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  1. Not a pygmy weed, trodden under foot of man, and covered up and overwhelmed with rival growths, but battles for its life with vim.

  2. Two of the above are pygmy and all but seven are below 1600, and correspond to Topinard's "below medium" statures.

  3. At an early period in the history of the race the negro divided into two groups--a pygmy variety or Negrillo, and the ordinary tall negro.

  4. They were the professional lawn-weeders,--little old women with round faces and high cheekbones, each armed with a pygmy sickle.

  5. True, Monsieur, and, as I understand, Japan the pygmy has begun already to sink Imperial Russia.

  6. The seal glared and winked like the inflamed eye of a pygmy Cyclops.

  7. It is possible that former liability to disease and present immunity from it is the final explanation of the tropical pygmy race.

  8. The objection to this view is that though it may explain the present habits and dwelling-places of some of the pygmy race, it is not capable of explaining their first segregation and formation as a distinct race.

  9. The pygmy buffalo of the island of Celebes, the Anoa, is cited as an instance, and the pygmy men of the Andaman Islands as another.

  10. Lapps or from any of the tropical pygmy men.

  11. A very interesting question in connection with the origin and significance of pygmy races of men is, "Why is any race smaller in size than another?

  12. That explanation does not, however, meet the case, for the African and Asiatic pygmy races are just as well nourished as most of their neighbours.

  13. D'Albertis, Lawes, and other travellers have seen and described individuals of the pygmy race of the mountains of New Guinea.

  14. The waiter had friends and fellow-conspirators, the boy had none, and when a grab was made for his portemonnaie he backed against the stone wall and whipped out his pygmy six-shooter.

  15. Commandingly he repeated them to cabby peeping down through his pygmy man-trap in the roof, and away went the two-wheeler.

  16. Part of the ancestral stock of the pygmy mice may have emigrated from North America into South America in a brief period in the Pliocene; if so, it is easy to understand why certain South American hesperomines resemble Baiomys.

  17. That stage was reached in two pygmy mice at 52 days (see Figure 4, part c).

  18. The northern pygmy mouse is crepuscular to nocturnal and where I trapped in northern Mexico was one of the first small rodents to appear in my traps in the evening.

  19. Pygmy mice are weaned when 17 to 24 days old.

  20. Perhaps, the living southern pygmy mouse retains many basic characteristics of one of the early North American cricetine-like stocks that emigrated to South America near the end of the Pliocene epoch.

  21. Juvenal and young pygmy mice are readily separable from the other three categories; subadults are less easily distinguished from adults.

  22. Presumably, the advance of ice down the mountains forced the pygmy mice to move to lower altitudes.

  23. The southern pygmy mouse seems to be locally abundant in certain parts of its geographic range, and in other parts, scarce.

  24. There the Southern Pygmy Mouse is uniformly larger, regardless of altitude.

  25. An analysis of external and cranial characters of pygmy mice (see Figure 12) reveals that both species are essentially largest to the north and smallest to the south.

  26. There is much to suggest close relationship of the pygmy mice to certain species of South American hesperomine rodents of the genus Calomys.

  27. Therefore, populations of pygmy mice occurring to the south in central Mexico might be expected to maintain a relatively high degree of heterozygosity in morphological and behavioral characters.

  28. Another kind of hippopotamus, called the pygmy hippopotamus, is found in Western Africa.

  29. The pygmy brocket, a tiny dark-brown deerlet, less than nineteen inches in height, found in Central Brazil, is the smallest of these very small deer.

  30. Keeper Thuman treats the four pygmy hippos like so many pet pigs,--save the solitary adult male, who sets himself up to be peevish.

  31. Of course we do not expect the pygmy to try conclusions with the giant, but at the same time, wild creatures have their own queer ways of defense and counter-attack, and of matching superior cunning against superior force.

  32. At the Zoological Park we reared an African pygmy elephant (Elephas pumilio).

  33. Keeper Richards declares that our late African pygmy elephant, Congo, was the wisest animal he ever has known.

  34. The eggs do not differ from those of the Pygmy Owl, ranging in size from 1.

  35. It is said to be more nocturnal than the Pygmy Owls and to feed almost exclusively upon insects.

  36. Its habits and eggs are the same as those of the Pygmy Nuthatch.

  37. This will be the more evident if we consider the case of the pygmy Negritos and Negrillos, who are spread over a wide tropical belt of half the circumference of the earth, from New Guinea to Western Africa.

  38. The remains of a pygmy elephant, no bigger than an ass, have also been found in the Upper Pliocene, at Malta and Sicily, and those of the existing African elephant in Sicily and Spain.

  39. The Pygmy people in the jungles represent to-day a small survival from the past, but a survival of curious interest, pushed aside by the torrent of conquest.

  40. One may judge from modern pygmy and Bushmen that his color was reddish or yellow, and his skull was sometimes round like the Mongolian.

  41. The most venerable and white-bearded Pygmy had never heard of a time, even in his greatest of grandfather's days, when the Giant was not their enormous friend.

