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Example sentences for "grinned"

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grinds; grindstone; grindstones; gringo; gringos; grinning; grins; grip; gripe; griped
  1. It wouldn't make any difference to me, if I could travel as fast as he does," grinned Jimmy.

  2. Sure it's easy," grinned Bob, shaking the water out of his ears.

  3. Go ahead then, you blooming landlubber," grinned Joe.

  4. They'd have to wait a long while," grinned the irrepressible Jimmy.

  5. They grinned triumphantly at the Frenchmen and the Britishers, but the sight of a Turco in his short jacket and his dirty white skirts invariably set them off in derisive cat-calling and whooping.

  6. Young Belgian girls began smiling at soldiers swinging by and the soldiers grinned back and waved their arms.

  7. They spraddled their baggy white legs and grinned comfortably, baring fine double rows of ivory in their brown faces.

  8. It scared you speechless," grinned Peggy after waiting a moment for her to speak.

  9. I'm as tall as he is, so I'm not scared of him," grinned Jo Ann.

  10. I was just wondering what the manager'd say if he'd come in and catch you ironing," grinned Peggy.

  11. The next moment she grinned and replied, "It means anything and everything.

  12. The Myrmidons grinned in expectation of the good times coming; a Dionysian festival was always something special, and competition for the contingents was always tough.

  13. Nichol grinned acquiescence and said: "All right, Doctor.

  14. And black Hiram grinned acquiescence, thinking he was to have an easy time.

  15. The left side of the idol, which was so set that the shadow never fell upon the entrance to the compound, was gilded by the sun; the mouth grinned in one corner, one eye was closed in shadow, seemingly like a prodigious wink.

  16. But by force of will he attained a reasonable plane of philosophic resignation, temporary at least, and smiled at the boy, who grinned back like a tickled child.

  17. As MYalu watched her running as swiftly as a pookoo into the plantation he grinned and called out: “Even now is the cooling draught steaming in the breath of the Unmentionable One!

  18. McGrath grinned and spoke for the prosecutor.

  19. Sheldon grinned down at him as he removed his weight.

  20. The hands were now a woman's hands, and Sheldon grinned to himself as his fancy suggested that some night he must lie outside the mosquito-netting in order to have Joan apply soothing fomentations in the morning.

  21. The little man grinned to see such sport.

  22. Counsel smiled at Peter, and the witness grinned back, with a feeling that he was adding to his acquaintances.

  23. He ran back to the astonished little girl, took her by the shoulders, shook her severely, grinned at her; then he stumbled back into his chair and began to laugh furiously.

  24. The competitor grinned contentedly, and at a distance of half-a-dozen paces blandly riddled the creature with pellets.

  25. And they also grinned and bobbed, and bobbed and grinned, between every word, as they tumbled off their seats and ran to meet her.

  26. He was staring at her, trying to catch her eye, and when he did so he grinned and bobbed, and bobbed and grinned, half a dozen times, in as many half seconds.

  27. The brave cousin, who was a big, heavy-headed fellow, grinned in acknowledgment, but said nothing.

  28. All right, sah; all right, sah," grinned the negro.

  29. Better look out that some big Spaniard doesn't carry you off in his pocket and eat you," O'Reilly warned; at which the boy grinned and shook his head.

  30. O'Reilly grinned good-naturedly, and replaced the planks which had covered the orifice, then hid the rope in some near-by bushes.

  31. He grinned broadly and with an impudent eye he scanned the empty premises.

  32. Meanwhile, Timothy grinned from ear to ear; familiar with his master's tricks upon travellers; and the landlord deliberately opening the door, marched off the field of battle with flying colours.

  33. The officers crowded round their captain, while the Frenchman, bowing to the right and left, grinned and apologised for the disagreeable necessity of making them all prisoners!

  34. Wade grinned at the thought of serving such a purpose.

  35. Dick grinned and ran back behind the rock where Bert and Max waited for him.

  36. Dick grinned delightedly to himself at Henry's quick way to secret and safe cooeperation.

  37. The colored boy grinned broadly, showing an expansive row of shining white teeth.

  38. Positive that the geese had not seen him, and until now equally certain that they had not heard him, Andy grinned his appreciation.

  39. Luke grinned mirthlessly, and in the faint light his eyes seemed to glow.

  40. He twisted his face into a dozen expressions of a language as voluble as that of his tongue, hunched his shoulders up to his ears as he grinned at Jan, and chuckled between his grimaces.

  41. When the other turned toward him he grinned up feebly into his face.

  42. The young Englishman's white face grinned at him.

  43. The Gunnery Lieutenant grinned above the lather at his reflection in the mirror.

  44. I'll bet you were a ball player from the cradle," grinned Larry.

  45. Joe and Jim grinned at each other in a knowing way as the former came into the bench.

  46. After making a note of this, while Joe fumed with increasing impatience, the officer returned and grinned at them, his eyes snapping with humor.

  47. If it hadn't been for the bleachers in the way, the ball would be going yet," grinned Robbie.

  48. Iredell got up, grinned triumphantly at Salberg, dusted off his clothes, and again took a lead off the bag.

  49. It occurred to Evans that Harris was classifying the men by their views, and when the argument lagged the lean man grinned and gave it fresh impetus.

  50. Every man in the room grinned at this statement.

  51. He grinned and turned his horse to head back a bunch that had drifted out of the herd.

  52. He grinned as he tapped his empty holster.

  53. He turned and grinned cheerfully at Slade.

  54. The lanky one grinned as the stranger turned back through the litter of log outbuildings, guided by the hissing squeak of bellows and the clang of a sledge on hot iron.

  55. Here the malicious madman grinned at me in the most laughable manner, over the devoted head of the ancient lord.

  56. At that moment I would not be put down; I grinned defiance in the face of my late scorners; I was drunk with the exciting draught of contention.

  57. He had doffed his flannel shirt and timber boots for the garb of the city, and as he looked at himself in the glass that morning he grinned again.

  58. He come pretty near doing us up right," grinned Jack.

  59. Just what the guides say," grinned the explorer delightedly.

  60. Guess not," grinned Charlie, inwardly delighted at the good sense of his new comrade.

  61. I don't envy him his place," grinned Jack as they loaded him on, the fourth morning.

  62. Charlie grinned at the Chinook expression and nodded.

  63. The loathsome figure on the rope mowed and grinned at him.

  64. Macallister grinned more broadly, but it was Jacinta he looked at.

  65. Austin would have grinned at this not very long ago.

  66. Bill grinned at Austin in one momentary stoppage.

  67. Farquhar caught Austin's eye, and grinned wickedly, but Miss Gascoyne, who failed to notice this, glanced towards the steamer which had just come in.

  68. Then he grinned suddenly, and touched his battered cap.

  69. Tom grinned as he pulled an armful of tattered ensigns out of a locker.

  70. Macallister grinned sardonically, and though Jacinta was usually a very self-possessed young woman, she appeared to find his gaze a trifle disconcerting.

  71. So day after day they worked on sloping platforms, slipping with naked feet, and only grinned when Tom flung foul epithets, and now and then a hammer, at one of them.

  72. He grinned at Austin, and glanced at the misty creek, far down which a faint screaming was dying away.

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