up and felt about, and said, "What is all this?

  21. The Maharaja had not as many pearls and rubies as his doorkeeper had.

  22. One day a Fakir came and begged, and as the doorkeeper had no pice, or flour, or rice to give, he gave him a handful of pearls and rubies.

  23. Fakir, "the great Maharaja only gives me a handful of rice when his doorkeeper gives me pearls and rubies!

  24. Then she bade the doorkeeper bring in the wazir, and they dined together.

  25. So they sat playing at cards till two o'clock, when the doorkeeper said the king had come to see her.

  26. Then turning to the doorkeeper he asked him to tell him truly where and how he had got them.

  27. She brought some cards, and they sat and played till the clock struck eleven, when the doorkeeper came in to say, "The wazir is here, and wishes to see you.

  28. She took out the cards, and they played till twelve o'clock, when the doorkeeper came to say the kazi had come to see her.

  29. He was doorkeeper to the household, so he began on the duties of his menial position.

  30. But people were coming and going constantly, and the doorkeeper was kept opening and closing the door.

  31. Cox assured the doorkeeper that Clemens had received the thanks of Congress for national literary service, and was therefore entitled to that privilege.

  32. To his mother he wrote: I scared up a doorkeeper and was ready at the proper time, and by pure good luck a tolerably good house assembled and I was saved.

  33. I do not know what to do with the child; the doorkeeper is trying to nourish it with a feeding-bottle as best she can, but I fear I shall lose it.

  34. My brother, in astonishment, questioned the doorkeeper anew, and then he pushed his investigation of the matter further.

  35. Doorkeeper is seen at the front door, the three Peasants rush in past him, the Second Peasant first; the Third one stumbles, falls on his nose, and catches hold of it.

  36. To begin with, he was already on intimate terms with every theatre manager and stage-doorkeeper in North Bromwich, and was used to dealing with the susceptibilities of theatrical people.

  37. He became familiar with the frowsty box in which the lame stage-doorkeeper sat like an obscene spider guarding the baize-covered board on which the company’s letters were kept.

  38. His two men-servants would have gone out for a walk, and the doorkeeper would have been sent on some errand.

  39. However, the doorkeeper explained, he was going to write and give his address in the following week.

  40. She ascertained through the doorkeeper that he was about to be married to Madame Dambreuse.

  41. He thinks he's simply a chocolate grub on his way to become a chocolate butterfly; in fact, we have nominated another doorkeeper to take his place if this ever comes off.

  42. This other person isn't really a doorkeeper either, but there's one thing he can do, and that is, he can make the latch and the hinge grow again when somebody has eaten them.

  43. This Crow was the doorkeeper who was yet not the doorkeeper; and who had been nominated in the place of the grub.

  44. Him and that there is no doorkeeper at the door of His bounties and that He favoureth whom He will without compt and sendeth no supplicant empty away; nay He filleth their hands with favours and benefits.

  45. But Lincoln repulsed him gently and whimsically without hurting his feelings, in this way: "'So you want to be doorkeeper to the House, eh?

  46. There was an ignorant man," said a senator, "who once applied to Lincoln for the post of doorkeeper to the House.

  47. The President began to say that Captain Goodenow, head doorkeeper there, was the proper person to make that application to, as he had nothing to do with such appointments.

  48. This Bee who mounts guard and does the work of a doorkeeper is older than the others.

  49. It is a Bee, who has become the doorkeeper of the establishment.

  50. Sherman made his way to the customs house briskly, stated his business to the doorkeeper and sat down in an anteroom to await Hammond's pleasure.

  51. But when Clay found how particular the doorkeeper was as to those who entered he guessed at once it was a gambling-house.

  52. Stammer and I hailed a taxi and drove to the Wilhelmstrasse, where the doorkeeper put me through an official ceremony similar to the procedure of Koenigergratzerstrasse 70.

  53. The doorkeeper and commissaire, a taciturn non-commissioned officer, takes your name and whom you wish to see.

  54. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "doorkeeper" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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