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  1. Various instruments called permeameters and hysteresis meters have been designed for this purpose, but much of the work has been done by means of a ballistic galvanometer and test ring as above described.

  2. The measurement of the total quantity of electricity Q can be made by means of a ballistic galvanometer (q.

  3. All these samples were tested in the form of rings by the ballistic method, the rings of sheet-metal being stamped or turned in the flat.

  4. Varga Mozsar, or great mortar, which sixty horses could scarce move from its place, and a ballistic machine invented by Matthias which could hurl stones of 3 cwt.

  5. The intermediate ballistic missiles, Thor and Jupiter, have already been ordered into production.

  6. Great strides have been made in the development of ballistic missiles.

  7. No guided ballistic missiles were operational at the beginning of 1953.

  8. But it is particularly important to our planning that we make a candid estimate of the effect of long-range ballistic missiles on the present deterrent power I have described.

  9. Squadrons of accurate Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles are now operational.

  10. At this moment, the consensus of opinion is that we are probably somewhat behind the Soviets in some areas of long-range ballistic missile development.

  11. During the past year, our long-range striking power, unmatched today in manned bombers, has taken on new strength as the Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile has entered the operational inventory.

  12. Only a brief time back, we were spending at the rate of only about one million dollars a year on long range ballistic missiles.

  13. When it is remembered that our country has concentrated on the development of ballistic missiles for only about a third as long as the Soviets, these achievements show a rate of progress that speaks for itself.

  14. All this is given only as a matter of history; as a record of our progress in space and ballistic missile fields in no more than four years of intensive effort.

  15. Such performance is a great tribute to American scientists and engineers, who in the past five years have had to telescope time and technology to develop these long-range ballistic missiles, where America had none before.

  16. The parallel progress in the intercontinental ballistic missile effort will be advanced by our plans for acceleration.

  17. The Arias intercontinental ballistic missile program has been marked by rapid development as evidenced by recent successful tests.

  18. The numbers have been changed from kilogramme-metre to pound-foot units by Colonel Ingalls, and employed by him in the calculation of an extended ballistic table, which can be compared with the result of the abridged table.

  19. The following exercises will show the application of the ballistic table.

  20. These numbers are taken from a part omitted here of the abridged ballistic table.

  21. Given the ballistic coefficient C, the initial velocity V, and a range of R yds.

  22. To save the trouble of proportional parts the value of T(v) for unit increment of v is interpolated in a full-length extended ballistic table for T.

  23. Starting with the experimental values of p, for a standard projectile, fired under standard conditions in air of standard density, we proceed to the construction of the ballistic table.

  24. A systematic exercise is given here of the compilation of a range table by calculation with the ballistic table; and it is to be compared with the published official range table which follows.

  25. We have been asked by the FBI that the missile not be handled by anybody because it is undergoing further ballistic tests, and it now appears, may the record show, in a plastic case in a cotton background.

  26. From that bullet, that fragment, could you determine, was it sufficiently large to determine from the ballistic evidence the caliber of the bullet?

  27. Do you know whether or not any ballistic identification was made of this slug with regard to any rifle it may have been fired from?

  28. Lieutenant Day, did you ever try to make any ballistic identification of the bullet slug that was removed from the residence of General Walker?

  29. Prior to that time do you know whether or not any positive ballistic identifications were made of Exhibit 573 with regard to the rifle from which it might have been fired?

  30. There is hardly a physicist who does not at the present day adopt in one shape or another the ballistic hypothesis.

  31. The disruptive force of explosives is determined in three ways, namely, by the ballistic pendulum, by the Bichel pressure gauge, and by Trauzl lead blocks.

  32. This cannon is a duplicate of the one used for the ballistic pendulum, details of which have already been given.

  33. The disruptive force of explosives, as tested by the ballistic pendulum, is measured by the amount of oscillation.

  34. Samples of all explosives used in the testing gallery, ballistic pendulum, pressure gauge, and other testing apparatus, are here subjected to chemical analysis in order to determine the component materials and their exact percentages.

  35. The ballistic conditions in this case are quite similar to those of a shrapnel wound, as the projectile has struck the bone with low velocity.

