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  1. Then a gunner serving the nearest piece suddenly dropped his swab and seized a carbine, for out of the whirling confusion before them a single rider was seen galloping furiously towards the gun.

  2. The hot blood of the dead man smoked on the hotter brass with the reek of the shambles, and be-spattered the hand of the gunner who still mechanically served the vent.

  3. A small half-moon of glass protected Davis from the wind, but for the gunner no such protection was practicable.

  4. The gunner was concentrating all his life in his eyes, and bending over the cannon, moved it carefully, seeking the sensitive part of that gray and prolonged body that was rising to the surface of the water as though it were a whale.

  5. They thrust the first projectile into the breech of the cannon while the gunner made an effort to distinguish that small black cane hardly perceptible among the tossing waves.

  6. Instruction in the course for first or second-class gunner will be given to such men as the company commander may consider capable of mastering the prescribed schedules.

  7. The qualifying mark for classification as first or second-class gunner shall be in each case not less than an average of 75 per centum.

  8. The gunner the traversing-controllers, No.

  9. Those of chief and gunner are practically the same as for the 8-inch disappearing.

  10. The chief of detachment and gunner go wherever their presence is necessary.

  11. Gunner gives direction to piece according to the system used, and either fires electrically or signals to No.

  12. With but little practice a gunner can be trained to count as high as 20 seconds accurately.

  13. A candidate to be eligible for qualification as first-class gunner must have previously qualified as second-class gunner, though both qualifications may be made at the same examination.

  14. Gunner and range-keeper same as for 12-inch disappearing.

  15. In case shot strikes to the right or left, and as gunner you had the sight on the target when the shot struck, how could you correct your error with a telescopic sight or open sights?

  16. The chief of detachment is responsible that the gunner identifies the target.

  17. The gunner who had the charge of a watch was laid up with the rheumatism: and this was the first sicklist that appeared on board the ship.

  18. I had just time to make these remarks when I saw the boatswain and gunner returning with some of the natives: I therefore no longer doubted of our success and that our expectations would be fully gratified.

  19. The master had the first watch, the gunner the middle watch, and Mr. Christian the morning watch.

  20. Aye, Captain, I sailed with Captain Myddleton as gunner and will lay you a gun with any man from a murdering-piece or minion to a great culverin.

  21. The pirate captain had cut down the gunner and boatswain, and the rest of the diminished crew found themselves opposed to four times their own number.

  22. I, for one, will do nothing desperate, and I'll tell the gunner and boatswain what you say.

  23. The prominent place given to this French Master Gunner in the English play shows what a high reputation Maître Jean must have had, even among the English, at the siege.

  24. Most of our side would like to tell him what they think of him and his team: A Gunner of the Royal Field Artillery.

  25. That’s very trying to the nerves, or was at first, but we are now getting used to it: Gunner T.

  26. Instead of giving them cigarettes and chocolates, English people should distribute the money amongst the wives and families whose husbands and fathers will never return: Gunner E.

  27. He then dressed my wound, and he gave me brandy and wine and left me: Gunner B.

  28. There are some who could sleep through anything: Gunner Dyson, Royal Artillery.

  29. It is a picture I shall always remember: Gunner Osborne, Royal Horse Artillery.

  30. Sure and I surrounded them, sorr,” was the answer: A Gunner of the Royal Artillery.

  31. We fry it in our saucepan together and soak the bread in the fat; it goes down good: Gunner Southern, Royal Horse Artillery.

  32. My pal had his foot blown off: Gunner J.

  33. You hardly think of your funeral: Gunner J.

  34. We had never received the order to clear out, and we stuck it dazed: A Gunner of the Royal Field Artillery.

  35. Fortunately for the prisoners, they were strongly guarded: A Gunner of the Royal Field Artillery.

  36. We cleared them out after a hard fight, however, and helped to make things square: A Gunner of the Royal Artillery.

  37. He felt that the eyes of the gunner with the sponge staff were on him, had been on him for some time.

  38. Others passed, and then there came an artilleryman, a gunner of the Horse Artillery.

  39. Oh, my gunner with Pelham, why did you not come before?

  40. Stonewall Jackson rode by, and, with a face that was a study, a gunner named Deaderick watched him pass.

  41. There was a gunner near Stafford who worked in silence and rested from his work in silence.

  42. I ain't going that-a-way and meet that gunner again--damn him to everlasting hell!

  43. The driver's spine was crushed, the foot of a gunner was taken off--clean at the ankle as by a scythe.

  44. Captain, what is the name of the gunner there?

  45. Once there came a pale lightning flash, but his arm was raised as if to shield his eyes, and there was seen but a strongly made gunner with a sponge staff.

