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Example sentences for "gunnery"

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  1. Constantly increasing attention is being paid to the gunnery of the Navy, but it is yet far from what it should be.

  2. Above all, gunnery practice should be unceasing.

  3. The next step was the Gunnery examination, on board the Excellent; and finally I had to be put through my facings at the Royal Naval College examination in the Dockyard.

  4. Now, my lads, let us show the Spaniards what English gunnery is like," cried the commander, as the men returned to their quarters.

  5. The French gunnery may not have been very good.

  6. It is clear that in this fight, as in the others, it was skilful gunnery and firing low that settled the result.

  7. The "Guerriere" answered, but her guns were not so heavy as the Americans, nor was her gunnery so skilful.

  8. Instantly after the loss of the Guerrière the English discovered and complained that American gunnery was superior to their own.

  9. The artillery battle of January 1st, according to British accounts, amply proved the superiority of American gunnery on that occasion, which was probably the fairest test during the war.

  10. The battle of the Hornet and Penguin, as well as those of the Reindeer and Avon, showed that the excellence of American gunnery continued till the close of the war.

  11. His analysis showed only that American gunnery was extraordinarily good.

  12. The tactics of a modern naval action are in a large measure based on these ideals, at any rate according to the view of the gunnery specialist.

  13. Cornwall scored her first visible hit, which carried away the enemy's fore-topmast, killing the gunnery lieutenant and disabling the fire control.

  14. From the gunnery point of view the enemy undoubtedly held an advantage, as not only was his squadron more homogeneous, having only two classes of ships, but also the range of his guns was greater.

  15. It was blazing hot, but the next few days passed quickly enough in carrying out gunnery practices, patrolling, and coaling ship, during which the Glasgow returned from Rio, spick and span.

  16. His powers of mimicking, often ranging from politicians to gunnery instructors, bring forth rounds of applause, and all the time he'll dig out like a Trojan.

  17. A gunnery officer stated that their fire control was efficient, and that their salvoes, fired frequently, fell well together, the spread being about 200 yards.

  18. The Glasgow had been subjected to the combined fire of the Leipzig and Dresden, whose gunnery was fortunately not very effective owing to the long range maintained between the two squadrons before the light failed.

  19. The gunnery officer in the control position on the foremast is, of course, in a much more exposed position; without any armour protection to speak of.

  20. The German gunnery was not nearly as good as it had been in the first phase of the engagement, whilst we had settled down to business and were, on the whole, more accurate than before.

  21. The gunnery sharks took the idea, pulled it about, worried it, and produced the flying bomb.

  22. Hendon, until after taking a course in a gunnery school he went to Felixstowe as armament officer.

  23. The School of Gunnery at Shoeburyness gives instruction in gunnery to officers and men, and conducts all experiments connected with artillery and stores.

  24. The extent to which this principle is worked upon in our gunnery is very trifling; though recoil can by this simple arrangement be nearly destroyed, or so lessened as to add considerable percentage of range to the projectile.

  25. Gunnery in 1858: being a Treatise on Rifles, Cannon, and Sporting Arms.

  26. They are still so much in keeping with the state of gunnery at the present day, and so prophetic of what has, and is about to occur, that they will be regarded, I trust, as bearing the stamp of authority.

  27. Great and rapid as have been the acquisitions of knowledge in everything relating to gunnery in modern times, there still remains, I have no doubt, an unexplored mine of valuable treasure to be added to the science.

  28. Our manufacture of inferior gunnery has certainly reached a depth of inferiority which never any other manufacture in the world reached, and I hope never will.

  29. The invention of the patent breech was the emanation of a scientific mind; for it has been productive of more real benefit to the progress of gunnery than any other improvement of the last two centuries.

  30. The true science of gunnery is the knowledge how to best arrange the collateral parts, so that you may obtain the greatest result with the least means.

  31. In consequence of the relaxation of our custom laws, foreign gunnery is now admitted at ten per cent.

  32. This was essentially a gunnery appointment, and on the expiration of three years Hood was made Director of Naval Ordnance.

  33. Never before had the supreme value of gunnery in warfare been so fully demonstrated.

  34. As facts are better than theories, it will be of interest to adduce a recent example of gunnery of a most illuminating type, but as regards distance and remarkable accuracy of aim.

