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Example sentences for "diminutive"

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diminisheth; diminishing; diminuendo; diminution; diminutions; diminutives; dimisit; dimitte; dimity; dimly
  1. We were surrounded by what the natives term azhiskee, or mire, broad-leaved plants extending over the surface of the water, in which I recognized a diminutive species of yellow pond-lily.

  2. From ka, a particle affirmative of an adverse quality, aubik, rock, and ons, a diminutive inflection.

  3. Some of these sentences afford instances of the use, at the same time, of both the local and diminutive inflections.

  4. The diminutive forms of the noun are indicated by ais, eas, ôs, and aus, as the final vowel of the word may require.

  5. I observed the diminutive rebus nutkanus on low grounds.

  6. Both of these birds, therefore, notwithstanding their diminutive size, are much sought after for the table.

  7. On the continent of Europe, notably in Italy, in spite of their diminutive size, they are highly prized for food.

  8. He had no diminutive top boots; no loose brown breeches, buttoned low beneath the knee; no elongated waistcoat with capacious pockets; no dandy coat with remarkably short tail.

  9. I cross the street to the diminutive park, which is triangular, its apex northward.

  10. White clouds scud away before the breeze, as we climb down toward the torrent again before breakfast and cross a diminutive foot-bridge to a path on the other side.

  11. Diminutive donkeys, hardy and hoarse, are in great use, and we hear in the streets their plaintive and sonorous denunciations of men and manners.

  12. A warm fracas was in prospect, when a passing American fortunately cleared up the complication; the woman would have called in a gendarme unhesitatingly, to enforce her diminutive claim.

  13. The orbits are much enlarged, probably in correlation with the diminutive size of the animal, and this has been accompanied by loss of several bones.

  14. It was on the brow of a diminutive hillock covered with fresh, lovely grass of a particularly vivid green.

  15. Facing me was a diminutive glade padded with downy grass, transformed into a pale yellow by the lustrous rays of the now encrimsoned sun.

  16. But, diminutive as they are, they, as well as the people of the South, require Northern supplies.

  17. But when my equipage is drawn up at the Inn door, whom do I see but my wayward friend of the meadow, harnessed to an absurd little basket-cart as diminutive as he.

  18. Who had thread wound off on very diminutive bits of cardboard to save the space that spools would take,--white linen and black linen and khaki coloured, all very strong?

  19. He is as diminutive as if he came out of a kernel in the fairy tales.

  20. They were astonished at us on account of our diminutive stature, and laughed at us.

  21. Krishna and its diminutive Kishen are very common names.

  22. Some of their enemies maintained the former existence of a diminutive coin known as a huguenot, and asserted that the appellation, as applied to the reformed, arose from their "not being worth a huguenot" or farthing.

  23. It is true that neither his personal appearance nor his extraction commanded respect: he was diminutive in stature, and he could boast of no noble blood running in his veins.

  24. Of irregular shape, and touching the Rhone both above and below Orange, the Comtât Venaissin nearly enclosed the diminutive principality in its folds.

  25. After all, in spite of his somewhat diminutive proportions, there was quite a lot of the bull dog about Hank.

  26. Now he let them close round the diminutive Canadian's like a vice, and fixed his eyes on those two piercing orbs which he found so wonderfully attracting.

  27. He drew a pipe as diminutive as himself from an inner pocket, crammed it with tobacco while his eyes rested dreamily on the forest, and then struck flint and steel with such unerring skill that he soon had the weed smouldering.

  28. Diminutive form, plural number, of the noun Moez.

  29. These terms exhibit the simple and the diminutive forms of the name for ship or vessel.

  30. Both admit of a prefixed adjective to indicate great, and of a diminutive inflection to denote inferiority in size, power, or excellence.

  31. These diminutive Nuthatches are found in the southern states.

  32. Their nests are remarkable structures for so diminutive birds; flask-shaped, the outside being a mass of thorny twigs and stems interwoven; this is lined with feathers and the entrance is a small circular hole near the top.

  33. Mr. Pickwick makes a Tour of the diminutive World he inhabits, and resolves to mix with it, in Future, as little as possible 46.

  34. The term is grammatically the diminutive of sdΔ´wiL (c in the diagram, pl.

  35. The pale has a diminutive called the pallet, which is one half the width of the pale.

  36. The pale has another diminutive one fourth its size; it is called an endorse.

  37. The diminutive of the chevron, being one half its size.

  38. The closet is a diminutive of the bar, and is half its width.

  39. The scarpe is the diminutive of the bend sinister, and is half its size.

  40. A diminutive of the bend, of the same shape, but only half the width of the bend.

  41. The chief has a diminutive called a fillet; it must never be more than one fourth the breadth of the chief.

  42. The only diminutive belonging to the chief; its width is one-fourth of the chief, and is always placed at the base of it.

  43. A diminutive of the bar, being only one half its width.

  44. The compressed form and diminutive size of certain caudal vertebrae indicate so much analogy with Hydrus as to induce Professor Owen to pronounce this extinct ophidian to have been marine.

  45. Of the cones there are no less than eight species, some very large, whereas the only European cone now living is of diminutive size.

  46. With his diminutive hand he made a shell and discoursed regretfully-- "It was a perfectly lovely shell.

  47. There was nothing fairylike about the red-brick dwelling, although at the corner of the New York Avenue these two stories seemed diminutive and out of place.

  48. The boys laughed as Grant arose from his seat and lifting his diminutive friend bodily from the chair in which he was seated, he dropped him over the rail.

  49. I'm telling you the truth," said John, glaring at his diminutive companion as he spoke.

  50. Away we went at full speed, jostling one another up banks and through streams, and I frequently was all but jolted off the diminutive sack which ought to have formed my seat, but did not, for I found it impossible to sit.

  51. Each man had twice as many feathers as he was entitled to wear, and, while their cocked hats were always completely hid, the bodies of the more diminutive officers almost shared the same fate.

  52. It possessed no stately caracks, its business and want of opulence confining all its efforts to the lighter caravel and the still more diminutive felucca.

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