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  1. The machine gunners are in a great state, because the enemy will soon be “searching” with his artillery for the eighteen-pounder and the lairs of the smaller hidden guns will suffer.

  2. The German gunners had spotted me in the first position and decided that a lone man on a motor cycle must be either an officer or despatch rider.

  3. The gunners of the Kearsarge had been cautioned against shooting without direct aim, and had been told to point their heavy guns below, rather than above the water-line.

  4. A few of the gunners had been trained aboard the Excellent: a British training ship in Portsmouth Harbor.

  5. Muskets spoke from the rigging of the Ranger, where several seamen had climbed in the endeavor to pick off the gunners on the deck of the British warship.

  6. The gunners upon the quarter-deck of the Ranger timed their guns, so that they were fired as their muzzles went down and the enemy's side arose.

  7. But if they could do no more, they held the enemy in check, till the gunners could charge their pieces with grape and canister, which they poured into the rebels with the most deadly effect.

  8. The gunners of the battery in front of them had been driven from their pieces; but it was almost instantly manned by volunteers, and a destructive fire poured into the works.

  9. It looked for all the world as if the gunners were batting out flies and this was the baseball which was sailing along.

  10. Some of the increasing liveliness was also due to the fact that American gunners were anxious to get practice and fired much more than the French had done.

  11. The gunners had chalked a name on the carriage and we found that this seventy-five which fired the first shot against the Germans was called Heinie.

  12. He knew, too, that soon the Hun gunners would have to cease fire for fear of hitting their own captive balloon.

  13. Presently at an order communicated by telephone from the foremost gondola, the machine-gunners lowered the sashes of the windows.

  14. The gunners are the only class of men in the service of these rajahs that are regularly paid.

  15. I have frequently found that, wherever there was good cannonading, the golundauze gunners had been taught in the Company's army.

  16. I have no doubt that many of our native gunners enter the Company's service in those situations, as a preparatory step to entering the service of a native prince or rajah in the same capacity.

  17. While the artillery is active, the junior artillery, the bomb gunners must also get to work to throw over as much H.

  18. Then again it must be remembered that it can seldom reach the gunners who may open up intensive fire on the trenches from which it is being liberated, burst the drums and make the place untenable.

  19. Star shells, that illuminate the ground, will of course have been fired to give the machine gunners and the rifle marksmen a better chance to find their targets.

  20. Targets are seldom seen by the gunners who have to depend for their information on the men who can fly ahead and come back with actual photographs of the positions to be bombarded.

  21. Certain gunners who used to come to the trenches as Forward Observing Officers were equipped with a splendid periscope that had beautiful lenses in it.

  22. Of course the gunners themselves have been dependent on many other branches of the service pre-eminent among which is the aeroplane corps.

  23. Gunners will readily appreciate the uselessness of a stock of this kind.

  24. Most of the American guns fired at the foe just before eleven o'clock, and in many batteries the gunners joined hands to pull the lanyards so that all might have a share in the final defiance to Germany.

  25. American machine-gunners were doing their bit to block the advance on Paris.

  26. While it is true that the first waves of the American Army had an easy time, there was stiff but ineffectual resistance by German machine-gunners later in the day.

  27. They could hear them, for they sang as they rushed forward, and the machine-gunners pumped their bullets into the spots where the notes were loudest.

  28. The Germans counter-attacked constantly, but such tactics were actually welcomed by the Americans as they brought the Germans into the open and gave our riflemen and machine-gunners something at which to shoot.

  29. They met a sporadic resistance from German machine-gunners but swept them up with small losses.

  30. They acquitted themselves well, were of great use to the gunners in lightening the arduous duties, and were complimented in orders for the valuable aid they had afforded to their companions in arms.

  31. Meanwhile the gunners stood with lighted port-fires, waiting for the word of command to fire the guns and launch the sepoys into eternity.

  32. Here their progress was arrested mainly by the gunners of XLI Brigade, R.

  33. Although the enemy was able to range extremely accurately on our guns which were thus quickly disclosed, nothing could prevent the German gunners from following the attacking infantry.

