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Example sentences for "gunmen"

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  1. Here, as in the cookhouse, there was the same sharply drawn demarcation between the gunmen and the cow-punchers.

  2. Men flung themselves on horses and streamed away in pursuit, but all save Spur's gunmen soon gave up the chase.

  3. Their smooth hands, free of callouses, marked them as gunmen rather than cow-punchers.

  4. Gunmen went about with chips on their shoulders and said to all rivals: "Admit I am the best or go for your gun.

  5. Spur puts them gunmen of hisn over that way--but I don't trust them gents none a-tall!

  6. By keeping his ears open and asking a few judicious questions that night in the bunk house, Allen learned that the gunmen worked the northern end of the ranges, as this was considered the danger point.

  7. They knew that, not only would the judge be lost, but that, if Allen failed to clear the window at the first attempt, the gunmen within would make a sieve of him before he could struggle clear.

  8. He saw that four of the gunmen were also assigned to night herding.

  9. And most outlaws and gunmen hated and feared him far more than many an honest citizen.

  10. To Allen these gunmen were one more point against Spur Treadwell.

  11. Gunmen screamed in pain and turned their guns in every direction, trying to determine who had betrayed them.

  12. A fear was filling these State Street gunmen that had never troubled them before.

  13. Not all of the gunmen of the West began straight.

  14. Frontiersmen good and bad, gunmen as well as inspired prophets of the future, have been my camp companions.

  15. Wild Bill" Hickock, another of the Western gunmen of whom I shall have something to tell later, was captain of the expedition.

  16. No one can ever tell who's the swifter of two gunmen till they meet.

  17. He's one of the few gunmen I've met who wants to kill somebody all the time.

  18. With the matchless nerve that characterized the great gunmen of the day there was a cool, unobtrusive manner, a speech brief, almost gentle, certainly courteous.

  19. We have gunmen here in New York who'd clean up a whole saloonful of modern cowboys.

  20. They had striven desperately to whack the animals to the hedge on either side, and were bawling loud warnings to those thrice accursed gunmen whom they imagined chased by police.

  21. Even then, though, his triumph was incomplete because Von Holtz had gotten word to Jacaro, and nattily-dressed gunmen raided the laboratory and made off with the model catapult, leaving three bullets in Tommy and one in Smithers as souvenirs.

  22. Even the roofs seemed plated with gold, but Jacaro's gunmen saw not one particle of iron save in a ring they took from a dead man's finger.

  23. For two days of the Fifth-Dimension world Jacaro and his gunmen lay quiet.

  24. Rahn's desperate, and the prisoners we took this morning say Jacaro and his gunmen are there, advising them.

  25. They probably were, since some of Jacaro's gunmen had been killed in a fight in this city.

  26. But they would come back and they might come with Jacaro and his gunmen as allies.

  27. The front row of gunmen had moved silently forward, and menaced the threatening darkness.

  28. The whistle wailed against the sky, the gunmen piled on cowcatcher and carsteps.

  29. Gunmen and black-handers are evolved from that evil environment.

  30. They had claimed that both judges and juries were too easy on the gunmen who committed these crimes.

  31. The eyes of the two gunmen searched each other.

  32. The two gunmen were able to get free through political influence, but Maltravers was sent to England.

  33. The storm came up, and still the gunmen fled, and still Reginald Maltravers pursued.

  34. But I learned that the two gunmen could, if they would, give me a tip as to certain of the activities of Logan Black, against whom I have been collecting evidence for nearly a year.

  35. I've run down wealthy gunmen and I've turned men's fame to a notoriety that carried a stench.

  36. And I've been through police raids too, and never squealed and I know two gunmen and they say I'm as hard as steel.

  37. There were unquestionably more weighty reasons why he should become Governor of New York State than that he had been the successful leader of an aggregation of untamed gunmen in Cuba.

