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  1. But the doorman was only the opening note of a great symphony.

  2. A doorman was holding it, and bowing to each of the four as they passed.

  3. Page said "Good morning" to his doorman with the same deference that he showed to Sir Edward Grey, and there was not a little stenographer in the building whose joys and sorrows did not arouse in him the most friendly interest.

  4. When we reached the White House, I asked the doorman if the President had arrived.

  5. At headquarters one day the doorman told him that the inspector had been taken ill.

  6. Nevertheless the brief telephone conversation with the doorman had informed him that the inspector attached an uncommon importance to the chance capture of the Chinaman.

  7. When he returned to the central office in the afternoon the doorman beckoned to him.

  8. After a moment the doorman called: "Inspector says, walk in.

  9. Heaven turned out to be an equally ruinous neighborhood, but it had a club with an awning and a huge doorman uniformed like a spaceman, but in gaudy colors.

  10. As we followed them in I heard the doorman say, "Get along, grandma, and watch yourself.

  11. My experience as Doorman of the White House has taught me that my first duty is to obey the orders of my Chief---- MRS.

  12. The doorman will let you know," said the croupier, and with a bow to John Bruce resumed the interrupted game.

  13. He looked at his watch now as he saw the doorman coming toward the supper room with his hat and coat.

  14. He entered the supper room, and while old Jake plied him with delicacies he saw the doorman emerge from the telephone booth out in the hall, hurry away, and presently return, talking earnestly with Monsieur Henri de Lavergne.

  15. Then, to the doorman as the porter made off, "Will you get me a cab?

  16. A doorman stopped him and asked him what he wanted.

  17. The doorman informed him they had all gone home.

  18. At a quarter to twelve, his patience exhausted, he opened the stage door and told the doorman he was waiting for one of the girls in the sextette.

  19. But this particular store had, quite naturally, no facilities for doing a carriage business, a fact which the doorman laconically explained.

  20. The doorman bowed, pleasantly, but not obsequiously, and Prescott went straight to the desk.

  21. The doorman and the desk clerk at the small hotel where he lived were almost certain that he had came in that afternoon, just about six, as he said he did.

  22. Of course, I passed the doorman and the desk people.

  23. Moreover, he drew the attention of the doorman to the time on its illuminated dial, and so, the luminous face fixed the time, but Pollard would have had on no wrist watch.

  24. The doorman happened to catch sight of Pollard's wrist watch as he got into the cab.

  25. They stood at the entrance and the Sphinxlike doorman opened the door to let them pass.

  26. She fell quickly to rearranging her hair and hat in preparation for the short dash past the doorman and at the end she looked at him and smiled.

  27. He pressed the button-call, and ordered the doorman to send in Cassidy.

  28. The doorman appeared with that automatic precision which made him valuable in his position, and the Inspector hailed the ready presence with a feeling of profound relief.

  29. Then, as the doorman reappeared, he gave his order: "Dan, have the Turner woman brought up.

  30. A grin of evil humor writhed the lips of the police official, and he added to the attentive doorman a word of direction that might well be interpreted by the malevolent expression on his face.

  31. Burke pressed the button on the desk, and, when the doorman appeared, ordered that the prisoner be returned to her cell.

  32. Burke disregarded the question as completely as if it had not been uttered, and went on speaking to the doorman with a suggestion in his words that was effective.

  33. As the doorman went out after having fulfilled these commands, the Inspector lighted the cigar which he had retained still in his mouth, and then seated himself in the chair that was set partly facing the windows opening on the corridor.

  34. He pressed the button on his desk, and, as the doorman appeared, addressed that functionary.

  35. The doorman grinned appreciatively, and herded his victims from the place.

  36. As the doorman appeared in answer to the buzzer, he directed that the stenographer be summoned at once.

  37. As the detective went out, the doorman promptly entered, and thereat Burke proceeded with the further instructions necessary to the carrying out of his scheme.

  38. The doorman came running in, looked out, and up and down the street.

  39. The doorman put him out as he was bidden, and when the little dog showed its teeth, a policeman seized it and clubbed it to death on the step.

  40. The doorman was called downstairs just then to the telegraph office.

  41. The fellow ran out just in time, as the doorman made a grab for him.

  42. He stood with his back to the prisoner when the doorman came in.

  43. Now, as on each preceding day, letters were handed her by the doorman at the Casino.

  44. At Sherry's an imposing doorman opened the coach door and helped them out.

  45. I remember that he told the doorman to put me out.

  46. Some Irishmen cheered and fomented trouble, and the doorman came in threatening to lock us all up.

  47. Remember Scanlon, that used to be doorman at Headquarters?

  48. I bribed doorman and succeeded in getting in disguised as one of the servants.

  49. I came in to dine here, and told the doorman to send you to me in case you should turn up.

  50. Now the doorman opened the door and Bonbright helped his bride to alight.

  51. The doorman disappeared to return presently with the lieutenant.

  52. After a time the doorman appeared with breakfast.

  53. The doorman scrutinized him, saw he was no bum of the streets, but quite evidently a gentleman in temporary difficulty.

  54. The doorman swung wide the barred door and the lieutenant motioned Bonbright out.

  55. He called the doorman to the cage and suggested: "Better call my taxi now.

  56. Acting as a doorman was another figure, human size, clad in a similar getup.

  57. The spacesuit-clad doorman nodded, and they saw that he was perspiring freely inside the transparent helmet.

  58. The doorman downstairs announced him at eight sharp.

  59. Our doorman figured they were casing us for a robbery and called the cops.

  60. He looked up at the gray-uniformed Savoy doorman approaching.

  61. He was helping her into a black London taxicab, after drunkenly handing the uniformed doorman a fiver.

  62. I asked the doorman but he hadn't noticed.

  63. How can the doorman at a place where hundreds of carriages stop every day remember the people in each one?

  64. Inquiries there of the doorman have elicited the information that he remembers the cab and the child, and says it was still there when you came out and that you got into it and drove away.

  65. It would have been far better to trail the butler and the doorman and see if they connected with anybody.

  66. The butler, then, and the doorman and the second man and the rest of the servants have been taken down to Center Street for interrogation and as suspects.

  67. He turned and said to Stockbridge: "Suppose you order your butler or doorman to shut the outside blinds.

  68. The contagion of their laughter had involved doorman and ticket girl, while a small group of loiterers beyond were grinning sympathetically.

  69. Through the glass window he saw the doorman watching him interestedly.

  70. You put the blame on us, and every time I go there now the doorman looks at me unkindly.

  71. He was aware that the ticket girl was giggling and that the doorman eyed him amusedly as he hurried into the theatre again and he wondered if they were parties to the hoax.

  72. Go easy now," counseled the doorman as he tried to hold back a short, stout, excited man who was pushing his way into the station.

  73. Not this time," replied a voice, and Mark, now that his eyes were fully opened, saw the doorman bending over him.

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