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Example sentences for "ballistics"

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  1. A ballistics man from Ranger crime-lab followed him to the stand and testified that it had been fired from Longfellow's Colt.

  2. I asked the same question when I cross-examined the ballistics witness.

  3. Finally, the ballistics expert was brought back to the stand again, to link the two by means of fragments found in the car.

  4. Not until the last half of the next century were the experts well enough versed in metallurgy and interior ballistics to slough off all the useless metal.

  5. It was during the sixteenth century that the science of ballistics had its beginning.

  6. Did you perform certain tests to determine the wound ballistics and include in that the penetration power of the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, which you referred to, firing the Western Cartridge Co.

  7. Navy Medical School at Bethesda, Colonel Finck, Chief of the Wound Ballistics Pathology of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.

  8. Investigating the wound ballistics of various bullets and other military missiles.

  9. Olivier function under your direction in his capacity as chief of the Wounds Ballistics Branch?

  10. I would only have to say that I'm not a ballistics expert, but the wound on his chest was not a single puncture wound, it was long enough so that there might have been some tumbling.

  11. Have you ever had any formal training in ballistics or in exit wounds or entrance wounds--bullet wounds?

  12. But the shot advances during the combustion of the cordite, and the chief problem in interior ballistics is to adjust the G.

  13. A great change has come over interior ballistics in recent years, as the old black gunpowder has been abandoned in artillery after holding the field for six hundred years.

  14. It might at first seem that the powder is the only thing to be considered; but high ballistics can only be obtained when everything else is adapted to its use.

  15. In order to obtain the high ballistics which have been secured, it has been found necessary to cover the bullet with something harder than lead and to rifle the gun in a special manner.

  16. You are aware of the fact that through the use of forensic ballistics we have been able to convict many criminals.

  17. May take a little time, but in view of the large place this new science of forensic ballistics is sure to play in future detection of crime, I am certain it will be time well spent.

  18. If you send the two bullets tonight, registered mail, to Wright, the ballistics expert in Chicago, he can probably wire you tomorrow morning as to whether the same gun was used to fire both.

  19. Furthermore, I haven't a doubt in the world that the ballistics expert in Chicago will report that the bullet was fired from the same gun that killed Nita Selim.

  20. And Captain Strawn received a wire from a ballistics expert in Chicago this morning, confirming our conviction that the same gun which fired the bullets against Judge Marshall's target fired the bullet which killed Nita Selim.

  21. Far be it from me to pretend that ballistics have not progressed, but it is well to know that in the Middle Ages surprising results were obtained, I dare affirm, even more surprising than ours.

  22. Work at ballistics for the benefit of foreigners!

  23. You know," said he, "what progress the science of ballistics has made during the last few years, and to what degree of perfection firearms would have been brought if the war had gone on.

  24. Besides, he was getting very learned in ballistics since he had lived with Barbicane, J.

  25. For the record, these were placed by the ballistics laboratory of the Army, a representative of which will testify later.

  26. I am the Chief of the Infantry Weapons Evaluation Branch of the Ballistics Research Laboratory of the Department of the Army.

  27. I have taken calculations for similar weight and velocity bullets from ballistics tables, which bullets approximate the velocity of the 6.

  28. I am sure that those who deal with ballistics can do better for you than I can in this regard.

  29. In your long experience of treating wounds, you said some 500 wounds caused by bullets, have you acquired, through that, knowledge of ballistics and characteristics of bullets?

  30. I believe that my information about ballistics is just that of an average layman, no more.

  31. Experience has shown and my associates and Colonel Finck, in particular, whose special field of interest is wound ballistics can give additional testimony about this scientifically observed fact.

  32. I was called as a consultant in the field of missile wounds for this particular case, and also last year in February 1963, the Surgeon General of the Army sent me to Vietnam for a wound ballistics mission.

  33. The wound on the inner table, however, was larger and had what in the field of wound ballistics is described as a shelving or a coning effect.

  34. Pierre Finck, who is in the wound ballistics section of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.

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