  35. The Gunnery Lieutenant slid gracefully down the sloping shield of the turret.

  36. The Gunnery Lieutenant, wearing over-alls, a streak of dirt running diagonally down one cheek, emerged and drew off a greasy glove to wipe his face.

  37. India-rubber Man when the Assistant Gunnery Lieutenant lapsed again into gloomy silence.

  38. I'm the Assistant Gunnery Lieutenant in our hooker, and I tell you it's a dirty business.

  39. The Gunnery Lieutenant looked up from a game of draughts with Double-O Gerrard, the Assistant Paymaster.

  40. So with the Hornet in her two encounters; no one can question the pluck with which the Penguin was fought, but her gunnery was as bad as that of the Cornwallis subsequently proved.

  41. But her gunnery was now poor, little damage being done by it; most of the loss the Americans suffered was early in the action.

  42. We entered with too much confidence into a war with a marine much more expert than any of our European enemies * * * there was inferiority of gunnery as well as of force," etc.

  43. The gunnery of the Epervier was extraordinarily poor; "the most disgraceful part of the affair was that our ship was cut to pieces and the enemy hardly scratched.

  44. In the above lists it is to be noticed how many of the engagements were indecisive, owing chiefly to the poor gunnery of the combatants.

  45. In one event the difference was mainly in the gunnery of the crews, in the other, it was mainly in the tactical skill of the captains.

  46. One was the excellent make and armament of our ships; the other was the skilful seamanship, excellent discipline, and superb gunnery of the men who were in them.

  47. His bad gunnery had not been felt in contending with European foes [Footnote: Lord Howard Douglass; he seems to think that in 1812 the British had fallen off absolutely, though not relatively to their European foes.

  48. I suppose that the gunnery lieutenant was almost as sanguine of adventure as I was of humdrum peace in this after-dinner hour on the darkened bridge.

  49. The Intelligence Officer was sanguine, so was my colleague, but the gunnery officer was rather pessimistic.

  50. Kampala the captain, the two ship's officers, the gunnery lieutenant and he who writes this story.

  51. He won the L80 special prize for Gunnery Lieutenants; this was a significant moment in his career.

  52. As the world knows, British Naval Gunnery is unrivalled.

  53. He was also instrumental in getting rid of all gunnery lumber, and he put his foot down on many little tricks and dodges which had been practised in shooting competitions.

  54. The McDonalds vacated their ranch house and their thousands of acres of marginal range land in early 1942 when it became part of the Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range.

  55. The Trinity test took place on the Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range, about 230 miles south of the Manhattan Project's headquarters at Los Alamos, New Mexico.

  56. In addition to the instructional anti-submarine course for masters and officers, gunnery courses for cadets and apprentices were started at Portsmouth, Chatham and Devonport.

  57. Admiral Sims, in his earlier career before reaching the flag list, was a gunnery officer of the very first rank.

  58. On my asking why he, as a steward, should be going through the gunnery course, he replied that he hoped that by so doing he might stand a chance of getting his own back by assisting to sink a submarine.

  59. We had during many years exchanged views on different naval subjects, but principally on gunnery questions.

  60. That's the gunnery pennant for the vessel making the best score at the targets.

  61. I have spoken to the gunnery officer, Lieutenant Timmons, about you two boys, and to-morrow you will be a part of the crew of the fifteen-inch guns in the forward turret.

  62. The gunnery officer is seated in that well, with two orderlies, at battle practice, or in actual warfare," he explained.

  63. Both were quick pupils and had already studied something of gunnery at the Newport Training School, so that in a short time they thoroughly understood the theory of firing the big guns.

  64. Only the most expert of the crew--men to whom gunnery is a science, are assigned to these posts.

  65. Hastily the gunnery officer scribbled a note and handed it to Herc.

  66. It had not died out before the glasses of the gunnery officer, the inventor and the gun-pointer were bearing on the distant target and the boats scurrying toward it.

  67. Wireless, bombing, photography, night flying and machine gunnery had been discussed and experimented with, but no progress was made comparable to that effected under war conditions.

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