  46. The head gunner offered to sink the English ship by means of two 40 pounders; but the officers who accompanied the viceroy opposed this, alleging that the other three English ships would come upon him while alone and the galleon might be lost.

  47. But the renegade Frenchman, who managed their greatest gun, was slain by a chance shot, and the gunner who succeeded him was so ignorant that he did more harm to his own party than to the Portuguese.

  48. The gunner was rewarded with a silken vest.

  49. While the commanders of the vessels were amicably hailing, a gun was suddenly fired from the battery of the "United States," owing to the carelessness of a gunner in handling the lanyard.

  50. Once during the action a midshipman came running up to Porter, and reported that a gunner had deserted his post.

  51. This order was immediately passed along the gun-deck, until every gunner was striving his utmost to plant his shot in the hull of the enemy.

  52. But the gunner had slipped overboard, and made his way to the shore, and so escaped.

  53. Go past Gunner Siding and Marie Redoubt, then touch left and (p.

  54. We halted in a deep narrow trench between Gunner Siding and Marie Redoubt, two hundred yards back from the firing trench.

  55. Marie Redoubt, Gunner Siding, the Keep and into a trench that circled along the top of the Brick Path.

  56. Browne, a machine-gunner of the 22nd French Canadians, turned his Lewis gun and what rifles the party had full on to them at short range.

  57. It stands to reason that far more time and trouble are required to make an efficient gunner than an efficient infantryman.

  58. A machine-gun opened fire on the raiders, but the gunner was promptly shot by Lieuts.

  59. Our gunner in the turret told me that two guns are to be moved back before moonrise into the bastions they were taken from.

  60. The gunner in the turret also dropped shot with effect among the tents, and attempted to reach the ships.

  61. I felt the blood thrill through my veins at these words; and then I stepped closer to Gunner Denny, whose eyes had now opened widely, and he was staring wildly round, till his gaze rested on me, and he made a sign to me to bend down.

  62. Just then our Irish gunner Brian exclaimed, forgetful of discipline in his excitement-- "Look at that now!

  63. Just then I was conscious of a curious movement among our men, eyes being turned to me appealingly, while every gunner was on the qui vive, and I could see that at a word the guns would be rapidly discharged.

  64. I said to myself, as I hurried up, thinking that if it had been an Englishman instead of a native, our drunken gunner would have received a severe thrashing.

  65. The siege battery in which my third son was a gunner had now arrived and taken up its position in a field behind Anzin, where a 15-inch howitzer sent forth its deadly missives to the Germans every fifteen minutes and in return drew their fire.

  66. When I meet some of my gunner friends in Montreal and Toronto looking so clean and happy, I think of what they did behind Passchendaele Ridge, and I take off my hat to them.

  67. The barrage was to begin at four twenty-five in the morning; so the gunner and I went down into a dugout and tried to get a little rest.

  68. Sometimes when light conditions were right the flash was visible, unless the gunner had hung a piece of bagging, through which he could aim, to conceal the flash.

  69. If a gunner thought that an aviator who flew low had seen him, he might have taken up a new position before the aviator's information had brought down artillery fire.

  70. This done, John Fox the gunner moved his cannon into position and sent a shower of bullets at the Turks.

  71. The gunner is destructive, and hated; the gunster innocent, and laughed at.

  72. This being premised, I must in the next place subdivide the gunner into several branches: all or the chief of which are I think as follow: First, the Bombardier.

  73. One of the men, a gunner by the name of William Moore, was particularly violent and abusive.

  74. Of the wound the gunner died the next day.

  75. On the right a gunner is standing on what was once a house roof, hacking away at the beams with a pickaxe; he is getting firewood, no doubt.

  76. I dined in an hotel with a gunner lieutenant, who in civil life was a Professor of Literature, a charming and cultured man.

  77. A gunner who served in the same Tank company testified his love and admiration for our son and said that all the men would do anything for him; even the roughest came under his spell.

  78. Swinging across the Northwestern's bow the gunner shot a line into her rigging.

  79. A file of men, under command of Gunner Sternow, was left on board the bark to preserve order.

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