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Example sentences for "mind being"

  • So home to musique, my mind being full of our alteracons in the garden, and my getting of things in the office settled to the advantage of my clerks, which I found Mr. Turner much troubled at, and myself am not quiet in mind.

  • After doing what I had to do I went home to supper, and there was very sullen to my wife, and so went to bed and to sleep (though with much ado, my mind being troubled) without speaking one word to her.

  • At noon home and to dinner alone, and so to the office again, where busy all the afternoon till to o'clock at night, and so to supper and to bed, my mind being a little disquieted about Sir W.

  • I came home and to my office, setting business in order, and so to supper and to bed, my mind being in disorder as to the greatness of this day's business that I have done, but yet glad that my trouble therein is like to be over.

  • I've always felt I wouldn't mind being a chaperon if they'd let me set up some sort of a workshop in the ballroom, or even if I could take my mending, or a book to read.

  • It was understood tacitly that Kate was the protector, and the one who wouldn't mind being on the street alone.

  • I'm always for the under dog, anyhow--if you don't mind being called a dog.

  • You don't suppose that I mind being out of it if we're going to win, do you?

  • I don't mind being thanked--so long as you got them!

  • I don't seem to mind being here," she said with a little note of surprise.

  • After supper to bed, being very sleepy, and, I bless God, my mind being at very good present rest.

  • This is the day's work of the 5th, though it stands under the 6th, my mind being now so troubled that it is no wonder that I fall into this mistake more than ever I did in my life before.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "mind being" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

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