  38. Heading a lot of gunmen in this direction an' then advising us to run away!

  39. This, of course, does not apply to the sheriffs and deputies of the counties touching the river, but to hired detectives and gunmen who come here to make a living hunting others.

  40. Muttering angrily under their breath, Garvey and his gunmen obeyed the order.

  41. A dozen more of his hired gunmen rode south on the Chisholm Trail this mornin'.

  42. He seemed to be a sort of leader among them, and a group of sullen-eyed gunmen were looking on, expecting to see Kid Wolf beaten in short order.

  43. Some were half-breed Indians, and a few were white gunmen who killed for the very joy of killing.

  44. They were cowmen first, gunmen afterward.

  45. The hangers-on in the Longhorn seemed to be of one type and resembled professional gunmen more than they did cattlemen.

  46. Spanish governors of that day had no reason to like gunmen from the Lone Star State.

  47. Always she would remember the stark horror of it as the plane roared through the darkness with the gunmen in control.

  48. Like the gunmen who had captured the transport, he was dark and swarthy.

  49. Four valuable men locked up in the Tombs awaiting trial, to say nothing of the seven gunmen gathered in at the old warehouse.

  50. If you want my opinion," said Norton, "I believe the gunmen were out to shoot up another gang, and the police got wind of it.

  51. It was argued that there were enough gunmen in the Sleepy Cat crowd for defensive purposes and that there was no end of available ammunition.

  52. They break ye into pieces, they do what they please with ye--and then ride off in their private cars, and leave gunmen to beat ye down and trample on your faces!

  53. Jeff Cotton came up on the run, with "Bud" Adams and two or three of the gunmen at his heels.

  54. Hal sat down to wait, by a window through which he could look out upon the three gunmen loitering across the way.

  55. He had not meant to make a scene like this; it was the gunmen who had forced it, putting his life in danger.

  56. What sort of a chance did I ever have, with toughs and gunmen for me friends?

  57. It belonged to the more talkative of the two gunmen he had surprised at the pretended poker game.

  58. The more talkative of the gunmen from the East Side flashed one look at the two automatics lying on the floor beside the overturned table.

  59. Clay stepped sideways, watching the three gunmen every foot of the way, kicked the automatics into the open, and took possession of them.

  60. The second of the gunmen was out of range of his vision.

  61. These fellows were the gunmen of New York he had read about--paid assassins whose business it was to frame innocent men for the penitentiary or kill them in cold blood.

  62. For into the room came the gunmen almost on his heels.

  63. It seems at this stage of the game, a lot of gunmen get together to stop the Kid from winnin' the title, so they throw him off a cliff.

  64. Jim knew these gunmen well; he had no wish to know them worse.

  65. He's the king of his ward; he keeps a gang of gunmen on the East Side, and he's the worst thug in the city.

  66. The latter classes of gunmen make up the body of the real repressive force; the State Police are merely raiders.

  67. The companies turned loose many vicious gunmen on the strikers.

  68. Dopey Jack is the leader of a gang of gunmen over there and is Murtha's first lieutenant whenever there is a tough political battle of the organization either at the primaries or on Election Day.

  69. I looked with a feeling akin to awe at the famous character who, in common with many others of his type, had migrated uptown from the proverbial haunts of the gunmen on the East Side in search of pastures new and untroubled.

  70. By that awful instinct, that hankering to kill, you once told me these gunmen had.

  71. It's funny, Vaughn, how these rustlers and gunmen don't mind being killed.

  72. Carlson said, "The Eye has not only organized the various mobs of gunmen in this city, but he has accomplished something else.

  73. Murphy and the other two gunmen were already getting into the rear seat, and Delancy went cold with the sudden fear that his pals might run out on him.

  74. Two of Delancy's gunmen crouched out of sight on the floor of the rear compartment while two more had been crowded into the luggage compartment at the rear.

  75. One of the gunmen who crouched on the floor of the rear compartment cursed quietly and without interruption for nearly a minute.

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