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Example sentences for "darky"

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  1. De ole darky keep on a prayin' an a hollerin, 'Nobody know but Jesus.

  2. That a darky may be as smart as a white man.

  3. When he had concluded, the old darky again came forward.

  4. A half dozen darky fiddlers at the left of the pulpit tuned their strings, and then the whole assemblage rose and burst into that grand old hymn.

  5. Marston's horse was so lame and tired that he dismounted and let a darky boy lead him under the shade of the trees.

  6. A darky starting, in all ignorance, to mount them was stopped and jostled none too good-naturedly back to the ground.

  7. A darky tossed a blanket roll up after him, and rowed away for the shore.

  8. Darky had written an ode to the man who founded this class of lodging-house, and had received personal thanks.

  9. The Boer War kept him busy day and night, as it also did many another poet, but poor Darky could not make sixpence for one night's lodging.

  10. The darky forced the candle into Townsend's hand and whirled away.

  11. Matt had one of his swift "hunches" that the darky was still trying to fool them.

  12. At that, the darky rolled up the whites of his eyes, and showed other signs of trepidation.

  13. Negroes as a rule are superstitious, and you can understand what a tremendous effort it must have taken for that darky to step across Jurgens, pass this head and take the key of the vault from Whistler's pocket!

  14. The darky drove over his former course, but instead of keeping on to St. Peters he turned to the left at Toulouse, and brought up before a building two blocks from Royal.

  15. Marfa she d neber lib wid dis darky no mo' if she know what I do.

  16. It seems dey would kill a darky jes'as quick as dey do a white man.

  17. The old darky was so scared that he stammered and made motions, but I could get nothing of an intelligent character from him.

  18. Then he laughed a regular darky laugh, as I found he was sure to do, if he concluded he had drawn you off on a 'false scent,' or heard anything that pleased him.

  19. The twilight deepened, and the old darky lit a lamp and led the way back to the library.

  20. With this in mind the resolve was taken that in no other guise than that of a foolish, huckstering darky could I hope to attain the guarded deck of that Spanish frigate.

  21. The tempest lasted all day, and as no shelter could be found on the creek, a darky hauled my canoe on a cart a couple of miles to Bull Creek, which enters into Cooper River, one of the watercourses I was to enter from Calibogue Sound.

  22. The negroes gathered from other points to examine the canoe, and, hearing that I was from the north, one grizzly old darky begged me to "carry" his complaints to Washington.

  23. Before removing the mud that hung upon me to the waist in heavy clods, I showed the darky my chart-case, and explained the object of my mission.

  24. The old darky waited until the grocer had reached the street, then he shouted into the gloom of the narrow passage: "Here, Jim.

  25. That worthy darky was otherwise occupied; in the kitchen, really, plucking the feathers from the canvas-back ducks.

  26. Fitz was on his feet now and with Chad's assistance was struggling into his overcoat, which that attentive darky had hung over a chairback that it might dry the easier.

  27. The old darky had now reached the door opening into the narrow hall, the case of pistols in his hand.

  28. Monroe smoked in silence while the darky was making the search.

  29. The wager was made, and I turned in, thinking what a laugh I should have against the ould darky when I handed him back his complement of rum.

  30. Instructing the darky to say to the Dudleys that nothing of any consequence had happened, he went around the house and down the avenue towards the road.

  31. But there was something which claimed his attention above the volubility of Peter, and that was a square envelope, tinted a delicate blue, which the darky carried in one of his wrinkled hands.

  32. Edmund is the name of the darky who possibly for half a century has delivered these invitations from door to door.

  33. The darky was a fine specimen of sable humanity, and I readily understood why the practiced eye of the Colonel appreciated his physical developments.

  34. Many of the hands were still away in pursuit of Moye, but enough remained to make it evident that Sunday is the happiest day in the darky calendar.

  35. I questioned the appropriateness of the label, but the Colonel insisted with great gravity, that the whip is the only "moral suasion" a darky is capable of understanding.

  36. Dey wont work 'cause dey see de darky slaves doin' it, and tink it am beneaf white folks to do as de darkies do.

  37. A darky boy officiously brushed off the seat of a camp-chair, saying that "Mos' like drill'd be over in ten minutes.

  38. I brushed past the darky and went noiselessly up the stairs and tapped at Vinton's door.

  39. There was an old darky once--" and so forth.

  40. Now, as a matter of fact, the scene with the darky porter may have been, when it really happened, most amusing.

  41. Thought you looked too old to suit those darky girls in Nassau?

  42. My wife was a Southern woman and we always had darky servants.

  43. She was an old darky woman that used to come in to clean the wards when they were short of help, and all the nurses knew her, because she used to tell fortunes with cards and a glass ball she looked into--pretty fair fortunes, too.

  44. I've never been of a temper to stand any nonsense from servants, and the class of Northern darky that was growing up in that city wasn't always easy to deal with.

  45. Now why are the office boy and the darky stimulated by these games?

  46. He left us, with the conductor in the lead and the grinning darky at his heels.

  47. There was a gentle tap on the door, and an ancient darky entered, with a tall glass of whipped-cream punch, light as a feather, and as delicate as thought.

  48. The darky was busy getting the fishhook out of his trousers, and the Chinese was hopping up and down on one foot, shaking the perch out of his flapping garments.

  49. As the butler turned away, the darky pushed past him and jumped into the study.

  50. The darky took a step downward, but the Celestial planted himself firmly and put up his fists.

  51. Mathias and the darky went back up to the Dripping Springs, leaving Foley to state matters to the others upon their arrival.

  52. We found the camp settled for the night, the captives on one side, near one hundred feet, with a strong guard around them; then the darky soldiers lounging and resting.

  53. At Captain Nolan's command the darky bugler's blast for boots and saddles sent its vibrations down the lake; and away he ran for his horse, blowing as he ran.

  54. An old darky, plainly the servant of the party, and such a darky as the mountain country had never seen before, was inquiring of a bystander where he could find "Marse" Frank Layson.

  55. The emotion of the ancient darky worried him.

  56. Estralla, and before Sylvia could say a word the frightened little darky had sprung up and lurched forward across Sylvia's knees.

  57. Sylvia with such surprise that the little darky looked at her wonderingly.

  58. Wat you lettin' that darky dress up in you' clo'es fer, Missy Sylvia?

  59. The little darky chuckled and laughed now as if she had not a trouble in the world.

  60. She had begged her mother to let her give the little darky these things, and Mrs. Fulton had been glad that her little daughter wished to do so.

  61. For if this little darky knew of Sylvia's errand he feared that she might tell others, and so Sylvia would have brought the message from the fort to little purpose.

  62. An' when my mammy sees my dress all wet--" and Estralla began to sob, but so quietly that Sylvia realized the little darky was really frightened and unhappy.

  63. No darky girl or slave would have spoken like that.

  64. You'll have a little darky for a playmate, Sylvia.

  65. She began teaching Estralla on the very day of her return, and the little darky made rapid progress.

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