  36. The ballistic conditions of the projectile causing the wound shown in this plate are substantially those of the wound shown in plate 32.

  37. The ballistic conditions are those of shrapnel.

  38. Without reference to the ballistic condition (velocity, weight, form, and construction, etc.

  39. The same ballistic conditions applied to cancellous tissue at the end of the bone would probably have bored through it without fracture.

  40. This is something of the same effect that might have been caused by a shrapnel ball, under the same ballistic conditions with a normal shrapnel velocity giving about the same penetrating force.

  41. The bullet under these ballistic conditions of high velocity and not distant range might have bored its way through the cancellous tissue of the epiphysis of the same bone without any fractures.

  42. The ballistic conditions and lines of force applied to the bone were somewhat, if not entirely, similar to those producing the fracture shown in plate 11.

  43. The fragments of bone are large and the wound is of the same character as might have resulted from a shrapnel ball, for the normal ballistic conditions of the latter simulate the conditions that produced the wound.

  44. It may be made with high enough period and sensibility to be satisfactory as a ballistic instrument, but for extreme sensibility an instrument of the astatic type is more generally used.

  45. What name is given to the swing of a ballistic galvanometer needle?

  46. I will get round him so that we shall soon be discussing physics, mechanics, and matters ballistic like a couple of friends.

  47. Besides, it so happened that the military authorities were just then absorbed by the construction of a new ballistic engine, and imagined they could afford to ignore that of the French inventor.

  48. Yes," Combeferre replied; "that augments the ballistic force, but lessens the correctness of aim.

  49. In many respects the instrument is similar to the electro-ballistic chronograph of Navez.

  50. An improved ballistic pendulum in which the geometric method of suspension is introduced has been used by A.

  51. In the celebrated ballistic experiments of the Rev.

  52. A modification of the ballistic pendulum was also employed by W.

  53. A ballistic pendulum, carried by a geometric suspension from five points, has also been employed by C.

  54. After final treatment and before acceptance for the ballistic test, all A.

  55. After the submission of a lot to the inspector for selection of samples for ballistic test, and before final delivery, the projectiles must be subjected to an interior hydraulic pressure of 500 pounds per square inch for one minute.

  56. In response, the inhabitants quickly built a ballistic machine, with which they tried to bombard our fort with huge stones, threatening to destroy both our machine and men.

  57. When he saw that undermining the tower could not be accomplished, Anselm undertook the task of urging our men to use the ballistic machines.

  58. Siege engines were quickly built, many ballistic machines were drawn up around the walls, and a beam with a metal front, which was called a battering ram, was put in place.

  59. These photographs were taken by the photographic laboratory in our Ballistic Measurements Laboratory, which is one of the complex of laboratories within the Ballistic Research Laboratory.

  60. In a world of instant communications and intercontinental ballistic missiles, in a world economy that is global and interdependent, our relations with other nations become more, not less, important to the lives of Americans.

  61. Now, with remarkable technological advances like the Patriot missile, we can defend the ballistic missile attacks aimed at innocent civilians.

  62. Imagine a plane fast enough to catch up with an invading ballistic missile and shoot it down.

  63. The Launch Control Officer, and he alone, had the responsibility to determine whether the parameters for a given track were compatible with an invading Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, or whether the track represented something harmless.

  64. But a rule of thumb might be attacks on a target beyond range of surface-based fires except for ballistic or cruise missiles.

  65. What would be the lessons learned if several hundred canisters of live Sensor Fused Weapons were released by a red force ballistic missile on the 24th Division during a Fort Irwin engagement?

  66. A modern ballistic missile may carry warhead yields up to 20 or more megatons.

  67. A single aircraft or ballistic missile today can carry a nuclear explosive force surpassing that of all the non-nuclear bombs used in recent wars.

  68. The experiments were made in the usual manner by firing bullets into a ballistic pendulum, and recording the swing of the pendulum.

  69. The following will give an idea of the ballistic test as prescribed by the Bureau of Ordnance, Navy Department.

  70. The ballistic test is the important one, and is made by taking one plate of a group and subjecting it to the fire of a suitable gun.

  71. The other tests are simply to insure, as far as practicable, that all the other plates of the group are similar to and are capable of standing as severe a ballistic test as the test plate.

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