  34. On this occasion, also, the gunners shared with the infantry the honours of the day.

  35. The Saxon gunners of the 53rd Reserve Division shelled the advancing enemy as fast as they were able, and by this aid the infantry was finally enabled to come up and close the gap again.

  36. The regiment, or a portion of it, proceeded to the left, down the ridge, for nearly or quite a quarter of a mile capturing three or four pieces of cannon, driving the gunners from them.

  37. This was unfair, for I know that the admiral led his fleet in person in the river-attack, and that his guns silenced those of Fort Hindman, and drove the gunners into the ditch.

  38. Captain Behr gave the order, but he was almost immediately shot from his horse, when drivers and gunners fled in disorder, carrying off the caissons, and abandoning five out of six guns, without firing a shot.

  39. At that time it was only garrisoned by four companies of infantry, one light battery and the gunners at the heavy guns less than seven hundred men with a reserve of less than a thousand men five miles up the peninsula.

  40. As the gunboats got closer up I saw their flags actually over the parapet of Fort Hindman, and the rebel gunners scamper out of the embrasures and run down into the ditch behind.

  41. I recollect at this place that some of the gunners who had stood their ground, were deserters from General Taylor's army on the Rio Grande.

  42. The English gunners made poor practice, however, and the projectiles falling within the city did almost no damage.

  43. The garrison, the enemy's camp, the bay, and circumjacent country resounded with our shouts and the thunder of our artillery, for the gunners were so elated that they did nothing but fire and load for a considerable time.

  44. The Emden began with some very good shooting; its excellence was emphasized by the fact that the German gunners were firing at the extreme range of their guns, and had to use an elevation of about thirty degrees.

  45. The order was given on the Sydney to load, when the Emden fired the first shot of the duel, a salvo which went harmlessly over the Sydney; as intended, for it was meant to give the German gunners the range.

  46. The gunners of the Milagrosa raised their linstocks and blew upon their smouldering matches, looking up impatiently at the Admiral.

  47. Already the gunners were kindling their matches; sailors were aloft, taking in sail; others were spreading a stout rope net above the waist, as a protection against falling spars.

  48. In the ward-room the three stern chasers were in position, loaded, their muzzles thrusting through the open ports, precisely as the Spanish gunners had left them.

  49. The guns were manned, the gunners already kindling fuses, when the buccaneer fleet, whilst still heading for Palomas, was observed to bear away to the west.

  50. Machine gunners had facilities for practice at floating targets, which targets were also used for revolver firing.

  51. November 11th saw the return of the miners from the Apex, also the Machine Gunners and Lieut.

  52. The gunners were telephoned, but their longer stay on the Peninsula had given them a better local knowledge, and they were able to point out that the target was the tombstones and shadows of a small cemetery.

  53. The necessary preparations were made but the infantryman was inclined to be derisive when, at the appointed hour, the gunners would loose a few rounds only and then remain silent until the next day.

  54. These gunners acquired a highly technical knowledge and were subsequently utilised for the examination and repair of the armament of the other sections of the Brigade.

  55. Egyptian gunners were killed, and that several guns had been dismounted.

  56. According to the account of an eye-witness the Horse Artillery was stationed at one period at a point where the underwood grew so thickly that the gunners could not see seventy yards away from the guns.

  57. Fort Napoleon was occupied by gunners from the fleet.

  58. It is partly accounted for, however, by the prevailing darkness, and partly by the fact that the gunners in the redoubt, either asleep or unprepared, let the Highland Brigade march past them to the lines without firing a shot.

  59. All these guns had been taken from Baker's force, and, as was afterwards ascertained, were worked by Egyptian gunners from the garrison of Tokar.

  60. One authority states that, with the exception of the Inflexible and Temeraire, the English gunners did not greatly distinguish themselves.

  61. These were served by ex-gunners of the Egyptian army.

  62. So sudden and rapid was the enemy's onset that only a single round was fired, the Egyptian gunners bolting instantly afterwards.

  63. The gunners in the forts at Aboukir stood to their guns, expecting every moment the fleet would open fire.

  64. In the wider sense, however, of having driven the Egyptian gunners from their batteries and having silenced the forts, the fleet was unquestionably victorious.

  65. The batteries had proved stronger than had been anticipated, and the Egyptian gunners were making very good practice.