  42. It was a happy circumstance that Antaeus was the Pygmy people's friend; for there was more strength in his little finger than in ten million of such bodies as theirs.

  43. The orator was here interrupted by a burst of irrepressible enthusiasm; every individual Pygmy crying out that the national honor must be preserved at all hazards.

  44. In the above-described warfare, if a Pygmy chanced to pluck out a crane's tail-feather, it proved a very great feather in his cap.

  45. It was written about in the Pygmy histories, and talked about in their ancient traditions.

  46. The Giant's life being as long as his body was large, while the lifetime of a Pygmy was but a span, this friendly intercourse had been going on for innumerable generations and ages.

  47. But the Pygmy looked again, and now perceived that the stranger was coming directly towards the prostrate form of Antaeus.

  48. So saying, this valiant Pygmy drew out his weapon (which was terrible to behold, being as long as the blade of a penknife), and sent the scabbard whirling over the heads of the multitude.

  49. It chanced to be the very identical Pygmy who had spoken from the top of the toadstool, and had offered himself as a champion to meet Hercules in single combat.

  50. Speciation and evolution of the pygmy mice, genus Baiomys.

  51. Oryzomys fulvescens= Pygmy Rice Rat The pygmy rice rat in Tamaulipas was collected in grass.

  52. Awe sank coldly through me at memory of that colossal land where I was pygmy indeed, an insolent human intruder upon the unhuman.

  53. I, pygmy indeed, stood again before the colossal wall whose palisades reared up beyond vision and stretched away beyond vision on either side.

  54. Pygmy, will you think of another pygmy now?

  55. Between these two immensities on the narrow strand at the foot of the wall, I stood, pygmy indeed.

  56. So that, while one skeleton shall remain as the everlasting monument of our sorrow, the other shall endure as long, exhibiting to the whole human race a terrible example of Pygmy vengeance!

  57. In the above-described warfare, if a Pygmy chanced to pluck out a crane's tail feather, it proved a very great feather in his cap.

  58. It was a happy circumstance that Antæus was the Pygmy people's friend; for there was more strength in his little finger than in ten million of such bodies as theirs.

  59. But the Pygmy looked again, and now perceived that the stranger was coming directly towards the prostrate form of Antæus.

  60. The most venerable and white-bearded Pygmy had never heard of a time even, in his greatest of grandfather's days, when the Giant was not their enormous friend.

  61. Interesting attempts have been made to explain this folk-belief by means of the Pygmy Theory of Fairies; and this folk-belief appears to be almost the chief one upon which the theory depends.

  62. As in the case of the Pygmy Theory, we maintain that the Druid Theory, also, is inadequate.

  63. Rosicrucians, and the Theosophists, that there exist in nature invisible spiritual beings of pygmy stature and of various forms and characters, comparable in all respects to the little people of Celtic folk-lore.

  64. In relation to the Pygmy Theory these recent finds are of the utmost significance.

  65. Since the Pygmy Theory thus fails entirely to provide a basis for what is by far the most important part of the Fairy-Faith, a more adequate theory is required.

  66. It follows, then, from such an analysis of evidence, that the Pygmy Theory probably does explain some ethnological elements which have come to be almost inseparably interwoven with the essentially animistic fabric of the primitive Fairy-Faith.

  67. In Polynesia, entirely independent of the common legends about wild races of pygmy stature, are myths about the spirits called wui or vui, who correspond to European dwarfs and trolls.

  68. Like their predecessors the Egyptians, the Greeks also often represented the soul as a small winged human figure, and Romans, in turn, imagined the soul as a pygmy with butterfly wings.

  69. The dead in Brittany have forms more slender and smaller in stature than those of the living;[105] and herein we find one of the factors which supporters of the Pygmy Theory would emphasize, but it is thoroughly psychical.

  70. The maximum size is hard to state, as even here the small variety has mixed with taller tribes, so that we find all the intermediate sizes, from the pygmy 139.

  71. My object there was to follow the traces of the pygmy population, but as the natives mostly live inland, and only rarely come to the coast, I had to go in search of them.

  72. It is rare for a woman from the coast to settle in the mountains, still, it occurs frequently enough to alloy the purity of the pygmy race, and in no village have I found more than about 70 per cent.

  73. Thus the pygmy has none of the proportions of a child, and shows no signs of degeneration, but is of harmonious build, only smaller than other Melanesians.

  74. The fact that among them husband and wife live together, and that I had nowhere seen a man with two wives, made me suspect that this race was monogamous, as other pygmy races are.

  75. It is surprising to find these here, in these secluded valleys among the pygmy race, and only here, near Talamacco, nowhere else where the same race is found.

  76. The ant had overcome the mastodon; the pygmy had imprisoned the thunderbolt.

  77. The pygmy did not alarm him, but did the pygmy ever venture upon an attack, then it was likely to be seized by the huge trunk and flung against rock or tree, to fall crushed and mangled, or else it was trodden viciously under foot.

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