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Example sentences for "ecstasies"

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  1. And a little farther on he adds,--"In these ecstasies the convulsionists are struck all of a sudden with the unexpected aspect of some object, the sight of which enchants them with joy.

  2. Most of the convulsionists, however, have not these ecstasies so strongly marked.

  3. Krishna, he says, has forbidden them to hope for any further impassioned ecstasies and now requires them to offer him their devotion only.

  4. As the cowgirls' ecstasies proceed, Krishna feels that they are fast exceeding themselves.

  5. Shall the moments of our reciprocal ecstasies be reflected on with horror!

  6. Penrod and Sam both claimed to have said it first, a question left unsettled in the ecstasies of hurried preparation.

  7. What favour of his fellow clergymen a slight precociousness of manner and pronunciation cost him was more than balanced by the visible ecstasies of ladies.

  8. Passion does not project you here to the great ecstasies of humanity and the sky; it has no will to make you wild and fervid; it soothes you to tenderness and devotion.

  9. Now his wild ecstasies have their fixed point, from which they can survey the fiery vortex of the new phenomena.

  10. The air was loaded with its perfume, and the young ladies were in ecstasies over the sweetness of the blossoms, and the beautiful appearance of the banks of the stream.

  11. If I had not been all winter in the tropics, I should have gone into ecstasies over the scene that was spread out before me.

  12. Everything above it was reflected as in a mirror, and the young ladies were in ecstasies at the beauty of the forest, the vines, and the water.

  13. The guests were in ecstasies of laughter.

  14. In fact he was so outrageously ill-tempered about it that Belinda was in inner ecstasies at the sureness of her "inspiration.

  15. And while his mind whirled with his own ecstasies and the ecstasies of dead players, the Lady Brilliana came slowly down the great stairs.

  16. Why, the New York papers would hail it as a godsend, and the urchins on Broadway would go in ecstasies over it.

  17. The son, an aesthetic looking youth of seventeen, who was Dick's acquaintance, was carried away with the wild phlox and went into ecstasies over the branch of dogwood which Helen had placed near a Japanese print in the library.

  18. Every one went into ecstasies over the view and the arrangements.

  19. His crew went into ecstasies of delight, as if they had separated themselves from mankind and incurred atrocious suspicions from their desire to seek for religious persons in all places.

  20. Saadi describes a schoolmaster "so ugly and crabbed, that a sight of him would derange the ecstasies of the orthodox.

  21. They chant also the odes of the Sufis or Persian mystic poets, in which the adoration of the Deity is clothed in the language of love, and the praises of wine are metaphors for the ecstasies of the Spirit.

  22. A hundred million nervous systems, each capable of ecstasies and torments, devoting themselves to the business of political brick-laying.

  23. Even in their ecstasies there was still a world for him, like some mocking rival laughing at him, saying, "You can embrace Rachel.

  24. Of your ecstasies and torments of which I am not a part, but a cause?

  25. IV Ever invoking fire from heaven, the fire Has grasped her, unconsumable, but framed For all the ecstasies of suffering dire.

  26. Tis clipped to deadness with a wanton knife, In wishes that for ecstasies aspire.

  27. One moment Marie was in ecstasies of delight with her dress and wreath; the next she would rush into the drawing-room to Flora and ask a score of questions.

  28. I shall, as you wish, take you straight to the 'Life of our Lord,' and then leave you to your ecstasies for a time.

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