  66. Suddenly there is the most violent cannonade; a sure sign that the anti-aircraft gunners have spotted their quarry.

  67. By this simple and expedient ruse de guerre we might be able to get over the city before the gunners were aware of our existence.

  68. The Puritan gunners wasted their ammunition in vain attempts to knock it down.

  69. On the day when the firing was heaviest, twenty-six balls fell into their yard and garden, and were sent to the gunners at the batteries, who returned them to their English owners.

  70. The practice of their gunners was so bad that many of their shot struck harmlessly against the face of the cliff.

  71. Their gunners could not have been firing with the same coolness as ours, for the white puffs increased in number.

  72. And those good fellows the gunners loved it too; the men we saw jumping nimbly down from their limber, quickly unhitching their piece, and pointing it with tender care towards the enemy.

  73. The gunners could be seen just as calm under fire as the others here.

  74. But the broken fragments fell wide, and our gunners worked their pieces gallantly.

  75. The outline of the bridge was very slight, and the gunners of the German cavalry divisions were sorry marksmen.

  76. When I had received orders to resume the forward movement and my good Chasseurs had taken up the pursuit again, the gunners had lengthened their range with mathematical precision, and the shells burst on the farther side of the ridge.

  77. The pieces were in perfect line and the gunners at their posts.

  78. The gunners took their time, and seemed to be working very casually.

  79. They had even gone as far as to light up their Christmas trees with electricity, so as to prevent our gunners from using them as an easy target.

  80. The gunners called loudly for better grade powder from Spain itself.

  81. The Germans under Maximilian I, however, took the armament leadership away from the French with guns that ranged 1,500 yards and with men who had earned the reputation of being the best gunners in Europe.

  82. Shields appeared on the gun--protection that would have been of little value in the days when gunners had to stand clear of a back-moving carriage.

  83. As gunners gradually became professional soldiers, gun drills took on a more military aspect, as these seventeenth century commands show: 1.

  84. Now, gunners did not have to lay the piece after every shot, and the rate of fire increased.

  85. Gunners blamed this bucking tendency on the practice of centering the trunnions on the lower line of the bore.

  86. During Elizabeth's reign several of the gunners at the Tower of London were over 90 years old.

  87. Gunners had no trouble finding work, as is singularly illustrated by the case of Andrew Ransom, a stray Englishman captured near St. Augustine in the late 1600's.

  88. Gunners early began to consolidate ammunition for easier and quicker loading.

  89. Master gunners were usually civilian "artists," not professional soldiers, and many of them had cannon built for rental to customers.

  90. Gunners dismounted 500 paces from the enemy and advanced on foot, pushing their guns ahead of them, firing incessantly and using grape shot during the latter part of their advance.

  91. After Gustavus Adolphus in the 1630's, however, powder bags came into wide use, although English gunners long preferred to ladle their powder.

  92. It was so awful that on the field wild rabbits, appalled by the sound, ran to the gunners and soldiers and tried to take refuge in their bosoms.

  93. There were, of course, some odd episodes among the infantry or gunners on foot, and one of these was so well described by my brother Henry in a poem, that I venture to give it place.

  94. And then, as the flying boat seemed to come to a dead halt in the air, the efforts of the Jap gunners came to a swift and abrupt halt.

  95. The jetting ribbons of flame marked the efforts of the Jap gunners aboard to get the diving Dauntless in their sights.

  96. One of the gunners of the Guard reviles the queen like a fish woman, and exclaims to her, "How glad I should be to clap your head on the end of my bayonet!

  97. But I can certify that these insults were all uttered between the Pont-Turnant and the parterre, and by about a dozen men, among which were five or six gunners following the king, the same as flies follow an animal they are bent on tormenting.

  98. Threatened by the Jacobin gunners remaining with their artillery in the inside courts, the gatekeepers open the gates.

  99. This is the first time the Val-de-Grâce gunners march--they are not j.

  100. The drivers and gunners were in fine good humor.

  101. The gunners wrenched open the breech and hurled the smoking brass projectile on the grass.

  102. The first gun had now come opposite the staff and unlimbered, the gunners ripping off the canvas covers and tilting up the heavy caisson.

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